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In a fierce display of entitlement, Christian Louboutin the man who made red sole shoes an international trademark has filed a lawsuit against Yves Saint Laurent for making red sole shoes. Yves Saint Laurent’s 2011 spring collection features a pair of red heels with red soles, but it goes further to also feature navy blue heels with blue soles and purple heels with purple soles. One may ask; if the inclusion of purple and blue sole shoes is a cunning attempt by Yves Saint Laurent to mask its bad “COPYCAT” behavior or if it is innocently introducing a new initiative by matching the colour of its shoes with the soles.

This is not the first time Yves Saint Laurent has featured red sole shoes in its collection. What’s your take on this? Can you identify a pair of Louboutins from another brand that has simply taken out time to paint the soles of their footwear red? We say yes, as long as the insoles are cream coloured and the out soles are painted red it’s almost guaranteed to be an original pair of Louboutins so what’s the fuss about? Kiss and make up boys, people have been making red soles before Louboutins made them an international trademark. Instead of fighting, reps at Christian Louboutin should be celebrating the hugely successful release of its crystal platforms spotted on Beyonce Knowles at a recent Lakers game.



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  1. I was reading another article about this. I think its a pretty frivolous lawsuit. People who were going to buy (REAL) Louboutins are still going to buy real Louboutins and the people who are simply trying to keep up with the “Joneses” are going to buy the knock-offs (even though YSL would be considered a pretty pricey knock-off). It would be different if they were painting all the soles of all their shoes red, then i’d def agree with CL.

    Either way, at the end of the day they are just shoes that will be hitting the dirt and pavement as any other shoe would so why so much wahala???

  2. I strongly oppose your argument. If a company has taken time and money to register a trademark no one has the right to use same without permission.

    I’m not sure if shoes with red soles were previously made but as long as the trademark office gave Louboutin that registration, any other user shouldn’t just dab on it. It is theft.

  3. Act like me y’all…invest in a can of red paint and a strong paintbrush…get to work on your Faith, NewLook, Dorothy Perkins and Aldo platforms. Thank me later. I see you, Lucinda 😉

  4. Abeg Cl should relax cos he doesn’t have exclusive rights to red sole shoes. More so,no matter how YSL copies CL,e no fit be like Original!

    To a more important issue,I need me a pair of those crystal platforms!!!!!

  5. Ok,so I have been corrected that CL has registered Trademark on the red sole shoes. So,yeah,YSL is stealing from CL which is so wrong!!!
    Wondering what his argument is for doing that.

  6. Ok. I truly don’t GAF about those 2 crying men (fighting their butts about trademark and stuff) but daaaaayummmm… Bey’s loubs are the shyt!!!!
    Bey, ur shoes are banging gurl!!!

  7. Red paint, blue paint, rainbow paint….color na color. So is CL also going to sue CESARE PACIOTTI? Besides, his red does come off after some wear, so y is he raising hell? ABEG go chilax!

  8. Honestly, the majority of lawsuits are frivolous at their very essence. I get that the red soles are patented, but fashion’s main foundation is the ability to copy other designers. Maybe I should go to law school…obviously money dey for court.

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