360Debate: Oleku or Superstar …You Choose

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Sometimes a song becomes so HUGE that it seems no other song can come close!

When Ice Prince released “Oleku“, it went from being Just a song to that song you had to play when you needed to jump-start a dying party.

Many were of the opinion that nothing else from the choc boi could be bigger than “Oleku

Now with the release of his new song “Superstar” we want to know; What do you think?

Ice Prince ft Brymo – Oleku vs Ice Prince – Super Star

  Ice Prince ft Brymo - Oleku.mp3 (5.5 MiB, 31,604 hits)

  Ice Prince - Super Star (4.9 MiB, 7,652 hits)



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  1. Left for me to say, Super Star is better ooh…its just that its still new… The same was said of Oleku when it came out and people said things like it wouldn’t be a hit..fast forward 6 months later, almost every dick n’ haRry did a remix…so let’s just watch and see how this one grows on people…..
    Oleku’s beat is slow n mellow while this one is more party n hiphop than Oleku…then the hook is catchy too….then Ice P has this ability of turning a pack Punchlines into Danceable track…good bro…e ‎​no easy…џσu don did it again…

  2. I think all Superstar will do is bask in the shadow of Oleku’s success. Just another song from Mr. Oleku. I don’t see Ice Prince becoming Mr. Superstar. We’d see what happens with time tho.

  3. Both are great songs but should not or cannot be compared in my opinion. Do they not belong to different genres? Point is Ice Prince is good, he’s got talent and can move a crowd.

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