Naeto C – Super C Season …Nigerian Listening E.A.R. (Essential Album Rating)

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A strong review of Nigerian (Naija) albums
GENRE: Rap/Hip Hop
LABEL: Storm Records
Year of release: 2011

There’s a massive storm brewing!!

Burdened by the responsibility of carrying Storm Records into the next decade of Hip-Hop after seeing 2 top MCs leave the label and Armed with an MSc degree, a very successful debut album where everyone got to know his “P”, several awards and ordinary weapons (or so we thought) like a mic, visors & a seemingly air of invincibility around him, Naetochukwu Chikwe seems stronger than ever.

In an industry where 1 year Sabbatical is more than enough for other MCs to grab your shine off you, Naeto C realized that it would take something Super to ensure that wouldn’t happen on his return from his studies.

From the moment the joint “Super C Season” hits your ears, you can sense that the weather on the steady Nigerian Hip-Hop climate is indeed about to change. The album’s title track gets you over-prepped for the rest of the album with Naeto C zeroing in with laser-like focus over the hard bumping Sarz production ‘…I’m insane Amy Winehouse, you wanna drink I got a wine-house/Enough free shacks to make yo memories wipe-out… …U wanna know my P, here’s an invite to find out/Table manners when we dine out/I do the things that these other rappers lie about/yeah, I brought my blueprint design out/so they can go through the pages like a time-out… ….Person wey dey wear white no suppose 2 fight mechanic/I need my own space, my brain is in anuver panic…’. The joint goes into my playlist instantly after only a half listen.

Naeto teams up with Omawumi to mellow down our heart-rates after the super-charged 1st track on the Dokta Frabz’ sweetly produced “True (Dem No Fit Do Am)”. We get to see Naeto C in very familiar territory as he breezes over the joint in his laid-back sitting on top mode. Omawumi blows your mind with her honey-laced strong vocals as she admits she rolls with Naeto C cos not many can do it like we. The 2009 massive hit “Ako Mi Ti Poju” (My swag is too much) sneaks into the album as a revamped Extended Mix which features a never heard before verse from the CEO – DaGrin (RIP) – ‘Dagrin ati Naeto C/Wo awon omoges bose la mi bi Nutri C’. The Nsayne Dokta’s beats still remain the same and I wish it was tweaked so it would sound fresher.

Carry Your Shoulder”, an uptempo joint produced by Tee Y Mix is another jam that I liked immediately I heard it. On this grandiose joint, Naeto C drops sublime bars addressing kats who act proud for no reason whatever; urging peeps to carry your shoulders to check em haters ‘Why they copying the way that I rap/It’s a shame that they claim it’s authentic at that/haha-haha-haha how?/fafa-fafa-fafa foul’. “Ride Tonite” is another chilled-out track that is beautifully produced by Sossick. It’s one of those joints that should get much love in cars.

Assisted by YQ, Naeto shows his diversity by jumping on a Terry G tinkolo produced beat. Never thought Naeto could pull it off, but the display by all 3 on “Skimpololo” produces a banger alert for the clubs and DJs. The girls will definitely get low and dip to this. “Duro(Stay), the 2nd released single is still one of my faves, everything just seems to fit in perfectly from Dokta Frabz’ productions to YQ’s silky vocals to Naeto C’s very smooth flow. This is one joint the ladies will love.

Afruru’m Gi Nanya (I Luv U)” which features the extremely talented Waje, is a Hi-Life feel-good song which professes Love as the greatest gift of all. Nice joint with its only flaw being that Waje’s mad vocal range wasn’t explored. My favorite track on the album “5 & 6” bumps in. Oozing of love all over with a very soulful production, Naeto C spits cleverly thought out bars and serenades our ears into love. It’s a music lover’s perfect companion.

After the relatively smooth cut, Naeto kicks in the door with the strategically placed monster hit “10/10”. The beat is an absolute monster, as Naeto waxes ferocious verses over Tee Y Mix menacing percussions and keys. Spits Naeto: “…The only MC with an MSc/So don’t be surprised when they jealous me/I know levels don change, so don’t select me”. Here we go again on “Déjà vu (Our Drinks)”! Ikon’s Bare percussion, soft Soul samples, light synths & blares and Omawumi & Dokta Frabz background vocals provide the perfect backdrop for Mr Chinwe to think aloud, Why is everything around him so familiar?

Naeto C surprisingly reaches out to the talented Alternative Soul Asa for what is arguably the best track on the album “Share My Blessings”, and it turns out to be a wise decision. Naeto C searches and tries to find relief to his emotional pains in retrospect.

First day of the year, my best friend died in a car crash/couple of months before that, I survived in a car crash/now that’s the irony of life/And she was good enough to be a wife/I only cry once a year, but that year I cried thrice/So dear friend, let me give you an advice/keep your loved ones close cos they won’t live 2ce/I should have told her how I felt but I couldn’t be precise/I didn’t reply her emails/Even though she broke down her feelings in detail/I was busy dealing with all sorts of females/Now it’s hard for me to even open up my gmail…

It’s a deep moving track urging people to show the ones around you, how much you love them cos the future is uncertain. TY Mix delivers again on this joint and Asa lends her assistance beautifully. When Heaven puts a hand on you, please share your blessings.

Voodoo” is really the album’s 1st misstep (impressive considering it’s the thirteenth track). The joint falls short of the super quality, the other tracks have shown so far. The monotonous hook and low-energy beats are the culprits here, despite a fair effort from Naeto C with solid bars like ‘losing my morals over quarrels/they don’t wanna see this picture that I’m drawing like Corel’, I wished they had swopped it with the bonus Super joint “Ex-Girlfriend” on which Dokta Frabz supplies the vocals.

