360Videos: Short Film: “TALoNTED Never Loose”

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The Talonted Lose” is a short film by Flo Global Productions, uses imagery to summarize the difficult “torture” one endures when in pursuit of something major and meaningful. The piece, with powerful music by Frank G of the Ish Productions, was directed by the gifted Erik Brown and incredibly edited by Pixel Mobb. Enjoy.

The synopsis of the powerful piece is as follows:
One with strong passion cannot be broken down. That is the theme for “The Talonted Never Lose,” a short film that plays with captivating imagery to get its point across. This short film serves as a cinematic visual of one undergoing several challenges, both physical and mental, while in pursuit of one’s passion to achieve something great. The main setting takes place in a dark, grim interrogation room where the main character, Talonted from Nigeria, (playing himself) undergoes different forms of torment by an interrogator, played by Damien Colletti, to break his spirit. But Talonted’s passion keeps him holding on with confidence. At the end of the movie, we see just whether this torment is actual or simply all in the mind of Talonted.
Peep The video below..



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