360Date With Gbemi, Rhecks and Toolz

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Our very 1st 360 DateBanky W was a success…Chidinma will testify…


For our next 360Date, we present Gbemi, Oreka and Toolz…the beautiful ladies of the Beat 99.9 FM!!!

Lagos loves them, 360NoBS loves them, YOU love them and now 3 lucky 360nobs readers will each get the opportunity to go on an expense paid lunch date with any of the lovely ladies.

Y’all heard us …not 1, not 2 but 3! Yes, 3 lucky fans are about to wine and dine with 3 of the loveliest ladies to ever grace Nigerian radio.

All you have to do is leave a comment for the lady who you want to get picked by, telling her why you should be that lucky one; luckily, 360noBS has made it easier by providing videos of what each lady wants to see in your comments.

Gbemi’s advice:

Oreka’s advice:

Toolz’ advice:

To become one of the ladies’ lucky companion, here are the rules to play by:

  • Leave only 1 comment stating why either Gbemi, Oreka or Toolz should choose you as her date. Please do not forget to include the lady’s name whom your comment is addressed to *multiple entries for the same lady mean instant disqualification*
  • Keep it as creative and interesting as possible. *No use of foul or dirty language* Keep it PG
  • Use a valid email address in the email address column of the comment box *do not include your email & phone details (Not even BB PIN sef!) in your comment*
  • As much as possible, try to refrain from lobbying/influencing the decision on their  Twitter pages and other Social Media websites
  • The competition is open to everyone in Lagos
  • For those outside Lagos who wish to compete, you will have to arrange how to get to Lagos on your own if chosen.
  • Commenting is open from now till 11:59pm on Friday. *any comments after that will not be valid *

The ladies, themselves will go through all comments and decide on who they each would like to go on a date with and then the 360nobs team will contact the lucky winners via email to make all the necessary arrangements.

What are y’all waiting for??? Get to commenting 😀

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Our team consists of a mix of the GOOD, the NAUGHTY and the most BEAUTIFUL people, just the way YOU want it served. We always have something to say whichever way you look at it. Appreciate us, Love us, Hate us (NOT) we are bound to crack you up whichever way.


  1. Toolz,pls pic me as your date for i have been longing to meet you since i 1st heard your voice on radio(even though i didnt realize that you were as lovly as your voice sounds)…You are my ideal kinda lady,i think or dream about you every now and then…i wish for nothing more right now than to be your date(if only u would pick me)…I absolutely love everything about u…takia & keep up the good work.

  2. Ok..this is the deal…am sure me and Rhecks would connect more, she like what i like, she doesn’t discriminate..But Toolz…is just so sultry…i think i would be fantasazing about the whole time…and Gbemi ..she’s like someone u can call for a serious discussion……So rhecks…so natural and all..Lets go on this date..

  3. Hi Rhecks, i would really luv you to pick me because i hear your voice every morning, i visit the beatfm website regularly just to see your pretty face, your are an intellectual and i know i will gain alot from you when we meet, you always sound very excited on the radio and finally your humility inpires me to also be down to earth. Thanks Oreka Godis.

  4. Hahahaha whoever imagined this did a lovely job. My choice would be Gbemi,reason is simple,I would really like to sit down over dinner and understand Gbemis strong opinion on issues.I like her and my objections are better Shared in person. Gbemi talks tough on love life and wickedness. GooD job 360 guys. Hahahahah. Bye.

  5. Ok I choose Gbemi. Rhecks sounds good but I feel she’s a loose cannon,I imagine her angry and trust me I don’t wanna be there,Rhecks seem to attend all parties and knows the best dress for all occassion hahahaha I don’t understand how she makes it to work after clubbing daily. Good girl,good voice but she might rheck me. Toolz…I like her but I think she has all the attention and it makes it difficult to engage her,she’s pretty too but most pple focus on her hips and I feel that’s not fair,dinner with toolz would be nice but that’s if she don’t get distracted by fans or guys looking at her body.I wish I could sit with toolz her the real tolu speak on other issues apart from gym,hunger and gym instructor.Gbemi…trust me gbemi has opinion like I said b4,she shoulds abit out of place in showbiz,deep pretty nigerian lady,sometimes she acts up but I love a lady with views that contradict everybodys view…so why should Gbemi choose me? I want to understand….her seeming grudge with certain life issues. Her idea of a sane woman and where do we draw the line in trying to achieve objectives.I really want to understand. Hahahahahah All the best ladies. 360 get people to bid for Olisa…

  6. Toolz..U shud pick me..Cos I find u Ravishing nd we wud both enjoy “joie de vivre” (the joy of living) even if tz for a couple of hrs cos “Cogito verendus ergo sum” (‎​I think I’m awesome therefore I am)..lool..hollllaaa!!!!!

