FRANQUE’S relationSHEEP: Our Song

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After a night in Kano, I was set to return to Lagos. I checked out earlier than I should as I do not particularly like hotels, and sat there in the lobby listening to songs off my phone to kill the 25 minutes before my colleagues came down.

I had transferred most of my songs from way back onto my BB, plus some new songs – with an 8gigabyte memory card I could easily do that. It took me a while but then I realized that every so often I would push the ‘Next’ button; not because I did not like the song playing, not because the song was not any good, but because at some point that song had been ‘our song’, then they had been replaced by others, and then yet others…


Her story has been told before. All but this part right here. And she travelled East by road. To help the trip pass quickly, she bought a CD to listen to as she drove. Straight away she called me, excitement suffusing her voice. “Hey babes, guess what I am listening to?” I rolled my eyes before replying. “Absolutely no idea, love. Turn the volume up and maybe I will be able to tell.”

She cranked the volume up high, so high my head started throbbing. But then I heard it and grinning like an idiot I said, “No way! Where did you get it?”

“Bought it.” Came her reply.

Before then I had heard Lemar’s “Lullaby” once before and instantly fell in love with the song, and after then we played it every night before bed – no matter who was where. It became ‘our song’.

Then we broke up. I broke us up a few days before my birthday. She had planned a surprise party for me, and following the break up told me about it. Ruined the surprise, but she figured that was the only way to get me to attend. And she was correct.

On the day our friends gathered, drinks and food flowed and we were all having a jolly good time. There were just three of us at the party who knew we were through, so when Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable” came on, we both exchanged a knowing smile. She still swears till this day that it was coincidental, but while he inserted the CD, she set it to that track. Though she married him the other Saturday, and has since had two kids with him, I hear any of those songs start up and I push ‘Next’.


That was exactly what she was when we first met. It was not to be for long. We kicked it off almost instantly and I got into all kinds of trouble for her. When I came back on the shelf, she walked into the bargain store and chose me.

When we started, she got a lot of calls: threats, advice and fore-warning that I was going to do to her what I did to “them“. And that she would not have anyone to blame but herself since she “stole him from someone“. Whitney Houston and Deborah Cox’s “Same script different cast” became my ring tone for her. In time her ‘mystery advisers’ tired of their antics.

We had many a beautiful song.  One, it would seem, for every time of the day. We usually woke up to Tim McGraw’s “Good morning Beautiful“, quickly followed by Chris de Burgh’s “Lady in Red” (for no reason than that we both really liked it). Whenever my phone rang, Ginuwine’s “Differences” lets me know she was the caller, and then there was Adam Sandler’s “Wanna Grow Old with You” from the Wedding Singer (purely because that was my plan from the day I set my eyes on her).

So I made some bad decisions, and I am living with the consequences, but I still plan to grow old with her; even if it is from the other end of a PDA or a Social network.


About her much has been said, but still not enough. Suffice it to say she carries my seed.

Meeting her while still carrying a torch for another did not make things easy for her. For a long time I wouldn’t acknowledge the possibility of what we might have. Eventually though, I told myself there was no point putting my heart in ‘Pause’, yearning for days past and ignoring lessons learned. So I said “Let’s do this.”  She loved Keisha Cole so much “Heaven Sent” became her ring tone on my phone.  And by some random accident, I found out that Robin Thicke’s”Lost without You” was her ring tone for me. Once we were out to see a movie, ‘Bride Wars’ and a song caught my attention. From that day I played her Gloria Estefan’s “You’ve Made Me So Very Happy” at least once a day. It was all gravy, though not so smooth sailing until I said “Enough“.

We have been apart eight months now, and in that time I have had more than ample opportunity to go over how things went South. Those thoughts more often than not leave me with a wry smile. We still talk and when she let’s herself call me these days, it is the sound of Melanie Fonda’s “It Kills Me” that alerts me to her calls.

#Our Song

I have refused to fully commit to anyone since then, and my few forays have been so short lived there are insufficient memories to dedicate songs to. Unless of course you count my love affair with you, my 360nobs readers.

