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The month of April has treated us with an usual amount of Nollywood’s finest actresses gracing the cover of magazines. Coincidence? Sheer stroke of luck? Or did these magazine houses actually set out to battle it out for who could whip up the yummiest magazine cover in terms of; photography, styling, make-up, poses et al and also who could deliver the most intriguing and exclusive interview of each starlet to date. After meticulously going through each magazine, here’s my verdict on the interviews;

Two themes stand out in each interview which are; WORK/PAST AND CURRENT PROJECTS and PERSONAL LIFE. While I applaud these magazines for doing a fantastic job at getting these starlets to open up on sensitive topics such as getting TONTOH DIKE to tell subliminally tell everyone to get a life and stop talking about her controversial roles, and NEW AFRICAN WOMAN successfully revealing GENEVEIVE NNAJI’s idea of an ideal man, or OMOTOLA JALADE talking about her career journey and personal experiences in retrospect, it is difficult to pick the stand out interview when they’re all focused on two underlying issues. So how did I pick the best? Well yes, it’s time for me to be shallow and just scratch the surface by simply glancing at each magazine cover.

While all ladies are absolutely beautiful and incredibly talented, you cannot deny TONTO DIKEH’S presence, raw sex appeal and yes even a dose of shock therapy when you look at her in that uber fab chain dress and word on the streets is that she’s wearing absolutely nothing underneath. She’s an absolute vision on the cover of WOW magazine isn’t she?



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  1. Tonto killed it,her cover is the best. Funke’s hair lacks volume,she looks kinda funny. The other two were ok

  2. Tonto killed it men!!!!! plus Genevieve pulled off dt hair volour……really tricky…….Funke Akindele *gosh those colorurs rn’t working now……

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