  7. wow!!!!…..rhecks i’m luvin those cute chicks>>>>u drivin ne nuts alredy…u gonna be my date <<>>

  8. Would love to go out on a date with the lovely gbemi cos she has a personality that makes a man wan to salivate. Not just for fun, but for A once in a lifetime opportunity. Lol

  9. Hey toolz, i would really luv you to pick me because i hear your voice on the midday show every week days, i visit the beatfm website regularly just to see your pretty face, your are an intellectual person and i know you will also gain alot from me because i know u love the fact that anythin can happen in lagos like the day somebody tried to sell monkey for you in traffic, so will really show u a whole lot of funky things in lasgidi. you always sound very excited on the radio and finally your humility inpires me to also be down to earth. thanks

  10. Hi..wow,this is interesting.I’d pick Toolz anyday cos she represents everything I like in a lady..humour,good looks and she’s an outgoing person who loves to have fun..we’d connect instantly cos we share the same views to life..and dayum I’d listen to that voice all day..I listen to ur show erryday but I’m not a contributory listener :p cos I find it weird textin radio stations..but I’ve been longing for the day that I’d hang wit Toooolz..git at me mama..holaaaaa!!!

  11. Id love to dine wit toolz,she has dis very unique voice which i’ve always admired,she is superb in wat she is doing,i love everything bout her,beauty? she got it,would really love to share a golden moment wit her if i’m opportuned

  12. dis is to Toolz. I am d only one who can make ”we dey vex record blow up” U beta grab me bcos mohits and chocolate city are painfully begging to get my signature. Yels. Holla at ur boy.

  13. Neva in my lyf av i eva tot i’lld eva av d chance 2 go on a date wif u,bt nw d@ d chance hz presented itselv 10qz 2 baba God.Firstly i wnt 2 tell u dat ure such a beatiful nd intelligent on air presenter nd i respect u 4 dat,u make my day anytym i listn 2 ur angelic voice,witout missing wrds i can ritely say i luv u.Take care hornie.

  14. Hi toolz. I ll like to go out on a date with you, coz i av never been awt on a date before, and i think we‘ll make a perfect date. I want u to be my first date , dat if you don‘t mind.

  15. This is great!! Very tough one, but I would love to date you Toolz! There are so many aspects to your personality that I love, you are funny, sweet and very passionate – an amazing combination. You are beautiful in and out (I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how hot you are)…
    About me, I’ve got an awesome sense of humour, I’m tall, handsome (lol)…the rest, you’ll have to find out on our date my lady!

  16. hhhhhhmmmmmnnnn….just a wish…toolz all the way-this is an opportunity to unmask my radio and see d face behind it and also know the being who has the voice and carry that voice…it will also be an opportunity to have a date with a mature lady who can share d experince of with me,that I can learn from….its an opportunity that is rare in our part of d world

  17. I would like to on that date with Gbemi…why she should choose me is because,i met her once when i was quite young but didnt really know who she was then.. Her mom used to be my mentor,she paid my waec fees,and contributed a whole lot in making me who i am today. I want an opportunity to say… THANK YOU!

  18. Wow!iwould really like to go out on a date with you toolz,why?because you are amazing just the way you are,very beautiFull and you are one of my mentors.
    I would be very delighted to go out on a date with you,because going on a date with you brings bring me closer to the actualisation of my dreams.
    I promise to rock your world.

  19. Gbemi, kindly go on a date with me and i’d gladly foot the bill. 360nobs can donate the money to charity. You see, i listen to you on the radio when driving back home from work and ur sense of humour is what gets to me…forget about the serious personae you try to put up. something tells me you’re a freak underneath the facade (when i say freak,don’t think dirty).I’m not a writer and i can’t spill out poetic lyrics up in here..but believe me; we have a thing going on (yeah, u don’t know it yet)
    Take a chance and find out what i mean.
    Yours most sincerly

  20. rhecks: you sound really crazy and exciting on the radio wonder if you can match it , one on one.So i would prefer a date with you after beyonce.

  21. Oreka, a date with you should be in Pluto cos presently the earth is too hurt for a feast with a goddess. And I want you to chose me so I can watch your rich smiles linger all through the looks that you will cast upon me even in my mute moments. Hope u remember “danger mouse” as you speak of voltron. LOL. Until then, I remain unwritten on violet hills.

