Get Familiar: Shadow D’ Don – Farabale

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Bad Ass Artist,Check!..Keeping Your Playlists Upgraded,Check!..Your Favourite Site Making This Possible,Check!…Lego! Shadow D’Don is a Nigerian artist born in Ibadan where he grew up,he then moved to Lagos at the age of 4. Shadow’s love for music right from a young age has always been strong, and listening to his parents starch of records did nothing but engross his attention (*sigh* yeah yeah,them good ol’ turntables really did go a long way on our bodies didn’t they ?).

At the age of 10,he started listening to rap music from the king of Westside,2pac….bless his soul and from what started out has total admiration for rap music became an obsession,making his own bars and ryhmes the only antidote. Together with his producer,Ace Kid he came up with his first mixtape called ‘Mark Ma Words‘ which got hiphop heads bumping to it in the streets.

At present he’s signed to Ace Records and he’s got another mixtape titled ‘Straight to Alaba‘ which will be dropping soon (so y’all better watch this space). It’s a mixtape to watchout for, and yours truly won’t try to let the cat outta the bag,not even if you tried to pay me…*crickets*…

….Anyways Ladies and Gents, Press ► and support our motherlan’ artistes,#iT’sAllMusicEverything.



[audio:|titles=Shadow D_Don-Farabale (Feat. Falz) (Dance Mix) (DJ Lee Dance mix)]

Shadow D_Don-Farabale (Feat. Falz) (Dance Mix) (DJ Lee Dance mix)



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  1. Nice one..i prefer the original to the remix..i felt the beats overshadowed ur voice in d remix,and it was like shouting to be heard in a very noisy place..
    the hook is lovely,and i loved it more in d original..
    the whole mix with fuji plus rap is cool..
    God bless ur hustle..

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