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The characters and events in this story are fictitious. Let me take you on a ride through the heart of men and their machinations. I’ll tell you the story of five friends (Kunle, Kazeem, Emeka, Femi and Tunji).

March 15, 1987

Ede Road, Ile-Ife.

“Hurry, we don’t have much time” Kunle told the others.

Kunle led the way through the bushes but deep down in his heart he was engulfed with fear.

A voice in his head kept saying “it was an accident” and should be kept a secret. Emeka sat in the car giving the excuse that he was watching out for night guards in the vicinity. “It shouldn’t have happened” Emeka said out loud without realizing Femi was in the car, “You are right, I don tell am say na anger go finish am”. However Emeka was lost in thought, something flashed through his mind, a room number, an incident that happened a long time ago, Room 149. Emeka remembering this broke out in cold sweat; it was the feeling of fear.

“Where are they? This isn’t the time to chicken out” Kunle said to Kazeem, who was silent and overcome with shock. The scene flashed through his mind repeatedly, this had been happening since the incident occurred. Kazeem knew it was an accident likewise Femi and Emeka but how were they going to cover it up without being caught. Kazeem being a Law student said “You are aware that you have committed a crime”, “I know, I’m a law student too don’t forget. Don’t worry everything will be fine” said Kunle.

“Emeka, let’s check on the guys and see what’s holding them up. We must not get caught” said Femi. ‘RUSTICATION’ was all Emeka could say. Immediately they both heard Kazeem said “Get out of the car, we must clear up this mess”, Emeka replied quickly “This isn’t my mess!”. Kazeem urged Emeka to come with them and not escalate the issue. Femi followed quietly behind them, thinking of the good times they have all shared together.

Arriving at the spot, they see Kunle standing over the lifeless body of their friend, Emeka wanted to collapse at the sight of the body (it’s not every day someone gets to see a dead body). The situation brought back past memories, information he couldn’t share with his friends because of the consequences. “Now we are all here, knowing the gravity of this incident it’s better to be cautious” said Kunle, “Is any of this our business Kunle” queried Emeka angrily. “It is your business cos you are a witness; I’m the only one guilty of the crime. Don’t forget the act of conspiracy and cover-up is punishable by the Law” said Kunle in a serious tone, “Well I can’t be threatened, and I know my rights…” Emeka was rudely interrupted by Kazeem “Shut up both of you, let’s just solve the case and get it over with”. Femi remained silent thinking of the consequences of their actions.

Kunle began by saying “Now that we are all present, it would be good to get the facts straight”, “What facts?” Asked Femi. “That we are all in this together, so let’s get our acts together” replied Kunle, “I can’t believe my ears, are you in the right state of mind? You are the culprit here” shouted Emeka. “Keep your voices down, Emeka let’s get this over with” said Kazeem. Femi remained speechless throughout the argument, he had a bad feeling about this night, was it a premonition about the future?

“Let’s agree that what happened tonight wouldn’t be known to any living soul” said Kunle, “Well, that’s fine by me. What of you guys?” asked Kazeem. “I agree, let’s just get out of here its 10.30pm” answered Femi, Emeka was the last person to consent to the agreement but he agreed even though they all knew that Kunle was proud and prone to violence “Well o boy, I don agree o! I’ll keep it a secret. Can we go now?” asked Emeka. “I really appreciate what you guys have done today, I’ll forever remember this day” said Kunle not knowing that this day would beget sorrow, pain and anguish in their lives. They all turned and left the spot as if nothing had happened that night, it was only Femi and Emeka that looked back. Kunle led the way without looking backwards.

On their way back to school, they all sat in silence nobody had the energy to speak or argue anymore. Kazeem drove the car because Kunle said he was unable to drive. On getting to the campus gate, they were stopped by the University security. After the car was searched, Kazeem drove them to their hostel. Femi couldn’t sleep because he was troubled from within, the incident kept flashing through his mind. However, the incident was irreversible.

After this, everyone in the room fell asleep and the memory of the day relegated to the background of their minds. Everyone got on with their lives having no recollection of the sad day except Emeka.

This is just the beginning.

December 31st, 1990


“….Life isn’t fair” he said out loud forgetting that he wasn’t talking to anyone besides himself.



Regular guy with countless thots going thru his mind. Simple, jovial, easy-going always wondering why things are what they are. I’m different things 2 a lot of people -a son 2 few, a brother to sum, a friend 2 many n enemy 2 none(frm my angle). Believes in God. A realist always trying 2b objective*a difficult human trait*, however I’m simply just ME (no definition 4 that).


  1. Not the kind of memory you relegate to the back of your mind for a long time to come much less a nights sleep but looking forward to the rest of the story.

  2. @aj sarpong…in time u’ll get to know the character that died,u’ll get the next piece next week.stay tuned

    @neefemi…ppl are different,they don’t forget they just lock it up somewhere.

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