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I am not the girl I used to know. I am a more defined version of the old me.

Seriously, I get a lot of oohs and aahs when peers and friends from my past see me- change is truly the only constant variable.

When I first started out at the university, in my first year, I was the ‘french speaking’ brainy from Paris (I wonder where that gist sprouted from), who was almost always clad in short jean skirts, nice looking sneakers, with a pair of ankle socks of course – a strange look on a fat girl, who was an artificial blonde. I even remember the fact that I was one of a handful of students at the time who owned two pairs of ‘drivers’-  you know, those loafers that were trending about seven years ago. Need I mention that I was quite eloquent? Well, this was only until I settled into my hostel.

From my second year till graduation, I was the girl with a permanent smirk on her visage; I was loud and often carried out my conversations in pidgin english with a healthy blend of igbo. Gone were my days of ‘phonerising’ and acting cool. Laissez faire, became my new slogan.

I was that girl who caused her friends to panic when after a head count amongst ‘my clique’, I was nowhere to be found – just before they filed into the exam hall. After a rapid succession of phone calls from all who cared, I was the missy you would see sprinting into the hall, sweating from every opening of her body, in bathroom slippers, a well worn pair of jeans and a frayed tee.

I was that girl you ran to when you needed an animated version of the latest amebo, or just random gist. Back then, most of my course mates even helped out in mothering me; they took up, the duty of helping me check my results, once they got out- man! Did that save me a long trek to the exams and records building?

Three years after school, I’m still surprising myself. Nowadays, I wear makeup. Dead and gone are all my threadbare and frazzled clothings. My restless tongue, nomadic spirit and fretful mind finally found themselves an outlet- my hands. I am not yet where I should be but everyday, I smile and whisper a thank you prayer to the heavens because I know, this is the right path I tread. For the first time in  forever, I know where I am headed.

I am not the girl I used to know. No!

My name is Chidinma, I am a scribe and now, I am one of you.



I am the personification of Brutally blunt and Witty. I love my jokes funny, my music loud and my gists, colourful. I live my life by rules- my rules- and make no apologies for why I act the way I do. I define creativity as the act of evolving and evolving... Suffice to say that life and I are on first name terms- he is crazy about me too!


  1. Yay!! She’s finally here…. *now dancing alanta*. Errbody can see u got a knack for dis so put it to good use on 360nobs.
    P.S. Dnt learn frm a certain writer here oh.. Keep ur posts constant nd always be on tym. All d bestest. Looking 4ward to reading plenty frm u

  2. Chidinma….I rem everything..from ur blonde days to the exam hall frenzy! And girl u gave d best of amebo wiv extra spice! Lol! Am so happi for u! And u have done d nicest tin for me since I moved to eko..am already a fan jare! Kip it coming..ha! I shld get clare and vivian up on dis page! Its bin ages! *sigh* love u

  3. Hmmmm…..well written. Looking forward to more from you. And happy that you know where you are headed,keep going dear don’t stop,the heavens watch over you!

  4. This is a very good second first impression and you are wonderful the way you use your words. Keep it coming girl. All the best as a scribe

  5. LWTMB! Most interesting considering that I doubt that the “ajebota” was ever concealed in your years of trying to form “pako”. That said, I think all of us can relate to this type of transformation(growth?). We all had those people we were and who we are now.
    Nice write up. Noble you’ve found a gem in chidinma. She’s a refreshing read.

    Ps: blonde ké. Ha!

  6. @ms parker and xorra:thank you dearies.
    @zoe’y:*cheesy grin*, the good ol days…no?love u too
    @igho,okeoghene and mabijo:thanx for these kind words.
    @mr smith:hehehe,the blonde look was tres disastrous.
    @r$lls and obi: thank u dearies for stopping by. I am truly humbled

  7. Very nyce my dear. Jide ki ji. I thoroughly enjoyed ur last piece on the date with Banky, although I ddnt comment. Ur definitely on the right path, ur writing style is fab, $ we have sum things in common. I look forward to reading more from you.

  8. Lol…Nobs, why the massive side eye? True talk…some writers here on 360nobs are never punctual with their articles. If the cap fits, rock it or change 🙂

    Glad to read your first article & I look forward to more interesting stories & improvements in such things as punctuation.
    “…they took up, the duty of helping me check my results, once they got out- man! Did that save me a long trek to the exams and records building?”
    Hate to be nit-picky, but it’s part of what makes and article a great read.

  9. @han, chocho and omalicha: thank u
    @ready: i noticed that and will work on it. Thanx for pointing it out…being nit-picky is a good thing. Shows u know what u want.

  10. This is my girl, fantastic 2nd 1st impression. Am I proud of you.
    Who can forget all ur rubbish back in days? Finally putting one of ur talents to use. Now we’ve got work to do on the other talent.
    Keep it u girlie, lookin forward to more posts.
    I heart u much much

  11. nice one darlg. i remember those days i wondered wot happend to u all of a sudden bt thank God u hv found urself back. power to ur strength. miss and love u FJB

  12. My friend My friend! Wow! This is really a Second first Impression, like ijay has rightly said; who can forget all ur rubbish in school eh? But we all knew u had a gift! Keep it up………….from ur gwamdi sis!

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