Video Premiere: Waje ft Muna – So Inspired

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Waje‘s “So Inspired” video was initially scheduled to drop online on 04/04/2011 but since it broke on TV on Tuesday, Waje’s fan mail has exploded with messages from fans asking for video to be released online so that they can keep watching it to their heart’s content. And Waje made the decision to break protocol saying “why wait?


WAJE the fiery songbird, in late 2010 dropped a double single CD carrying her smooth R&B buzz single “For A Minute” and “So Inspired” featuring feMCee Muna.

For a minute” got massive rotation and rave reviews on TV, radio and internet platforms and was well received by music fans across the continent.

The follow up single “So Inspired” an up-tempo tune laced by producer E-Kelly is receiving heavy airplay on major radio stations in Nigeria.

The video for “So Inspired” broke on international TV platforms MTV Base and SoundCity on Tuesday and since then fans have been nothing short of delighted.

WAJE’s purpose on the joint is to inspire young people, females especially to continuously aspire for greatness regardless of the drawbacks in their environment and life in general.

In the video WAJE connects with the oppressed woman, as she plays the role of a distressed and abused female who wouldn’t give up on herself. Hopefully more women will feel empowered after watching the video.

Pictures were shot and directed by ace videographer Clarence Peters in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Currently WAJE along with other major artistes is on a tour with the Youngsters Organization in conjunction with IRI and USAID to encourage youths to exercise their rights to vote.

WAJE continues to perform all across Nigeria spreading her message of love and courage at the same time tidying up production of her long anticipated first album “W.A.J.E” (Words Aren’t Just Enough) which is intended to drop this June.

The video for “So Inspired” features Muna & DJ Waxxy who plays the role of her violent husband. Good acting and I love the make-up and wardrobe.

Yup! Get familiar!

Waje ft Muna – So Inspired


  Waje ft Muna - So Inspired (4.5 MiB, 1,796 hits)



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  1. nice video…..muna is a fantastic rapper…i love her attitude…she reminds me of Eve from Ruff ryders…vewy pweety lady…nice one

  2. Great video, beautiful concept rily inspiring for abused women. Wardrobe…feisty!! All round 10/10. Thumbs up Waje, u doin d ladies proud.

  3. This isn’t directed at this video in particular, but rather at the practise in general.

    As a layman I would like to know why Nigerian artists, with a Nigerian director (who has shot many decent videos in Nigeria) have to go to South Africa to shoot videos?

    Is it that we still don’t have the right equipment or maybe it’s for DJ Waxxy’s cameo?

    Somebody, pray tell.

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