Get Familiar: Blackmagic – Rainbow

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BlackMagic wove himself into our psyche with his debut track, “Tomorrow” and Here . Now he intends to go deeper with his second single called “Rainbow” off his forthcoming self-titled debut album “BLACKMAGIC

Life is like a rainbow and at the end of it is a pot of gold. The different colors represent the different paths that lead to that destination. Some are brighter than others but things aren’t always as they seem. Which path will you take? Flow with BlackMagic who has painted a vivid picture with his lyrical brush over Ikon‘s rhythmic canvas and subliminally talks about decisions that must be made concerning life’s choices . After the rain comes the rainbow. Follow carefully.

Loving the smooth jazzy feel on this. Sure to stick on your playlist for a long time. Listen up and enjoy!


Blackmagic – Rainbow

  Blackmagic - Rainbow (5.1 MiB, 8,014 hits)



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