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What’s up with people and manners?  Is the world going insane already, its rather too early for the apocalypse, Nigeria hasn’t launched it satellites and we still don’t have 24 hours light.

Growing up, I was told it was necessary to be well behaved, you didn’t have to be from a rich home, it was just the norm for you to be well behaved because believe it or not back then Nigerians still observed good manners and etiquette.

The rich, the poor the educated, the semi illiterate, all pedigree of Nigerians, but flash forward to 2011 and simple courtesy and etiquette is out the door, everywhere you go, banks, telecommunication companies, hospitals, even hotels, I don’t know whether people just went to bed woke up and lost all sense of courtesy, I mean courtesy is give and take, you don’t expect to receive unless you give.

A simple excuse me, I’m sorry, Could you please come again?, Patiently waiting your turn while on a queue(you’re not the only one in a rush you know) shouldn’t be that difficult, some people don’t even know the jobs they’re in are the epitome of courtesy, most especially receptionists and call centre operatives, I see some of you nodding your heads like yes those people can be so rude, but so are you, yes you, no, not the guy behind you, but YOU.

Some people think because of the borrowed money they have, etiquette is for the little man, and not for them.

Seriously who gives you the right to go about badgering people because you are the boss’s second cousin, I mean if you had a little common sense which I know is like electricity in Nigeria, you would know everybody needs to be treated with some respect, it makes life easier and reduces the insanity on our streets today. So, if you know your guilty of this and would like to change, then jump in front of a moving bus, the shock should jolt you to normalcy, if it doesn’t we’ll be better off without you.

On a more serious note, I broke three ribs, a collar bone and dislocated my tibia just to ensure my jumping theory worked. I can confidently say no guarantees there!



Who am I? Simply put I’m N.O.T or simpler still NUTS. I love life - the ups, the downs, the merry go rounds, but most of all I love that babe that carried me for nine months ... She’s my inspiration, my role model. I can kill for music & I’ve seen enough movies to tell u the end; I love women & hanging out especially with my peoples. On that note enjoy my articles; sometimes it’ll be funny, sometimes long & annoying but most times it’ll just be nutty.


  1. lol
    I like it!
    seriously Nigerians are becoming more like Americans
    “A set of Narcissistic people”

  2. Seriously! Its really sad in hospitals! We all need to do our part and stop this idea of in my office u wd stoop!

  3. Not a bad read!
    Truly nigerians need to regain their manners…but I think people are just too hungry in lagos especially to remember to be civil to other peeps!

  4. Amazing read and very true! U took d words right out of my mouth! Nigerians like copying and excelling in d negative. Let’s get back to d basics

  5. Hmmm… Its annoyingly true.. We all have a share of the blame but this sounds a lil personal..lol.. Please forgive the individual
    Btw the common sense and electricity metaphor is rib cracking!

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