C Me Finish” closes the album out on a high as we reach the finishing line and enter the bonus round. Naeto C picks a great closer as the Imo native waxes lyrically about how those hating only bring the best out of him – ‘Let em hate, let em hate, it’s free promo/After all we getting Naira not kobo’

Naeto C show more hunger and zest on his sophomore album than on his debut “You Know My P”. He isn’t complacent, simply dropping tracks just to satisfy his fans. No! He shows the appetite for that Top Spot working with his Cerious Music Production crew and other top notch producers to deliver a Hip-Hop Climate (positive) change.

Outstanding Tracks: Share My Blessings, Duro, Super C Season, 5&6, Carry Your Shoulder, 10/10
Disappointing Tracks: Vodoo

VOCAL DROPS Rating System
OPINION (Personal): 8/10
LYRICS: 8/10
RHYTHM: 8/10

With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility!

There’s no denying Naeto C has learnt so much in the break between the 1st album and this one. The much anticipated Super C Season is a very easy spin, and should go into the listener’s steady rotation in a pinch. It shows off Naeto C’s delivery brilliance, as heard in “5 & 6” and you can hear the growth in his songwriting and versatility.

In total, it’s a solid, cohesive package with a lot of super tracks on it. This has certainly set the bar high for other Hip-Hop albums dropping this year. Naeto C’s swag resonates all thru the joints …this album is about to become a car’s BEST FRIEND. …Once again the day is saved by Super Naeto C.

This album MAKES THE iPOD.


Enjoy some of the released singles off it:

[audio:|titles=Naeto C – Ten Over Ten (10/10)] [audio:|titles=NaetoC ft Asa – Share My Blessings]




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  1. Yay! He’s back. Is cos of d fact it is 1year?
    Some of Naetoc’s tracks are super, but not all and true they wasted Waje on that track.her voice deserved a better song. Hated the song with Sway …He said Laeto C and they still put it on d album

  2. I agree with the review for the most part, however Voodoo is one of my fave songs in the album. The depth & lyrics of that track isn’t like anything else I’ve heard in the industry in recent times.

  3. Oh & I think stormrex should have been on that afuru’m gi n’anya track. Chick would have murked the hell out of it.

  4. Super C topples MI2 by far. A very matured album,very few naija MC’s can come up wit an album dis complete. Contrary to d review, Voodoo is simply a BRILLIANT track.

  5. Voodoo’s lyrics r so deep …but i hate the beats …cud have been so much better ..C’mon Sarz
    album is 7 for me.
    and i dont think d album is berra than d diverse MI2

  6. common now Afruru Gi Nanya is d worst track on d album, voodoo might not be as good as 5 & 6 but it is a solid effort. the song wasnt just meant for Waje

  7. I absolutely LUV this album!!! 5 & 6 is also my favorite. Then “Carry your shoulder”… I think Waje should have been on a track stronger than Afurum gi n’anya because her voice is AMAZING. I still luv the song and i luv that she ended it with her trademark “O GU”. Voodoo has strong lyrics and a strong message but something was definitely missing…the beat, maybe? The only track i’m not feeling is the one with Sway. Iyama! Oye’s analysis is SPOT ON!!!

  8. Nice Review! But Voodoo is still one of ma fav. Tracks on d album!!! I’ld give d album 9/10. :D. #SuperCSeason Toh bahd!

  9. It took me sometime to like the album, on my iPhone I wasn’t feeling it, until someone bought the cd 4 me, voodoo is my favourite track, followed by 5 and 6, déjà vu, and super c season, flaws about the album to mature, no other rapstars in the album, for instance compared to lynxxx album, where he had ikechukwu, saucekid, sarkodie, sdc and Poe. Only two real hiphop beats, but I preferred u kno my p to this album, bcos it had more hiphop tracks like made in lagos, u kno my p, sitting on top, Lagos city hustler, too many love songs in his new album

  10. It took me sometime to like the album, on my iPhone I wasn’t feeling it, until someone bought the cd 4 me, voodoo is my favourite track, followed by 5 and 6, déjà vu, and super c season, flaws about the album to mature, no other rapstars in the album, for instance compared to lynxxx album, where he had ikechukwu, saucekid, sarkodie, sdc and Poe. Only two real hiphop beats, but I preferred u kno my p to this album, bcos it had more hiphop tracks like made in lagos, u kno my p, sitting on top, Lagos city hustler, too many love songs in his new album.

  11. I hate it wen peeps criticize dis voodoo beat!! Mehn dat beat is sick!! D voodoo beat is a mature hip hop beat…mehn to rap it up I gv @naetoC A1 coz of d originality in dat album!

  12. Damn it Voodoo is like the best track in this album, if not for that dumb chorus that that damn beat doesn’t match…Then real shit no one’s talking ’bout is collaboration with ASA, that’s a damn master piece ASA like really nailed it…neato c killed it…What dah f**k u guys, show some love to a good work.

  13. Voodoo is d best track in d album cuz its a very deep track… No matter how talented, d 4 walls of university will always b a big plus. D only mc wit an MSc.

  14. Mind u voodoo beat haters, that’s a Timbaland kind of beats brova. Dat beat is uniquly awesome. Go listen to ‘Timothy’ in Shock value 2

  15. Dear Analyst, sorry i stumbled on your so-called review in 2016. However, i just wanted to let you know that VOODOO which you tagged disappointing was the best of all tracks in that album and that goes to show that you’re way DUMB and so is your review!!

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