I have let a lot of songs speak to me as, week after week, I share my life’s experiences with you. So many, that should I list them – OyeAKD can take a vacation.

Just last night, Miz Parker sent me this via Twitter: “So I’m actually trying to study bt den I remember its Friday 2mor nd I get to read from @franque_521… Built up anticipation; books closed!” My day was made.

Let me say here that it is for you, all of you, that I write; for this  singular reason dat I work my grey cells to death, punch the keypad on my BB that has given me calluses…

So this morning, having skipped quite a number of songs to listen to Taylor Swift’s “Our Song“, I realized that song there is OUR SONG and I had to share it with you. With all of you.

PS: I have the song on repeat, grinning like a Cheshire cat, filled with a warm feel all the way to my toes as I got on the shuttle for the airport. For if birds sing after a storm, why should people not feel as free to delight in whatever sunlight remains to them?



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  1. Franque, I love u! Let’s mend each other’s broken hearts… Our song would be john legend’s SO HIGH.. What say you?

  2. Lol @ ‘but I still plan to grow old with her; even if it is from the other end of a PDA or a Social network.’
    Interesting list of songs though.

  3. I have never commented on 360nobs before, i prefer to be a silent reader but you finally brought me out of that spell. Wow! funny thing was that i was thinking of the taylor swift song as i saw the title and went through the article so to see that it was the song at the end is just too priceless. I come on here every friday to read your article. You are beyond talented and the way you write is what i aspire to get to someday. Please don’t ever end your relationship with us the readers, we would truly be lost without you just as much as she seemed to have been when yall were together. Thanks for sharing yourself with us every week, it is much appreciated.

  4. Franque you are such a wonderful person. ‘Our song’ might still be playing but ‘your song’ is far from started. We your readers wish that for you. Work’s been kicking my but I saw this and just needed to comment. Amazing start to the weekend!

  5. If it is your plan to make me cry coz, it will not work. Very beautifully written. I truly admire your ability to write in such a way that allows us to live through the experiences with you.
    In one word (like you would say/do):AbsolutelyAmazing!

  6. *sniffing* Tis so beautiful,I’m moved to tears. I can so relate to “our song” theory as they bring memories no1 can eva take away from you(even doe the subject matter be not yours anymore) and like you rightly said,why not feel free delighting in whatever sunlight remains to them? but in the moments I dont wanna “feel free” I say a silent prayer of thanksgiving to God for wueva made the “next” button on d media player.

  7. Oh my!!!
    I love lemar’s lullaby and I wanna grow old with you… *sigh*
    Franque, let’s get married… Let our song be Westlife’s fliying without wings… Or Savage Garden’s I knew I loved you…
    I’m in L♥√ع with ur posts…

  8. @ In_Love: isle of ewe too. But what’s wrong wiv R.Kelly’s “leave ur name”? Or Chris Brown’s “Twitter”?
    @ Mabijo: glad u appreciate d songs. @ Miz K, Sirene n Rollin $: thanx o. @ Claire N: puttin ur name down sez more than some words that iKnow;
    @ Miz P: between u n Taylor Swift u inspired this post;
    @ PET P: they do make u smile no matter how weakly,
    @ Miz N: when iDo find dat song, iWill make sure to share it with you;
    @ VM: as long as u don’t pull a WizKid on me, iAm happy for the folder :D,
    @ ME: iOwe u a box of kleenex;
    @ Mateely: we all do have em, don’t we?
    @ Nengie: can we meet n date/court 1st? Marriage will be d busstop after dat;
    @ Lorlah: thanx much;
    @ iKnow: iWill settle for that comment, though iKno there’s more;
    @ Everyone else not commentin: thanks for readin/followin. Lemme just say here that iHav sum’n planned for my 1st anniversary.
    Do ff @franque_521 on tweerah.

