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If you’re a faithful reader of ThisDay newspaper’s weekly fashion bible known as THISDAY STYLE, then the name Veronica Ebie-Odeka will ring fashion bells in your head. As one of the weekly writers of style focus, Veronica has clearly illustrated how vast and impressive her fashion and beauty knowledge is through fashion journalism. From rating fashionistas who are unfortunately caught in the same outfit, showing us how to wear this season’s new trends and balancing her own independent styling job, Veronica is a force in an industry where credit is given solely based on experience and physical evidence of one’s fashion knowledge. 360 fashion interviews her and debuts its fashion and style mood boards below.

1. When did you discover your interest for fashion?

I remember when I was 7 I started helping my dad pick out his suits and ties for work.

2. Was it easy for you to break into an industry that has such fierce competition?

I got into fashion modeling professionally for 10years and met a lot of people so the transition into styling wasn’t as stressful.

3. Has your writing style changed over time?

Yes I’ve been writing since I was 11 and started by talking about what I liked now I write more about what what’s in trend, personal styling and what’s more suitable for all types of women.

4. What has been your biggest challenge since you got into the industry?

I can say moving back to Nigeria in 2010 where no one knew me and having to start afresh meeting people and proving to potentially new clients I knew what I was talking about.

5. And your greatest achievement so far?

Every Job is considered my greatest till I book the next job or style the next client but I’d have to say styling all 13 Nigerian Idol contestants and the host has been the most rewarding so far.

6. Describe your personal style…

It’s tre’s chic romantic yet modern with a vintage feel.

7. What are the key elements needed for anyone to thrive in the fashion industry?

Creativity, determination and a humble spirit.

8. Who are your influences in the industry?

Monica Rose, Rachel Zoe & June Ambrose.

9. Describe yourself in three words.

Practical, Polite,& Kind-hearted.


Below is a few of the fabulous styling works of Veronica, who has worked on numerous shoots, reality talent shows and dressing celebrities for the red carpet.



Fashion and Style mood board on Veronica Ebie- Odeka

10. Fashion and Style are two different things because….

Fashion is relatable to upcoming and on going trends while Style is all about personal expression and your point of view.

11.The one fragrance to be worn by a lady would have to be….


12.My top five fashion pieces for this season are…

vintage dresses, v- neck tees, flowy mini skirts. colored jeans, wedges,

Louis Vuitton.



Michael Kors.

Coloured denim for converse.


13.When I have a bad hair day I use…

a good strong brush and a ponytail holder.

14.A little black dress is classic because…

it stays consistent with the wearer.
And says exactly what you want it to say..I’m modern, trendy, vintage…etc. And its the one piece of clothing in your closet that can be passed down from generations and transformed to fit the next person wearing it.

15.If I could indulge in one cocktail for the rest of my life it would have to be…

definitely a lychee martini.

16.My style icons are…

Coco Chanel,Carolina Herrera and Diane Von Furstenburg because their style remains feminine yet classic.

Coco Chanel.


Carolina Herrera.

Diane Von Fusternberg.

17.The top three things you would find in my handbag are…

my vane style notebook, candy, and either pink, orange or red shades of lipstick.

Candy from the Sugar Factory.







Make up artist, wardrobe stylist monster. Addicted to the trends, living for fashion and beauty AND lipstick with super powers, faithful blogger who's obsessed with stuffing her face with gummy bears. I personally love people that always have a beauty question for me to answer.


  1. I believe Veronica’s exposure (having lived in NY and Hollywood) and her passion for the industry has allowed her to flourish. Nigeria….Africa is fast growing and being fashion conscious is on the rise. I say one should get “Vane” with it! Well done Veronica and more grease to your elbows!

  2. Nice and simple but really not impressed at all Nigerian stylist need to stop throwing that word vintage around because to me they don’t even know the meaning of it! Put it like this I’m in no hurry to be styled by Veronica Ebie but Kudos to her for getting the work!

  3. great article!! what i see, she seems like a true talent @ what she does..the looks r well put together yet they appear effortless.for Debbie downer aka “hmm” u sound like a bitter/jealous person n i would love to see what ur sense of style looks like.. yeah we r entitled to our opinion, but ur negativity has no basis.

  4. Fab article!! Veronica is a maestro at what she does & thats talking from personal experience as she styles me for Nigerian Idol and personally as well. Oh and sweetie …miss hmm, if you actually had any conviction in what you were saying you wouldn’t use an alias!!! And lets put it this way, are you fit to be styled by Veronica Odeka ~ VANE is simply not for the masses! And what styling have you done? Hmm? Yeah that’s what I thought!

  5. Veronica-you indeed do have great taste, style and talent. Not everyone is able to fo what comEs so very natural to you. You have a great passion for what you and it shows in your work. I love love love this article b/c it gives a better idea at how you started up and also where you are now as a stylist also a better sense at your fashion style. I love your style and have to say you will definitly be styling me soon. On another note lady “hmmm” I want to see what d heck you look like-probably a scally wag! I know you won’t be vane style approved at all….Veronica of VANE STYLE-keep up the good work!

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