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Being the shoe addict that I am, I have decided to give you my awesome and fashionably conscious readers the hottest trends in “SHOES” for this season.

With lots of legs this season, women are going to need a shoe that helps shape the legs and butt while still being walkable.

And, in addition to outrageous fashion trends like hot pants, strong shoulders and heavy print leggings, its no wonder that shoes this season are going to complement all of that with a bit of subtlety.

Amongst the varied selection of heels are lower footwear styles such as BROGUES which are also called OXFORDS, KITTEN HEELS, and also the ever sexy BALLET flats and not forgetting the not so low but leveled sole – the WEDGES and the varied height wooden sole – CLOGS.

KITTEN heels are back on the prowl this season and especially for those of you who refuse to bow to the 4inches and more sky high heels but feel so dowdy in flats, the kitten heels gives just enough height to flatter an outfit and give those amazing legs of yours an appropriate lift. They are not usually more than 1.5inches and are as pretty as they come. In round and pointy tipped, fabric or leather, metallic or duo tone, slingback or fully covered, the looks are endless and you’re sure to find the one to suit your lifestyle and wardrobe alike.

BROGUES or OXFORDS as you may know them have been around for a few seasons now, but now there are new spins on the smart casual(that’s the special beauty they have) shoe. Its not necessarily for brave-hearts either, you have to wear this look with such laissez-faire attitude (Its all about how confident you are in your style). Perfect for stomping the streets with. There are different styles to choose from – either in the traditional brogues(with the dots) or in fabric(another option to sneakers) or with rubber soles(Dr Martens, anyone?). Speaking of Dr Martens – they are now more accessible(less goth) or any oxford looking lace ups would also do.  They also add a touch of masculinity to spring/summer’s delicate fabric, frills and ruffles.  Its all about counter-balancing masculine and feminine shapes. Get your Janelle Monae on(she is the inspiration for this look only if you are wearing full on the boy meets girl look of course).

Female Brogues

Male Female

BALLET flats  and sandals have never been sexier this season moving from the Gladiator inspired ones from last season and before. Lolita-inspired flats are the perfect medicine of sweetness for sexy spring pieces like tap pants and boy shorts. These vintage-style beauties add a bit of innocence to an otherwise femme fatale look. They come in all sorts of variations – fabric, pointy toed, round toed, with bow, with sequins, with dots, with cut outs, in metallic, patent, animal print, rubber(eco -friendly warriors and ahem, rainy season in Nigeria),..whew..the list is endless – just choose the one that says YOU.

This season's shoe trend

My advice: grab as many pairs of flats you set your eyes and hands on and of course your purse can spare, and they will never ever let you down. Wink!!!

WEDGES are back, and are perfect with this season’s head scarves and turbans and 70s inspired looks. They give a you a great wiggle when you walk and make your legs go on forever – just don’t topple over.  Be as adventurous as you want to be with your WEDGES as long as you have the guts to wear them. They come in all sorts of coverings – just go with your heart and soul, plus they are great conversational pieces with guys especially(they’ll wonder how you walk in Peepholes are also a great look for wedges and can make them less edgy and add a feminine feel.

Wedges Shoes 2011

CLOGS ARE BACK!!!!! I mean, they are somewhat more beautifully refined than they used to be.


Ok….that’s it!!! Get cracking with the shoe shopping ladies and lets show the ground we walk on what we are made of!!

PS: And did you know that you can get TOE CLEAVAGE AS WELL from wearing certain shoe styles?




Maryanne Alabi, popularly known as Mayreejay is a wardrobe consultant, CEO of her self named company "Maryanne Alabi". Deputy editor for Bloke mag, contributing Fashion editor for Y!Mag. Fierce lover of and everything Glamorous!! Follow me on twitter @mayreejay for fab fashion updates.


  1. As always, Mayreejay spells it out! However, I’d like to add that shoes are like people, just cause something is trending, it isn’t necessarily for you..*slips on the newest shoes in town*..and with that said; carry on!

  2. Toe cleavage…hahaha. Nice write up gal! Now I know what those “weird shoes” are called.I’ve always liken women shoes to advanced calculus anyway! All join!

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