  22. Oreka, Am one of the people who likes the why of things, a technology addict and ambitious entrepreneur. Am highly endowed to let you into some of the funniest stuffs Nigerian tech space or I maybe teaching you some Salsa moves. This one-night stand with me will be a moment to cherish for life.

  23. Being social is a key to making fair relationship with people wherever we are. I long to be with someone of this awesome quality (i.e, Oreka). Wanna be the chose one.thanks in advance

  24. I will like to go on a date with Gbemi, I do not know why but there is something that always impress me whether I listened to her on the air. She is so unique and altrustic in the manner she present on the air.
    I have never met her before but to meet now if, by the grace of God, possible will make me to be filled awe of getting to know more of her.
    How lovely and precious will it be meeting Gbemi. I feel like am flying over the moon, according to Dr. Sid. But let tell you something, I love writing and most espcially about people, may if you pick me for a date I will have the opportunity of writing about you.
    Gbemi, you are an icon to everybody, take it or you leave it.
    Hope to know your mind, Gbemi.

  25. If I could I’d prefer all three of them. Tough choice but got to go with one. I’d take Gbemi. Pardon my choice of word. Really wanna know what it feels like to go on a date with someone I hear over an unseen medium, get to know how it feels when you run out of words anchoring a show and the responses you get from listeners. If I could achieve this, it would validate my curiousity. I’ll keep that (curiousity) to myself till I get chosen.

  26. I don’t think I deserve to be on this but hey, its equal oppurtunity for every guy.. Ladies of the Beat that makes our Hearts Skip, I love all your shows and I listen everyday to the beat but HA̶̲̥̅√ε̲̣̣̣̥ never been on ‎​A̶̲̥̅ date §o I would really like to be picked..

  27. I would like to see and chat with Tolu (Tools) because whenever I see her picture I wonder can a woman look like this? If you ask me the meaning of perfection or the definition of beauty I will simply say go check Toolz out. It would really be a honor to be in the presence of such a woman if for just one minute. It would simply be an unforgettable time for me.

  28. i think this whole thing is funny cause lets be truthful_ do you know how many guys would want to take you ladies out and maybe even take you home to mama?? well that aside i think all you ladies are beautiful, intelligent women. unfortunately i cant have a date with all three of you(which is seriously not a bad idea) so I’ll have to say oreka cause I’ve seen her around and i think she’s sweet and sexy.
    p.s_ what she said about cartoons is just a clincher_ who would have guessed?? God bless cartoon network, God bless nob360 and God bless the mother who gave birth to you girl, cause she did a real good job. AND THAT’S ALL FOLKS!!

  29. Em I go for rhecks she’s simple and natural.she’s my definiton of an african mcbeal.I love her poise and natural aura.She makes radio appealing to the ears and yes oreka Godis is my dream date.

  30. hello rhecks…would you give me the opportunity to go on a date with you because that has always been my fantasy, and i really hope you make it a reality for me….your voice on the morning rush with olisa really aids me through traffic….and also, i would love to hear you say “OKPOROKO”…..lolz.have a nice day!!!!

  31. toolz, you should pick me cos we both love rick ross,ribena, and we are not sure if jaffa cake is an actual cake or biscuit 🙂 I just think it would be fun hanging out. oh did i mention, you are on the list of the top 10 people i’ll like to meet b4 i die. thanks and see you soon? 😉

  32. first i’ll like 2 say that they r indeed 3 of the loveliest ladies to ever grace Nigerian radio. My pick would be Toolz, i find her very interesting plus she’s gorgeous and d reason i think i should be picked is that i’m a bit of quiet person but am very funny plus i’ve got a gr8 sense of humour, i think she’ll find me interesting 😉

  33. Oreka Goddis pick me though very shy I might not say too much on the date cos am very shy. I like you and want to meet you. Simple. By the way I don’t drink or smoke

  34. Rhecks!!! Pick me pick me!! *waving hysterically* lol. No reason really just a shy fan who might just become your “bestest” friend everrrr.xx

  35. Oreka i wanna go on a date with you because i love that your janded accent. Im a nerd that studies maths and wears glasses. and my favourite channel is Disney channel, but honestly i prefer the older cartoons like rugrats, captain planet, jetson and flinstones. i also have aspirations to become Lagos’ biggest female DJ. in terms of history, did u know that in the 19th century the thames froze over and was turned into an ice rink one winter?