  9. lol yeah heard on the radio yesterday 2of our songs played back to back n funny as it seems i cdnt help but smile stupidly my friend kept asking me what the smiles were for. We had our gud times. Lol n the cool thing is we are friends ryt. Anyway holla at me sometime stranger. Amazing write as always

  10. Choi!! U just can’t help being such a good writer shey?! Dude, I share ur pain. I really can’t help reading every single one of ur posts, over and over again! #sigh…. This was refreshing. Have a blest weekend, Franque. :*

  11. Oh u had to make me come back ryt? Its official am nw in love wit u. we shall live in our own world where dere shall be no regrets for the past but only hope for the future. Our song shal be ‘at last my heart has found its way home’am joining twiter cos of u.

  12. I soooo loove you Franque..but am sure you know that already!!! Oooh u forgot ‘neighbours know my name’ by Trey Songz loooool *wink*…
    You are special…

  13. @ Neefemi: thanx for ur comments, n for supportin me from d start;
    @ Stranger: yea we did. Our songs iDo not push ‘next’ to. iListen with a similar smile too;
    @ Nena: u have a #blest weekend too. But serzly, thanx plenty;
    @ Nengie: it’s not Arik. Will DM it to u;
    @ iKnow: hit me up when u join twitter. As for our song, try Trey Songz’s “Flatline”;
    @ Diva: U r special too. Yuppers, Neibors kno my name frm Gidi to Phc *wink*

  14. Franque…the words…they’re not coming. Only tears out of my eyes. Beautiful article, ah-mazing selection of songs. You seem like a complicated person, but I really think you deserve happiness, and I hope you get the best that life has to offer.

    You should consider writing a novel or Hallmark cards–Naija style. I would totally buy ’em. See you next Friday.

  15. This got me thinking about ‘our’ songs–his & mine, and I just might need therapy. I can’t even bear to listen to the CDs he made me. Sucks when the choice to be with someone is taken out of your hands by distance. At least you don’t fight back tears. Ahh…life.

  16. @ Anosio: thanx. iAppreciate, iLove u too. xx;
    @ Ready: Finally Ready speaks!! And what speech! Will mosDef see u nxt Friday. Torn between fatherWOOD or AIRtiquette… xx.

  17. @ T.L. Bridges: iHav no idea how iMissed ur comment. My apologies. One thing, iHav no plans of endin our love affair anytym soon;
    @ Lohi: Thank you much;
    @ Miz Jay: glad my posts work for u.

  18. Franque oh Franque. Once again,u’v outdone urslf. Dunno hw dt’s possibl every tym. I’v read every post tho I hvnt commntd in a yl. U r lyk fyn wine. Bless.. Btw, I love our song.. Thnx. 🙂

  19. @Franque,just stumbled on ur articles by mistake and dis one is very beautifull esp “i plan to grow old with her even if from the oda end of a pda”,a beautifull line if i ever saw one(is that an original line)and d song thingy,i totally relate to dt,i av a song for everyday n almost each occasion,kinda drives ma friends mad.Bottomline,i love ur stuff n from now on wil be looking 4ward to it. P.s ow do i get to ur articles straight cos i rily cant remember ow i got here.

    1. UK,just click on his name on the homepage or go to LIFESTYLE corner and hit the SEX&RELATIONSHIP tab and yo’d find ur path leads to his writings.

  20. Hi Franque,

    Read d article u did with chidinma n had to go look u up. Was having a blue evening n reading this has sure lightening up my nit. I’m very into having a song for that special person in ur life “keisha Cole’s Heaven sent” was “our song” till we parted ways n I find it difficult to actually listen to it nowadays

    Do kp up d splendid work. I’m going bk to read more of ur articles n I’m ff u on Twitter NOW. Much luv

  21. Your blog is really interesting to me and your topics are very relevant. I was browsing around and came across something you might find interesting. I was guilty of 3 of them with my sites. “99% of site managers are committing these 5 errors”. You will be suprised how easy they are to fix.

  22. @ Mateely: d last part of ur comment made me burst out wit lafta… I rili love d next button
    @ Franque: I ain’t enjoying no remaining sunlit…I hate sum songs just becos of d bad moments I expeienced wen listening 2 dem. But I do love sum oda songs bcos of d good memories. Good work as usual.

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