360Fresh: SplashJosh – Gbono Feli Feli Freestyle

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Good Day to y’all sweet Nigerians residing on this beautiful planet of ours,be you in the Motherlan’ or out of her shores,never for once renounce where your origins are from,it might not be one of the best moments we would have expected from the supposedly “Giant of Africa”..but then again,we fall to then rise up taller and stronger no?..*clears throat*.. sorry,my überpatriotic naija alterego just had to take over,bear with me.

New Music,New Articles,New Artists ,360nobs shall never fail to feed your Ipods with the best rythms and ryhmes from the best artists around the globe. “Splashjosh“,who was born and raised in Lasgidi (Naija’s Big Apple) left for the U.S in his early teens to proceed with his schooling.

He’s a young rapper with ambitions of taking his music to the next level. Although this isnt his first song but this is certainly one of his hottest freestyles. He wrote his first lyrics at the age of 15 and ever since then his presence in the music industry has been blurry but for the past year he is determined to be consistent with his music. Watch out for his new mixtape which is gonna hit yo’ doorsteps real soon,it’s called “Schoolboys” and y’all had better stay tuned,oh socialnetworkers you can follow him on twitter.comsplashjosh .

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[audio:https://www.360nobs.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Gbono-Feli-Feli-Freestyle-SplashJosh.mp3|titles=Gbono Feli Feli Freestyle-SplashJosh]

SplashJosh – Gbono Feli Feli Freestyle



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