  36. OMG!why didn’t u guys do dis 1 month ago when i was still in Naija?I have no doubt that i would have gone on that date.Damn!Anyway,all 3 ladies are out of this earth.i wonder what planet they all came from coz they’re all extraterrestrialy awesome.I admire Gbemi’s pure African beauty and strong stance on issues.highly intellectual.Rhecks oozes poise and humour.Toolz would be my ideal pick.Why?coz her voice is like cryptonite to me.And i think she got all the above.Im in Atlanta right now but if u guys pick me i’ll charter a private jet(i wish) and fly down to lasgidi and have a nice time with my date.lol.

  37. Hi Oreka I don’t have much to say if only you can accept me to go out on a date with you i promise you will never regret any little/few minutes you will spend with me. I will be happy if am the one you accept hope and looking forward to hear score’s from you Dear.


  38. Big ups to the brains behind this concept it is one of a kind and well thought of idea as our celebs are closer to us.

    Hmm this is a really tough one as all three ladies are beautiful, eloquent and funny and a real joy to listen to during the day. I would like Tolu toolz. She is funny and has a great sense of humour. As well as a little naughty disposition which she let’s out once in a while. I would be extremely honoured if you do pick me for the date. If you don’t its still not going to stop me from listening to your show everyday. Hope this is convincing enough as me I don’t know how to toast very well. Looking forward to actually meeting you.



  39. hi rhecks,i would like or perharps love to be your date ,i admire ur personality love ur shows on the beat 99.9 and i humbly say that am fun to be with and never a dull moment with moi….am the one the choosen one! *wink*

  40. Hi Rhecks, i don’t know what to say that will make you chose me but all am saying is that if am opportuned to be shortlisted i promise you will never regret every moment you will spend with me am hoping and looking forward to hear scores from you.



  42. Dear toolz,I would start by saying that I’m your biggest fan in the whole world and I’d really love to go on a date with you coz whenever I listen to your mid-day show or read your tweets,I say to myself “why can’t I meet this lovely personality” and believe me I have sworn that I would see you before the end of this year and I hope you help make it a reality.I don’t want to bore you with all the long talk but I humbly ask that you take me into serious consideration coz I want to know who Tolu Toolz really is and I’m sure I would be a perfect date.Cheers

  43. would love to go on a date with Rhecks love her wild streak plus i love cartoons, so watch those with her would be really nice. I would gladly go out of ma way to get the complete season of Voltron that’s a collectors edition

  44. @Oreka

    Hola, bueos noches. Como esta?
    (that’s as far as my spanish goes 🙂

    I may not be the perfect example of a nerd (no glasses, buck teeth or drab dressing) but I do like cartoons and if what you’re interested in is a fun date with an intelligent, funny fella then I’m your man.

    If you’re a reader with interests in music, poetry, spoken word, movies and theater, again I’m your man.

    If you have fun bowling, karaokeinig, go-karting and dancing – I’m your man.

    Lastly if you’re as deep as I perceive you are and love to converse and share original thought about life, love and anything else in between, then I’m most definitely the man for you.

    If you choose to come out with me I promise a date you’ll always remember.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


  45. @Rhecks,

    (In Joey Tribianni’s voice) So how u doin’? …No? Oh well, it was worth a shot. Lol
    Rhecks whoever you choose make sure he posseses ‘immense testicular fortitude’ in his swag. LOL. (Cracks me up every time). And what’s that one Oli says? ‘The fukundity of life…’ or something. U really like that one.

    Oh well have fun. We dey vexx in da building;-)!!!



  46. @Rhecks
    If u don’t want Ade, can I have him please? I’ve been looking for him….too bad I had to find him here, in dis manner.

  47. I hope and believe Oreka’s will take me out for a date cos she will really enjoy meeting a guy like me with the swag she want…And i know she will never forget meeting me,the way she talk really suit me,i wont say much until you choose to date me …I am sitting here waiting for your reply….

  48. Hi Rhecks, If I’m ask to say the reason why I wanna have a date with you, I probably be writing a book by now, but in short and simple words, I just want to know you more, who you are and seeing you face-to-face will give me joy and by that You would have made my day…. Thanks and I look forward to meeting you

  49. TOOLZO…I’ll Love To Go On A Date With you.I want to know the personality behind that great sense of humour over the Radio.Besides,it’d be intresting απϑ a worthwhile experience to understand few things about your off Air Ideas,Philosophy,And Principles in General.

