Beazy Music Monday: Beazy – Welcome To My Hood

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Mondays are the most Beazy days of the week. #BeazyMusicMondays is here to ensure that @ least you have something to keep your adrenaline pumping for the stressful Monday.

It’s Week 33 and Beazy goes in on DJ Khaled’s smash hit single “Welcome To My Hood” and does what he does best.

19 more #BeazyMusicMondays coming soon to a Monday Near U.  Lyrics also provided below.

Yup! Get familiar!

Beazy – Welcome To My Hood(Freestyle)


  Beazy - Welcome To My Hood(Freestyle) (6.8 MiB, 524 hits)


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Welcome to my hood/ Las gidi/ My city/ Where we so fly/ The air is thin/ So we giddy/ Where we got that redeye till we D.I, my ni**ah, it is gritty/ But ni**as don’t believe till I really slap u silly/ Cuz u see me/ I aint playing tho/ Hustle till the Range Ro/ ‘s Parked up on my driveway/ U see me hola tuale/ I roll up like a Harley/ Then roll up like a Marley/ If a ni**a want beef, then f*ck a parlé/ Cuz u aint really know what a ni**a myt be/ Cuz u aint never seen no ni**a like me/ I’m racking cheese/ Stacking paper/ U aint never seen no figures like these/ They talk the talk/ I walk the walk/ The flow got a ni**a like please/ Cuz it’s beyond sane/ Yeh I’m on dat jigga like P/ So a ni**a myt be/ The next/ The great one/ Any rapper myt be the next to take one/ Me I’m never standing next to fake ones/ Cuz ni**a I’m a beast/ I masticate them/ G I make noise/ They mad they stay dumb/ Monster, so they glad to stay from/ Me G/ Beazy see sweet rappers/ I just got to taste one/ U just had to say sumn/ But I won’t retort/ I just resort/ To violent reports/ Flow so deep it’d drown a sea pork/ I flow so much, I down a sea port/ So evil/ Where my pitch fork/ Lyrical miracle killer/ Ni**a I’m iller/ Rap thriller/ I’m that rhymezilla/ Yessah/ I bless em/ Just hit that record/ O.M.G/ On the beat, I am nice like resorts/ Rap in las gidi, I’m the nicest resource/ Rap is my b*tch/ Never get a divorce/ Killing the beat/ U culd keep the remorse/ I’m keeping the score/ I stay on the top/ The flow no dey stop/ Like say they on the tap/ As they on the track/ Hear Beazy dey bust/ Na Beazy dey bust?/ Mehn Beazy too much/ That’s all they say/ That’s all I hear/ Bad guy, sharp guy/ No duller here/ No dollar there/ That will not be mine/ I put in that work/ I stay on my grind/ No time for haters/ I’ll see those ones later/ I’m thinking bout paper/ It stays on my mind/ All about gains/ I made my own lane/ Like I’m outta credit/ Can’t stay on the line/



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