Dipp Gives Glory To God after “Air Nigeria” Tyre Bursts On Landing!

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Half man, Half amazing Dipp, who seems ready to make us travel in the “Future” now, was very fortunate to escape a near death travelling disaster.

At 6am, yesterday morning, Dipp and other passengers on-board an Air Nigeria commercial flight narrowly escaped death en-route to Abuja.

The artist who was travelling to Abuja to finalize his forthcoming “The Future Is Now” album which drops in a few weeks and conclude on concert arrangements, recounted his experience when one of the tyres of the aircraft got bursted (shattered) on landing.

“This was not my first time of entering a plane. Immediately we took off I sensed something was wrong. The turbulence was just too much. The other passengers were worried too.”

“I thank God I made it and the plane didn’t crash. This situation highlights the state of our aviation industry. Mine was just a story with a happy ending, who knows what could have happened.”

After the plane miraculously landed in Abuja, the passengers including Dipp hastily departed the plane thanking God for keeping them alive. The accident was reportedly caused by a pressure build-up in the tyre.

Air Nigeria which came to be after the sale of Virgin Nigeria, is the official airline of Nigeria. Dipp was shocked but was thankful for their safety after the incident.

Dipp kept saying “God is Good”  and we believe so to.



The 6 o"clock man.


  1. While we thank God for His mercies, you should realize that there is no word like “bursted”. That sentence should read, “… when one of the tyres of the aircraft BURST on landing”.

  2. There is no such phrase as “entering a plane”. Its boarding a plane. Lets just keep the quality assurance top-notch, alright?

  3. Lol…as long as we’re a nation of top-level English speakers & critics, everything should be fine…our aviation industry included.

  4. @englishprof, ur olodo no get part 2. There is no such word as ”bursted”. The only reason why the search for ”bursted” got a result on dictionary.com is because of the keyword ”burst”. So don’t go around flaunting your idiocy

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