  50. Hey toolz,i would luv 2 pick me cuz i lyk ur voice,ur face,ur jokes-even if there nt funny.but i might be yimu-ing(jonzing) cuz i’m only 17,but just say u care

  51.  love toolz 2 be §☺̩̩̥ diffrnt” she might nt be telling U̶̲̥̅̊ d̶̲̥̅̊ whole truth but @ least she Ȋ̝̊̅§ always sincere” d̶̲̥̅̊ 1st day  heard Hǝ̩̩̩̥r voice was §☺̩̩̥ captivating  made ♍ƺ glue to ma ☎ we all know toolz story but yet she never looked down was determined  made W̶̲̥̅̊ђεяε Ȋ̝̊̅§ today* gbemi acts independently  always real but she is α̩̩̩̩̥ bit loose” rhecks has dis voice of whoooa! But just ova doing it”  wld remain Ūя̲̅ nos1 fan’ TooooolzzZzzz

  52. @toolz well ain gonna say much really buh I will like to chat wit u oneday really nooow I don’t no wah to say again :p (shame) but I will deffoo like to chill wit u nd see wah happens really nd p.s ur nice still

  53.  d̶̲̥̅̊U̶̲̥̅̊ϞϞƠ̴̴̴͡ wat Ȋ̝̊̅§ abt you tolu” but  fink U̶̲̥̅̊ make ♍ƺ love Ūя̲̅ program more’ remember those times you had running nose” love d̶̲̥̅̊ way Ūя̲̅ voice sound; Ã♍ nt really into the competition just happy  had tyme to share ma sincere mind to u* Ã♍ α̩̩̩̩̥ lady Ã♍ nt §☺̩̩̥ crazy abt Ūя̲̅ beauty  physic but wat  love most Ȋ̝̊̅§ the you i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ you* Ūя̲̅ wildness Ūя̲̅ freeness Ūя̲̅ motive. Ūя̲̅ always being you…toolz

  54. @rhecks well i don’t av much to say but i believe wen u meet m i will be to ejaculate my internal exigencies to telling u wat u don’t know abt ur self.

  55. First,I have to confess that the three ladies are awesome.They are indeed every man’s dream date because of their beauty and brains.But since am on the spot,I will have to go on a date with Her Royal Majesty,Gbemi.I have been an ardent follower of Gbemi way back while she was with cool fm.She anchored the mid-day oasis and I must confess she did a good job of the show.My favourite part of the show was grafitti,where you say anything crazy in one minute.Gbemi is a diva who is well spoken,beautiful,intelligent and natural.I would really love to sit in front of her and God help me so I don’t melt.But in all fairness she handles her program with so much swag that I wonder what it would be like being with her live.Gbemi is a source of inspiration on radio and I never miss her drive time show on the beat fm.I love the way she smile especially when Toolz is handing over to her on radio.They talk about different issues,sharing jokes in-between and it’s so natural when she smiles.I would really appreciate you picking me for a date with you Gbemi so I can learn so much from you.I love your diction and would like to know the secrets behind your personality.Finally,those beautiful bright eyes of yours…I want to behold them.You rock Gbemi and you truly rock my world.

  56. Hi Toolz. I really want u to be my date bcos ure so amazing. I love everything about u especially ur voice. Gives me goose pimples **bbm covered face**. Ure charming and u bless people with ur voice on radio. Pls be mine. Plssssss

  57. Hi Gbemi, I would like you to pick me as your date. Why? Because I love your personality, I love your opinion on issues, you say things cos you’re not afraid but bcos u’re bold and intelligent, and I believe some are from personal experience.
    As a young lady, I would like to be like you, cos I want to be bold and confident whenver I speak to people.
    Whether I win or not, I’all always be grateful for this opportunity. Stay blessed

  58. Hi Tolz. No doubt, a lot of people want to ride with you in the Limo, but what you want is someone who will take the Bus with you when the Limo breaks down. No doubt u’re d one beating beat dat make every1 want 2 listenig to THE BEAT FM. The way u talk as if u’ve been doing d talking when u’re in ur mother’s womb. No doubt Lady Gaga shud dedicate d track ‘Born dis way’ to u. Can’t wait 2 wine and dine wit u cos i knw it will be one of d gr8 moment of our life… Thanks 4 endorsing me as d lucky dude 2 hav a date wit d Queen!!!

