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Many events have taken place within the first four months of this glorious year. Some are bad (the earthquake and tsunami that rocked Japan, the ongoing civil war in Cote d’Ivoire) some are good (the political change in North Africa and the Middle Eastern states) and Nigeria’s general election.

I can write boldly that we are witnessing the gradual end of political apathy in Nigeria. The results of the NASS election in certain states are a testament to this fact. On the 9th of April, I saw both young and old troop out from their homes to their various polling centers to effect change.

The election results prove that the Nigeria people (you and I) are tired of the nation’s situation and the dominance of this nation by one political party. Throughout the south-west, the PDP has been overthrown by the ACN. People have come to identify with this political party as an agent of change.

Now, you have elected your representatives to the National Assembly. These representatives serve as ‘watch dogs’ to the excesses of the Executive and can bring about change through the law. However, the race to change has just begun. This Saturday, 16th of April, you and I will decide who becomes the President of this nation.

This is a very sensitive position; the President is the image of the nation in the sub-region, the continent and the International community. We need a dynamic, cerebral and rational man to institute change as the President and lead this nation back to its rightful place in Africa and the world.

It is not just a slogan; Nigeria is the ‘Giant of Africa’.

Now, you have to decide who portrays the image of greatness. I write this because I know we no longer want to be ignored by those we call our leaders. They are answerable to u and should remember that the position of leadership is that of service and not of tyranny.

Your VOTE is powerful, your VOTE is change, and your VOTE will determine the course of this nation for the next four years. Don’t be bamboozled.  Vote for who you think will bring about change and better the lives of ordinary Nigerians. This is a democracy and not an oligarchy, it’s for all us. Vote and vote wisely. Your vote counts irrespective of what people say or believe.

Be an agent for change.



Regular guy with countless thots going thru his mind. Simple, jovial, easy-going always wondering why things are what they are. I’m different things 2 a lot of people -a son 2 few, a brother to sum, a friend 2 many n enemy 2 none(frm my angle). Believes in God. A realist always trying 2b objective*a difficult human trait*, however I’m simply just ME (no definition 4 that).


  1. Thoughtful. Of course I am going to participate. The only problem is that most of the presidential candidates are people I really cannot trust.

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