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Forgive me for all my faults

I know my sins could fill 10 vaults

All i did was for a reason

You gave us free will

So i chose to stay out of the moral prison.

Forgive my loved ones and those that feel the same towards me

Those now in past, present, and to come after me

From my immediate to my extended family

From my mom to my sister

My father to my brother

From those i keep close

To those i keep closer

From days i obeyed my pop

To those i said no sir

I am willing to bleed

And take the fall

So in the future my soul can be

Happy and i can stand tall

My name shall rock the tongues of men from here on to babylon

From Olumorock to Niagra falls

Then i will find peace wherever i lay

And hope dear Lord you put my soul to bay.

A poem by Daffy Eldante aka “Ehn Boi” (Submitted by Datboy_not)



Who am I? Simply put I’m N.O.T or simpler still NUTS. I love life - the ups, the downs, the merry go rounds, but most of all I love that babe that carried me for nine months ... She’s my inspiration, my role model. I can kill for music & I’ve seen enough movies to tell u the end; I love women & hanging out especially with my peoples. On that note enjoy my articles; sometimes it’ll be funny, sometimes long & annoying but most times it’ll just be nutty.


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