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Let me introduce you all to Brother Lucky:

Brother Lucky is a cool-headed, easy-going guy with the thought of heaven and the afterlife on his mind. There’s only one problem: WOMEN. These creatures of God have a powerful effect over his will power. Their body features – lips, eyes, breasts and behind -hold him in captivity.  Bro. Lucky used to live in the big city (wide is the path to destruction) but in order to conquer the flesh, he requested to be transferred to the rural part of town (narrow is the path that leads to life) in order to serve God better.

On getting to this part of town he meets Sister Grace at the church.  Sister Grace is light-skinned, tall and very beautiful. She’s endowed and has a lovely shaped backside for a church sister (Every creature of God is beautiful).  However, she has problems of her own she’s battling with.

Brother Lucky works in the pastor’s office and he gets to meet a lot of people. On this fateful day Sister Grace comes to visit Bro. Lucky. And the convo goes as thus:

Sis. Grace: Hello Bro. Lucky

Bro. lucky: Hello sister, how are  you doing? The pastor isn’t around.

Sis. Grace: Well, I came to see you.

Bro. Lucky: Me? Hope there’s no problem.

But Sister Grace’s current outfit is to die for, immediately Bro. Lucky starts to imagine whilst the conversation takes place.

Sis. Grace: I’ve a confession Bro. Lucky.

Bro. Lucky: You don’t need to tell it to me, tell it to God.

Sis. Grace: But, I want to tell you.

Bro. Lucky: What is it sister? (At this point Bro. Lucky is very confused ‘cos he isn’t a pastor yet to carry such weight of what might be dropped on him)

Sis Grace: There’s a man…

Bro. Lucky: Hmm (making the sign of the cross). Yes go on, Sister Grace.

Sis. Grace: He’s tall, cute…

Bro. Lucky: Okay, so what’s the problem?

Sis Grace: His lips make you wanna bite them…

Bro. Lucky: JESUS!! Don’t lust sister.

Sis. Grace: Brother Lucky, his physique is awesome…

Bro. Lucky: You have to control the flesh; don’t succumb to your basic instincts (at this point, Bro. Lucky was focusing on her breasts).

Sis. Grace: He was chasing after me and I enjoyed it Brother Lucky.

Bro. Lucky: Hmm, I guess you ran or did you wait Sister Grace? (Now he looked into her eyes)

Sis. Grace: I ran.

Bro. Lucky: Good. Glory be to the great God!

Sis. Grace: But I enjoyed running and then, he stopped chasing.

Bro. Lucky: That means God took control of the situation (now Bro. Lucky tried to focus on the issue at hand and not her blouse)

Sis. Grace: I ran cos he told me he wanted me…and had slept with me over and over in his mind,

Bro. Lucky: Pure Lust, sister Grace, pure lust. Sex is a weapon of Lucifer (at this point, Bro lucky couldn’t control his imagination).

Sis. Grace: He says he wants to work hard on me in reality. I know sex is a sin and the sweetest of sins.

Bro. Lucky: You should thank him. You’re to flee from every appearance of evil, Sister Grace. Wide is the way that leads to destruction.

Sis. Grace: I thought sex was a gift from God

Bro. Lucky: Yes it is a gift but only within marriage. Outside marriage it’s a sin, you must accept that.

Sis. Grace: I really pray God intervenes now cos I want this man.

Bro. Lucky: Then you’re heading for the dark place.

Sis. Lucky: Why must it be dark, Bro Lucky? I called him yesterday, is that bad?

Bro. Lucky: Ahhhhh….don’t call him again. You just cant.  You need the power of the Lord to intervene.

Sis. Grace: The minute he stopped chasing, he turned himself into a challenge.

Bro. Lucky: That’s the adrenaline of the enemy. He wants to challenge you and draw you away from the light.

Sis. Grace: …I want you

Bro. Lucky: Me? Lucky?  (With the sign of the cross again and a silent God have mercy on my soul). Come again pls (he couldn’t believe his ears – sweat beads now forming around his forehead).

Now sister Grace is laughing…

Bro. Lucky: Be quiet sister, there’s no room for laughter here.

Sis. Grace: I didn’t mean you, don’t get it mixed up. I’m done for now (at this point Bro. lucky is very mixed up)

Bro. Lucky: May the good Lord forgive you.

Sis. Grace: Amen brother, Pray for me brother lucky. Cos I am weak.  My body is becoming willing.

Bro. Lucky: I will just be strong in the lord for you.

Sis. Grace: What do I do about being horny or lusting after the flesh (at this point she stands up to take her leave, now Bro. lucky has a good view of her back side)

Bro. Lucky: (Jesus, help Lucky), Rebuke the feeling and focus on God. Take all that devilish energy and do something productive with it. Help the poor and the needy. PRAY, PRAY AND PRAY!!!

Sis. Grace: Thank you Bro Lucky, we should do this again. I’m happy I can discuss this with you.

Bro. Lucky: (making the sign of the cross) Okay, have a nice day. Can I have your number? In case i want to pray with you at any point.

Bro. Lucky needs to be encouraged. What he tried to escape in the big city is here with him now. WHAT SHOULD HE DO? PLS HELP!!!!



Regular guy with countless thots going thru his mind. Simple, jovial, easy-going always wondering why things are what they are. I’m different things 2 a lot of people -a son 2 few, a brother to sum, a friend 2 many n enemy 2 none(frm my angle). Believes in God. A realist always trying 2b objective*a difficult human trait*, however I’m simply just ME (no definition 4 that).


  1. He should castrate himself…nufin will go wrong if he is a eunuch.
    It seems the lure of the flesh is > than his mission.

  2. He should castrate himself…nufin will go wrong if he is a eunuch.
    It seems the lure of the flesh is > than his mission. The Bible even made mention of it: if ur right hand causes you to sin, caught it off…

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