360Fresh: K-Slym on our Radar

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Kevin Omonigho Ugolo aka K-Slym is the bad ass rapper y’all have been waiting for. He hails from the South of Nigeria and has been making good music for sometime now,being inspired by Lil Wayne and his associate Drake, K-Slym is set to re-deliver hip-hop into the hands of Africa were it originates.The naija based rapper was born on 2nd november 1992,he’s a student of the Univerity of PH City and as the 1st son in a family of 4,he is bound to become the 1st born of Naija’s rap industry.

I hereby present K-Slym with his debut single titled “Untouchable” with features Frankie Free, Press ► and get mind blown by this young artist,#It’sAllMusicEverything.

[audio:https://www.360nobs.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Kslym-ft-Frankie-free-Untouchable.mp3|titles=Kslym ft Frankie free Untouchable]

Kslym ft Frankie free Untouchable



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