360Fresh: Introducing Sheunakamura

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From The CodeRed Group comes another artiste, Sheunakamura a.k.a Seun Hassan who is currently based in Ghana. Pitched with the CodeRed group, and they are Currently working on their mixtape “Nakamura:ThaMixtape” .

He’s worked with the likes of B-Ice, EaZi,Viva,Yugo,Kwame, Elofiz, Justin Maw, and Peewee. Here’s his joint titled Be Mine. Really feeling on this one, and its sure to grow on you too. Enjoy!

[audio:http://www.360nobs.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Be-Mine.mp3|titles=Be Mine]

Be Mine – Sheunakamura



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  1. Choiii.na duchess trap u jst enta so o swanky u gats call police may dem help u.
    Nd be mine na ill jam..u deaf?

  2. Nice song guys!! I’ve got it on repeat on my ipod hehe..@mz_swanky career killer! Where’s ur daddy’s profile page on this site lemme go n yab him?

  3. I think the song desrves a 6/10 rating. Feeling the originality plus I can feel the personality presence! @swansky or??? U can kindy JUMP IN FRONT OF a MOVING TRAIN! Nakamura I like!

  4. lovely song sheun!!…….code red i believe u guys die…. and who’s mz_swanky does ur family haff any talent atall

  5. I’m a lambarian nd I lurv 2 jooonz! Lurvin d 1st verse….na good tin 2 ci say my oga @dprinceofmohits is grooming madt mehn! As 4 sanky, u sure sai d guy neva nak yhu run comot???

  6. Hmmmm….ms swanza or warreva ur dumb name means…U̶̲̥̅̊ r just A̶̲̥̅ chicken!U̶̲̥̅̊ r just A̶̲̥̅ saddist!try listening to that track again especially vs 2…nonsense…I D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ vex oo!

  7. I looooove d soong! Pls wots the meaning of cika? Is dat jxt jonzing or? Skanky pls if u wnt 2 critisiz dhu it properly…wot is nakamura? Wots your twitter handle…I’m a fan *wink*

  8. I’m entitled to my own opinion so all of u can enta beach elegushi I dnt give a flyin hoot.I think d song is lame and d name is randy.that is my opinion.give to ceaser whar belongs to ceaser.say it as it is.I do not lyk d song either do I lyk d musicians name.that’s that

  9. Miss swanky its “neither do I like not either do I like..olodo oshi.no use ur gbagaun close 360nobs 4 us abeg biko..nice jam by d wai

  10. U guys have 2 understand where mz swanky is coming from..she only listens 2 Oliver D’Coque..d Nakamura name is on point..

  11. Mss_swanky u have a very myopic and jaundiced view about music…u sound more like u wish it was u that sang that beautiful song….oya pack well..u wish u were d Lambarian that dropped d joint.#SHEUNAKAMURA & EAZI CARRY ON WITH THE LAMBA! Haters Can Like to go drink cow piss.

  12. Listening to be mine almost like every time the beat and the lyrics make u just one move.Eezi is doing it again .

  13. stupid insane girl from the gutters fortunate enuf 2 hv a bb tinkz she can blab abt! .. plz repeat diz words some time soon nt on net buh physically and i swear d annoyance id use on yu ehn wd be un-measurable!… id forget my shoe heels in ur skull,break ur head wt it and leave d heels hanging in ur sperm filled brain.. if its paining yu to see young talents come up,den go stick ur head in a tomatoe ..YUR OPINION IS DUMB and USELESS. mschew, nice one jare nakamura! its soooo #OnPoint! ur country z proud of yu,yu wd get der!!… and d likes of ms swanky wd pay money to attend ur shows! #NuffSaid! #Out

  14. Sheun u should know am feeling u , codeRed aim high we love you! Reduce the xxx in ur songs cuz of lil churn like me.I just attached ‘nakamura’ to my nick, cuz I want to join d wagon. Sing along , anyhow WE go HAMMER!!!

  15. Kacfaz and d bottom line 2 ur eassay is? U jst waistd ur time writtin rubbish yhu know I hope d nakamura brothers reward ur efforts.
    Ur point wld av bin proven in a few words u knw rada dan writtin an eassay..I hope all of u dat r takin panadol 4 dis music r bin paydee.I dnt have time to start replying all of you one one from hilton hotel to dis housegirl that is writing rubbish.my own still remains I HATE d song and d name is nonsense.beat me through d internet if u can and ps I’m not randy lyk d rest ov d world.I use an android if u knw wor dat is

  16. *whistling*
    As an aspiring singer- in the closet, I know how hurtful some criticism are but I still think ms_swanky has a right to air her opinions. Its not a restricted zone n yall don’t expect everyone to like everysong naw….but seriously, thumbs up 2 these people.
    We will change Nigeria, one good song at a time.
    Some comments were very hilarious though….*still grinning*

  17. What kinda android let’s you type such rubbish english? You don’t deserve it madam. Give it out please. No one forced you to listen to this song and it wasn’t by force to comment either. GET LOST

  18. 1-village maiden thank u pls.ur d only human being alive.all this ones will die taking panadol for another mans music and this other new nakamura its galaxy if yhu evn knw wor dat is.my opinion is my opinion all this ones you people r writting is for ur heades.iv said whar I have to say.the music is CRAP and d name is local.I’ll keep sayin it.its a free world.speak the truth wen u see it or he promised to feature u people in video innit? Pls d music is crap name crap all of u idiots dat don’t use sense to write IDIOTS!
    Crap music nd commenters .mschewwwwwwwwww

  19. 😮 😮 😮
    No no noooooooo
    This kent b happening
    Madame skanky me pa cho biko nu ejo ur replies r not human friendly..dey r not of God…adeyin! mba nu
    No 1 girl shld have all dis errors in 1 reply…its not allowed
    Forgive all of us biko nu nd stop replyin or u write in yoruba abegggg :'( ah ahh
    Commenters??? 😮 😮 GAD!!!
    Ka chi fo nu biko…pippi ignore ‘it’ plixx

  20. Hahaha! From her gbagauns you’ve identified her tribe? #teek I’m guessing her ‘galaxy’ or are we sticking to ‘android’ doesn’t have spell check. Nne it’s either you can’t use it, or it’s Aba. Because I mean, it’s not just working for you. Ahah! I wasn’t over ‘eassay’ before you fired with ‘heades’ that just a bloody classic.

  21. Its a android samsung galaxy.get on ur computer and searrch it.Mshewww.these new nakamura so its yo own phone dat has spell check.can u see all the error u makin in ur reply and duchess its swanky nor skanky and who said I’m from yoruba.and whar errors did u referred.you all need to check yhu massages b4 u hit d reply button.and pont of correction all of yhu hating on me wnt change d fact dat I hate d song morer and d name of d artist is lyk play.I like my haters coz dey make me shine.so keep throwin ur evil comments till ur breath collaps.u dnt have nottin on me.PEACE OUT!

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