New Heat: Terry G – Akpako Master

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Just when you thought that the Month of the Mad Hatter and March Hare couldn’t get any madder, Terry “Da Hitman” G drops us some heat for the streets. It’s said to be off his upcoming Mixtape.

This is something that will definitely end up on most DJs’ spin-lists.

Yup! Get familiar!

Terry G – Akpako Master


  Terry G - Apako Master (3.2 MiB, 9,369 hits)




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  1. Once in a while Terry G produces a song that is different from his normal style, this is not one of does times. I don’t know whom to blame for his lack of effort in being creative, him or us the public that keep accepting whatever he produces. He manages to produce a lot of hit songs, some that even I myself love, but if you listen to his body of work as a whole most of the songs are just too damn similar.

  2. terry g is crazy now.bring real cool hot tracks out,check dis link of his secret album tracks.
    I bet it,with d beat and song,u will go crazy…..

  3. 9ice jam 4 de streets, partys n clubs but 1 thing i don’t like is de beat, Side one’s beat, Terry why now, do ur thing.

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