360Fresh: Introducing Barzini

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Barzini Sylverio goes by the name of Nwobodo Amechi David Jnr,and this young lad right here is gonna be responsible for upgrading the number of tracks on your Ipods.He was born in PH City on December 19th,and the rap streams flowing right through his veins started even before he became flesh,blood,bones,tissue… (no,i don’t know how he did it neither).

Barzini started off as a poet,using depression as a tool to get the required inspiration he needed.Listening to Nas,Hova,Jay Electronica,Canibus alongside others and his undisputed talent shaped him into the artist he’s grown up to be. He’s working on his album titled “Sound Of Silence“,and buoy oh buoy..y’all don’t wanna miss this.

Yours Truly has said even too much..Press ►, drop yo’ feedbacks, Download n Share.
Ciao. *moonwalking outta here*.


[audio:https://www.360nobs.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Barzini-Down-Down-ft-Kid-M.a.r.l.e.y.mp3|titles=Barzini – Down Down ft Kid M.a.r.l.e.y]

Barzini – Down Down ft Kid M.a.r.l.e.y

[audio:https://www.360nobs.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Barzini-Murder-Dem.mp3|titles=Barzini – Murder Dem]

Barzini – Murder Dem



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  1. good song still room 4 improvement and im talking 4rm an entertainment ceo point of view. talent like dis is hard 2find. dnt be a drop out tho and lay off the women and weed i see only better things in your future

  2. Mehn, nIce one. This guy sounds hungry. As in hungry to blow. Homie do and blow o. We need to hear what more you have to offer.

  3. Well, I took the time out to search for and download all songs by this dude… He’s a member of a multitalented group, St. Oz Gang, they’ve got one hell of a talent competition going on in there, with all of them, having different styles of hiphop. I think, they got a producer, Bobby Combz, and dis dudes are gonna blow… Soon enuf. Check out http://330republic.posterous.com/ its just been launched, as their official management site.

  4. if i didnt know dis dude… i’ll say he was a magician…… well he definitely is….. SAINT OZ GANG RULES

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