  59. This is for Gbemi! #TeamTayo4Gbemi Yep! I’m here to lobby. *wink* 5 Reasons Gbemi shud pick Tayo aka TeeonAir 1. As far as Crazy Stalker fans go; Tayo is at no1 when it comes to you. 2. He absolutely adores u, he/I fink u’re one of Nigeria’s bestest OAP…u do ur job so effortlessly 3. Tayo is a really decent chap, he’s witty, clever and is gna make u laugh all thru d date 4. Tayo is hoping to pursue a career in Radio and it wud be out of dis world for him to go on a date wiv u..seeing as u’re Gbemi(and we’ve been stalking u since Radio Grafitti) 5. This is the most important reason, due to d rules one person can only put up a single comment…I’ve never met Oreka and I wud’ve loved to but I knw Tayo really wants to go on dis date wiv u and I want his happiness cos he’s a really good friend. Pls Pick Tayp Adelekan(Teeonair). Thank you Gbemi!

  60. hi toolz dearie,
    lets have this date pretty, i know some good restuarant we can have a good time, have taste meals like jollof-beans with kpomo served with hot okro soup, parle soda or Tandi will be a perfect drink well if after every if you do not like the combo u can use JEDI to clear the effect but i trust them you will like the meal. dont tell gbemi and rhecks ooo.

  61. @Rhecks
    Would be very happy if i’m picked to go on this date with you. i have always wanted to meet you or even get a chance to ask you for a date but i guess this might just be the chance. if i dont get picked then i’ll be dissapointed but will try again. we would hav loads of fun and u will want a second date.

  62. Well i love everyone on the beat fm but I would realy love to meet Tolu Toolzo,cause that her voice can make an habilist repent and Toolz you realy should pick me and if you dnt well God go judge o and if God judge finish i go do my own judgement sef ,i go make sure say i spoil your car tyre if i see you for road o!(jkz) well im pretty sure if you pick me you’ll never forget this date cause you’re gonna have fun and realy therez nothing i can say that other guyz hvnt said, abi i lie? Lol and i love the beat!! You guyz Rock abeg keep it up lv y’all at the beat99.9..

  63. Hi Rheckz i would realy lv it if im picked ,cause you have got a very cachy voice and i cnt wait to see the face that has that voice ,there’s nothing i’ll say that other guyz hvnt said already just pick me and if you dnt well i’ll pick you and if you refuse me well God go catch you and just remember one day one day o well make i no talk….lotz of love to the beat family…

  64. Toolz,plz pick me bcz I bliv spending a alittlebit of time with a Radio personality like you would boost to my C.V and Dj career,and even create an atmosphere for me to ask and know more about the secret of broadcasting.

  65. Really am not looking forward to a date or anything coz am just 18 but i would really love to know Rhecks better…dere are so many things i love about her especially her voice, her assent and her sense of humor. I would just love to be her friend( platonic). would love it if she could email me back. Cheers :-*

  66. Bhahaha… Nawahoooo, see plenty men wey wan wine and dine with babes.. LMFAO… Such a jonzin’ world.

  67. Saying i want to go on a date really really sounds like this is a lesbian hook up but hey i’ll keep an open mind.My pick would be Gbemi. Gbemi possesses an attitude that one might somewhat call snobbish but up close I believe you are a charming and intelligent individual. Years ago you left an impression and I would want to hope you haven’t changed from the bubbly babe I met years ago visiting my friend Laitan who was serving at NTA. It might sound funny but as someone thinking of working in the media (radio precisely) I see you as a mentor and believe while having fun on this “DATE” I would also learn a few tips from you. YOU ROCK o jare Gbemi! Nuff said

  68. Hello Gbemi, I would really love to go on a date with you because I am an ardent fan of yours. i am @TEEONAIR on Twitter and I have listened to you since yours at Cool FM and I was a great fan of RADIO GRAFFITI.

    I want to be on Radio and I would be more than glad to have a deep conversation with you on how to be an effective Broadcaster in Future, to understand the Pro’s and Con’s.

    I am always awed by your vieWS on Radio and you I love to have a conversation with intelligebt ladies. An argument with a brilliant Lady keeps me invigorated.

    While on the date, I promise that there would be no dull moment. I think you are one of the best Broadcasters in Nigeria and you inspire me a lot.

    I would forever cherish that moment I get to meet you.
    And if you can remember clearly, I said to you on Twitter that I would dedicate my first award as “O.A.P of the Year” to you because u”ve kept me inspired over the years.

    I have learnt a lot from you over the years.

