360Fresh: BankyOndBeatz Has Got His YES Face On

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360nobs is proud to present to you the upcoming producer BankyOndBeatz!

Real names Abiri Bankole is the new kid in the industry; At such a young age, he is so talented. We can only imagine how good he will be as the years roll by. He makes beats ranging from hip hop to R ‘n’ B and he’s now being touted to be the Nigerian DJ Khaleed. He’s presently a student in Babcock University and is said to be Babcock’s number 1 producer.

He is working on a mixtape and he has already produced two rave songs (“Hardcore” and “Feel Me“) which has gotten massive downloads on 4shared (expect them on 360nobs soon).

He’s teaming up with new acts like NovaKillz, Tusic, OzzyB, Baron G, Skittlez &Izzy on his Take Over The Game (T.O.T.G) Movement

Peep his new track that gathers new prolific rappers Izzy, Baron G and NovaKillz and he calls this one “Yes Face

Yup! Get familiar!

BankyOndBeatz ft Izzy, Baron G & NovaKillz – Yes Face(tagged)


  BankyOndBeatz ft Izzy, Baron G & NovaKillz - Yes Face (4.3 MiB, 1,721 hits)



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  1. @highdee I see…. I hope uv got ur own Yes Face On…. No tiime for NO…. Ts Bankyondbeatz aka “v got my Yes Face On Don’t kno aout u”

  2. Banky You Know how ‎​​W̶̲̥̅ﻉ do it now…W.E.T.Ђ.E.B̲̣̣̣.E.S.T. Have always got your back bro! U Be the boss! U B̲̣̣̣e the boss now!!kip it Up man! Much love man!

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