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From banks to eateries, schools to hospitals, all I hear is the ‘ping’ sound. The blackberry ‘craze’ just can’t go unnoticed. The blackberry phone has being around for a while with the first model released in 1999 as a two-way pager.  The more hip and happening models got released in 2006 and since then improved models have been rolled out.

The blackberry phone is being embraced due to its browsing ability and the blackberry messenger feature it possesses. Using a blackberry phone, one is guaranteed one-touch internet on the go with the world at your fingertips. You can also chat with your friends all over the world as long as they have an activated blackberry phone too thus cutting costs on international calls. The blackberry phone also guarantees you quick access to your e-mail account and social networking sites like facebook and twitter.

In a nutshell, the blackberry phone keeps you informed and widely accessible. On the other hand, the blackberry phone is making people ‘socially unsociable’ you see people talking, laughing and even sobbing to themselves while peering at their phones in public places. The blackberry phone has also made internet fraud easier with its easily accessible chatting platforms which allows interaction between people. The blackberry phone has become an addiction. People are seen ‘ping-walking’ and ‘ping-driving’. We dress these blackberry phones with fanciful rubber or plastic jackets and buy screen-protectors and other accessories.

I am sure most people would pick their blackberry phones first over their bibles if both were to fall in a bucket of water. To belong to cliques in schools now, you must own a blackberry phone. Then at the end of it all, everyone’s jostling around for money to re-subscribe even without food in some bellies.  To some people life was easier when ‘berries’ were just fruits. Well, the blackberry phone is definitely going to be around for a long time so I implore us to use and manage it wisely.

…Written by Damo



Your friendly neighbourhood guy who believes himself BLESSED not LUCKY. I would always say it as it is without mincing words. A walking jukebox. I believe I was born to serve God and others. My column - Kaleidoscope. Follow me on twitter @keyedamola


  1. ur right…i think the blackberry phone is the number one relationship killer these days because people no longer spend quality time talking to their loved ones…i mean why call or visit when they are just a “PING” away..couples even settle fights on bb chat…recently i visited a friend and she wanted to know what her husband would like for dinner and she actually pinged the question to him asking him what he wanted and what she had at home…haba…that’s not good o.Lets talk more and not allow these gadgets run our lives.

  2. Enjoyed readin dis article+i had a good laugh readin its comments too,i’d just like2say when u drive a point like bb=a blessing&curse home drive ur point home&park into the garage..meanin outline the blessings like you did and the curse like you did but draw a conclusion and give us room to agree or disagree with it instead of the open check you wrote for conclusion to a beautiful topic which remains in my opinion beautifully written irrespective of what ikechukwu the gbagaun police says….LOL

  3. there are always two sides to a coin. Other phones like Nokia and Samsung are not as addcitive as the BB and it’s the BBM thingy that brought all about that.
    Rumour has it that I-phone and some of these other Android based fones are gonna av dis platform too very soon….na that d real craze go start!

    u forgot to add ‘ping-shitting’

  4. Well, it’s not only the bb that has the ‘ping’ problems..today we have other applications like 2go, nimbuzz, whatsapp etc that run on other phones and the bb as well…the mischief this article seeks to address i see, is not the bb as an asset, but the distractions and tragidies that all these devices bring..may the good side be more..Amen!

  5. @ bleh- its just an article on a current trend in the society highlighting its good and bad sides.
    @ creme- Thanks. I agree with you.
    @ dee mist- I agree with you
    @ ikechukwu- lol, but its more of a typographical error on my part. Nevertheless, mistake acknowledged and correction taken. Thanks for reading deep enough to spot this.
    @ tosin- Thanks. I agree with you.
    @ bc george- Thanks. Ping-shitting!!! Lol.
    @ peter- Thanks.
    @ ogah- Thanks-‘pinging-praying’ and ‘pinging-love-making’ lol!

  6. Nice….u forgot one important one!!! ð fact that wen u go to parties nw..instead of pple to tlk to themselves, dey ® much mre intrested in pingin all ð way!!! It nw dulls a lot of funtions..

  7. Wow! @360admin….I’ve read all the posts written by Damo so far and I gotta ask wassup? This is not the Quality we’ve come to expect from a 360 writer. If u expect us to keep reading dis immature/unschooled writer tell DAMO he needs to step up *Rme*

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