    Irrespective of your decision, I would always cherish your impact and one day, I will get to meet you. Thank you and God bless.

  69. Hi,

    I’m gonna be honest,was walking past my colleagues system when i saw the date steeze,all three ladies are beautiful but i can only request for a date with one. Orheks i liked the stuff u said and i could relate to them coz i know all there is about animals(well almost all there is),luv cartoons and yeah i ve a good sense of humour if i say so myself.Not a nerd but i’m sound. ola at your boi!!

  70. I was electrified when i heard of such an opportunity to meet with RHECKS (on a date). Wow, how i’d love to. See eh, if u choose me rhecks, chai(i’ll let u find out when u choose me). My vain and livers are galvanized and enchanted every morning by ur voice. Think bout it, ur conviviality nd my gregarious self.

  71. 77 comments, Wow! im No 78 and going by stat i have a 1/77 chance of meeting u. Damn im out!! Like “Toolz” though.

  72. Yeah i know you are a radio personality(Someone behind me just keeps repeating that to my ears <<> 🙂 )
    @Toolz please let me take you out on a date (Someone behind me “You take Toolz out u’re not serious” <<>> )!!
    And In-case i don’t get to go on a date with you please hit on the reply with an emotion ” :)” a simple “Toolz” smile will do a whole lot ! Thanks

  73. @Toolz listen to you all the time,you have a good taste in music(Hiphop)and you cannot resist small chops.These are stuff i can relate to and it will make our date more interesting.

  74. @Toolz……I’m guessing this next entry is gonna disqualify me but, what tha heck? I’ve failed exams for this same reason, I just read the questions then rush to answer ignoring the instructions. I just saw your video clip and I read the rules after posting my previous comment. *SMH* @myself. I won’t start telling you what I like about you cause all I know about u is the voice I hear on radio and apparently you’ve got a sense of humour, assuming you all your lines are spontaneous. I’m also assuming you’re interesting cos you said you’re looking for the same quality so that’s another point for you. I’ve got a lot more to say to you but now I feel like I’m writing an essay to get a job so I’ll leave the rest for the date and try not to be too sarcastic when we meet(another thing I sensed about u, how I got that from a voice on the radio still beats me). Well……I’m still wondering what all the fuss is about and I still want to find out. Cheers

  75. Gbemi… hnmm where will i start from? firstly will say i respect you so much as a person, i love your voice cos that was what drove me to liking you in the first instance,the way you fake stammer “em em”… i love the fact that you always make sense when it comes to men and women issue i.e dating… i remember a fateful wednesday on vent when a lady sent a text and said “my boyfriend got me angry because he didn’t give me money” and you replied “your boyfriend is not your father why should he give you money,he is not responsible for your upkeep”… you sure rock and you know how to keep it locked with suspense when it comes down to the 411,you are an insiration and may God continue to strengthen you. i want to go on that that with you,i want to know what drive you and have a girl chit chat with you.

  76. Hey Toolz,
    Soo, ‘m Hia Writin’ Dis Comment (Mre Lyk A Leta Or Proposal Rily) Agst D Advice Of Ma Female Colig (Hu Fils She Has A Ryt 2 Kno N Dcide Evryfin Abt Me Lyf Cos We Share A Workstation!) N Lil’ Doubts I Av; Hnce, D Pseudoname Whch I Picked Frm Home Alone; D Muvi(s) N Used Whyl In High Skool, Tryna Get U 2 Pic Me *Index Finger Up N Jumpin’* 4 Ds D8.
    I’m Pafectly Healthy, No Hstory Of Mental Ilnes In Me Familia (Jst Malaria Atyms; W/Africa’s Endemic) – Basicaly, U Wudn’t B Pickn’ A Psycho If U Choose Me (N Dre Rily Wudn’t B A Nid 2 Ask 1 Of Ur Frnds 2, U Kno..)
    Buh (Yh, Dre’s A But) ‘m A Fanatical Fan Hu Totally…..U.,Ds’s Cos Listenin’ 2 D Radio’s Bcum Part Of Me, U Kno, Growin’ Up In A Northern Backgrnd *Hands 2 Ear Lyk An Aboki Wif A Transistor Radio* + ’twas D Only Way I Cud Listen In On Adult Stuv N Nt Get Chased Away. Fast 4ward A Few Years, I Dscovaed Women In Al Deir Glory *sighs*, U Kno, Nt Dose Frm Ma Famille, N D Radio Ws Ome 2 A Unique Breed; Dose Wilin’ 2 Talk N Dscus Anyfin, Wif A Certain Abandon Witout U (Me) Avin’ 2 Talk Bac N Didn’t Dey Av D Switest (She Shudn’t Catch Me!) Voices Eva?.An Addict Ws Born!(Aldoe D Radio Stil Ranks 2nd 2 Choco Milo On Me List Of..)
    Sha Pic Moi…Please? ‘m Sure ‘ve Xcided D No Of Wrds Or Sumtin 4 Ds, N Bginin’ 2 Bore U. Am I? Yes?No? Wel, Hia’s ‘Ur’ Chnce 2 Tel Me In Person.
    Ur Biggest Fan,
    P.S U Wud Want To Hear Ow I ‘007’ed N Almst Saw U Nt 1ce Buh 2ce @ D Beat Fm Studios. I Also Used 2 Tnk; I Want 2 B Lyk Anonymous Wen I Grow Up, Afta Readn Al Dose Rily Gud Poems Whch Wre Penned Anonymous As A Child…

