360NobsFashion: MariamMoussa Creations ‘VERSATILE’ Lookbook collection

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Lucy, our resident style enthusiast introduces to you the new Über diverse fashion label MariamMoussa by Hauwa Ojeifo as she debuts her first ever collection and releases photos from her look book.

Lucy(L): What led to the creation of your line?

Hauwa Ojeifo(HO): The brand ‘MariamMoussa’ is one I hold very dearly. It has always been my dream to follow suit in my mother’s art. Right from my primary school days, I used to stay with her in her store, watch her receive customers, sketch and cut patterns. She even used to tell me to do the over locking. Then, I started making tiny pieces for my doll and teddy bears.

MMC(MariamMoussa Creations) was then ‘M&M Fashion’ when my mother was solely managing the business. M&M was coined both from her name and my father’s; Maryam&Musa.  However, when I finally decided to start living my dream, in February 2010, my sister and I, with the help of our brother decided to rebrand the entire label-leaving Mariam, but ‘recreating’ the ‘Musa’ to ‘Moussa’… MariamMoussa Creations was born.


L: What story are you telling with your debut collection?

HO: The debut collection for me is sort of an experiment. The truth being that I’m a very big dreamer making me indecisive most times.  So, with a whole lot of sketches, I couldn’t make up my mind on what I wanted for a debut, so I went with anything, but cautiously taking into consideration some basic factors.

With little planning, financial constraint and time limit, I went straight for fabrics I’ve always loved- the local Ankara, making simple combinations with black patterned brocade fabrics, chinos and satin. I also decided to do a little something for every outing- cocktail and red carpet pieces, casual dresses, gothic and structured pieces; giving the collection a versatile feel whilst making it as diverse as possible.

I expect customers and potential clients to see this collection as a ‘starter pack’- little compared to what subsequent collections will be. However, these pieces are wardrobe ‘haves’, affordable, low key, head turners – either way you want to work it.

360Nobs Fashion

360Nobs Fashion

L: What are your future plans for your line and when we can expect the next collection?

HO: I like to remind myself that ‘Patience is Key’. Whatever garment collection I have in mind will be out (by God’s grace) after I’m done with school. However, I’m working on an accessory line to be released before then, hopefully.
As for MariamMoussa in future, I will continue to work towards improving my craft and selling my brand -maybe a few stockists, features, appearances, fashion shows and more within Nigeria and beyond 🙂 so help me God!

Here are the pieces from the MariamMoussa Creations. Some of you would have seen these before and some never – either way appreciate.

360Nobs Fashion 360Nobs Fashion

360Nobs Fashion 360Nobs Fashion

360Nobs Fashion 360Nobs Fashion

360Nobs Fashion 360Nobs Fashion

Tel: +234 8073 168 670

Note: [Apologies for the streaks on the pics – downloading failure it seems – LightUp Nigeria:( ].



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