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There is something about a designer’s lookbook that sparks a fire in our belly at 360nobs fashion, it’s a window seat view of the unique story that particular designer is telling through the construction of clothing pieces. If the new “Bold and Strong” fashion trend is your thing then prepare to fall madly in-love with Toju Foyeh’s eye for fashion and clothing construction.

This collection holds a sentimental value as every piece is affectionately named after a loved one. It features strong, gold and lacey pieces inspired by inspirational women in the world today such as music’s golden girl Beyonce, a woman who illustrates how much power a woman can gain in this era and how to fully utilize such power.

As strong as the pieces are there are elements of delicate touches such as the use of lace and pretty ruffles to soften up the look. This collection represents the image of the modern woman by fusing powerful cuts and fabrics with gold pleats and tender ruffles. Toju Foyeh is the designer to watch out for, her vision is flawless and the immaculate execution of her vision clearly translates in the pieces.


Photography: Kelechi Amadi Obi
Make up: Isioma
Hair: Tutu



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  1. Gorgeous pieces.. wasn’t expecting as many pieces to stand out but this is very very promising. The designs, the craftsmanship/showmanship, tailoring, make-up and hair, it all falls and fits nicely…a bit of fresh air from most of what has been lately.

  2. Wow… Beyond beautiful!!! Loved everyone of them except for “Shirley”. Somefing outta-space-ish about that design!

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