  77. @gbemi : you can make any man gbagaun!, it’d take a lot of will power not to gbagaun near you/with you

    @oreka : do you like Ben 10?, did you know that diamler (makers of mercedes benz) made the engines for the planes of the luftwaffe during WWII

    @toolz : ermmmm,ermmm…speechless

    @all : who would like to see a movie and grab some lunch,nothing spectacular

  78. Hello GBemi i dont know you, rather do i know Adetayo @TEEONAIR, but from his write up i believe he is the Only one that qualify to go on a date with you for now, from his write up i think he has a strong Passion for you and your style… Please pick him… Am really sorry but I think he is the only one dat deserve to go on a date with you.

  79. Rhecks my freind here is shy let me help him,*listening to him whisper* ok ok he says he can get u all the okporoko u want…fair enuf?

  80. Opened this page, clicked play on all 3 videos, muted… waited for the first one to finish… i dont really listen to radio so i dont know your personalities…
    Gbemi first, she looks like fun, would definetely enjoy a chat with her, Toolz is beautiful, curves? wow!…
    and Rhecks opened last, i just loved her as soon as i heard her speak..
    im not a nerd per se but i’m dating one and i know what you mean… he says the random-est things…

    “I like that I can text my bank & they will text me back my balance. I could do without the “LOL” at the end of it though”
    “I think Lady Gaga just puts glue on herself and rolls around in random items”
    ” one of the highlights of my childhood was talking into the fan to hear my robot voice…”

    “When I was little I used to close the fridge door really slowly to catch the man that turned the light off”

    I just asked him to tell me something random and he gave me those(unfortunately they have nothing to do with history…lol)… And cartoons? he is 28 by the way but he loves his cartoons and computer games! i feel like i’m pimping out my boyfriend to you for this date, ok… i’m gna shut up now… 😀

  81. @ Toolz, my friend says u sound lyk someone who’s too descent to fart talkless of defecating.
    Am betting against dt, & I would luv a chance to prove my friend wrong.

  82. @ Oreka
    Ok so I like to think I have some creativity in me, so I wrote this for you:
    God, has made you into a godess, because he is..

    On our lunch date you’ll be my treat, and I know I won’t miss a Beat…

    I’d bring doughnuts, but i don’t want to cheat them in Lagos..

    It took nothing more than a smile, to have me dropping ryhmes.. like I am on some def comedy ish.

    So Rhecks don’t fret, expect great.. conversations and a camera. Fin*

  83. wait im in usa.. travelocity.com i just got a ticket and its not until july cos yea i gotta work 1. 2. seeing as imma be in nigeria sometime in july/august can the date wait 4 me?? 3. im a member of the oldest black greek lettered organization in usa.. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. i got alot of history to share.. lol yea.. yea… yea… *slowly hits the dougie then transitions to that cat daddy!!*
    bao im out.. Oreka Goddess

  84. Hey Ms Toolzo

    It made me smile when I thought about us on a date. Im the outspoken type and a good listener. I admire your sense of fashion (seen a couple of ur pics), music and sport (soccer). I know you love to talk and listen to music..hon..we gon make it interactive.

    I’m probably gon b the last to post on this Thread. But that doesn’t undermine my wish to hangout with you. Cheers !

  85. Seeing as i’m 2 mins away from deadline, what can I say sef…..Nothing funny to say just that I am an avid listener and enjoy all ur shows, though I’m partial to Gbemi cos of the length of time I have been listening to her. Oh well, just rambling sha………

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