360Date With Banky W

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You asked and we delivered!!!

With hit records and philanthropic involvements under his now infamous hat, we would like to introduce to you, by popular demand…

The very 1st 360 Date: the King of the Lagos All Parties, Mr Capable … BANKY W!!!

Warming his way into our hearts and homes with hit records we love like “Strong thing”, “Lagos Party”, “Capable”, “Feeling It” and “Follow U Go”, Banky W is undoubtedly one of Nigeria’s finest artists.

One lucky 360nobs reader will get the opportunity to go on an expense paid lunch date with Banky W (ermm… We mentioned lunch date only o! but, *cough* you never know what may happen afterwards *cough*)

To be Mr W’s lucky companion, here are the rules to play by:

  • Leave only 1 comment stating why Banky W should choose you as his date. *multiple entries mean instant disqualification*
  • Keep it as creative and interesting as possible. *No use of foul or dirty language* Keep it PG
  • Use a valid email address in the email address column of the comment box *do not include your email & phone details (Not even BB PIN sef!) in your comment*
  • As much as possible, try to refrain from lobbying/influencing the decision on his Twitter page and other Social Media websites
  • The competition is open to everyone in Lagos (I dey wonder why guy go want make he choose am sha!)
  • For those outside Lagos who wish to compete, you will have to arrange how to get to Lagos on your own if chosen.
  • Commenting is open from now till 11:59pm on Monday. *any comments after that will not be valid *

The man, himself, Banky W will go through all comments and decide who he would like to go on a date with and then the 360nobs team will contact the lucky winner via email to make all the necessary arrangements.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you, BANKY W!!! IT’S GAME TIME!!!

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  1. First to comment, I will love to know more about Banky, so I guess this will be a good way to find out.

  2. Banzy w should choose me because I am a big fan of his, and an aspiring rapper who fantasizes about having him on my track. Thank you

  3. I don’t know the girl but I vote for Lolade Olubajo who voted about 15 times, each one with a different sentence extolling Banky’s virtues to ensure that he was the first one chosen. Plus, she knows all his names…there’s a li’l groupie-ish vibe there, but everyone needs some out-there fan love, no?

  4. First I’m a huuuge fan.
    I’ve saved up to attend everyone of Banky’s shows. His album,”The W Experience” is like my lullaby, I wouldn’t sleep until its playing on my I-pod. I want this date because everytime I go for his shows I’m always yelling and in my mind I’d be like “let him just even wink at me or touch me and I wouldn’t wash that hand again lol” but it never happens
    I think this would be an awesome opportunity for me. Sitting across the table from him is enough sef. And I rilli wanna know if Banky W is the same as Bankole Wellington..please pick me I’d be so happy!!!

  5. Bankole Wellington strikes me as a CGM(Complete Gentleman)… He’s super talented and has an undeniable ability to cultivate talent too(WizKid and Skales are the products we see now). Of course he’s good looking and has got the appeal but he’s so intelligent too and that to me makes him my fav amongst the male artistes(his reply on the Reuben Abati article wowed me over).
    I’m curious to know more about him beyond twitter and the tabloids, I’m a huge huge fan and he’ll most def enjoy the time out with moi!!
    *all these for a comment? Yeah…

  6. well, i love Banky W and i have a huge crush on him. i would love to go on a date with him, so Banky i wouldnt mind if u pick me.

  7. Apart from being a huge fan of Banky’s,I would love to go out on a date with him to find out what inspires him not only to write good lyrics,but what drives him to encourage uninvolved Nigerian youths to push hard and believe in the Nigerian dream.am inspired by him,because some other celebrities are less committed in encouraging other youths be a part of the upcoming elections

  8. Hi banky,I would really like to go on this date with you because I would like to meet the real person behind all d public persona so if u think that’s ok,pick me!

  9. theres Just one Reason Dt Summarizez why Banky Shud Choose me nd dats cos “We” both have a good heart…nd always like to see change which is constant…i jst believe dts gonna b our positive connection…#darisall…..bankkyyyy mwaaahh mwaahhh..ma hot hot tottie..hehee

  10. I’ll love to go ‎​​on this date with Banky W because I’ll love to meet this calculated gentleman

  11. Dis rili sucks cuz banky wud end up not pickin’ anyone dis z just a waste of tym nd z kinda stupid!!!

  12. going on a date with Banky W is one thing i am CAPABLE of. Sitting side by side with MR CAPABLE himself and having a conversation is like bringing LAGOS PARTY to my backyard here in EBUTE-META… Real STRONG TIN! I might as well have fun while getting to know the superstar since MAGA NO NEEED PAY!!!

  13. I’ll love to go ‎​​on this date with Banky W because I’ll love to meet this calculated gentleman.

  14. BankyW is a very talented person,I love his songs,I would love to know the person behind the glitz and glamour,how normal and fun he can be (as in have fun with a friend not minding the fame),talk about different things politics,music and even his and my personality,it would be good to know that he is a person and respect him for him not just his music

  15. Wel,first my name z jay!and am a huge huge huge fan of banky w!i wud luv it to be me dat gets pickd buh dats lyk one in a million chances so amma just say ai luv his personality,music n evrytyn en i do hpe u hv fun wit hueva u pick!’ ”wish it wud me tho’ *winks*buh al d same,wd b a huge pleasure getn 2mit u

  16. Banky should choose me kuz..I’m not just ur ordinary girl..+ I’ll rilly like 2 c wats beneat his hat..*wink*

  17. I have watched Banky W, listened to his music. Going on a date with him, would make me know who Bankole Wellington is!

  18. Everybody wants to go on a date wit banky , to knw him or meet him. Yes I would love to meet him besides dat d reason 4 the date, as 4 me I just want to av fun, snap alots of pics on d date , I think dats all I want to do av fun wit banky like kids in d play ground. No long thing ,So hope he will pick mua.

  19. Hi, I know it isn’t my place, but this idea put you out there in a vulnerable place. As much as I would love to meet you, it won’t be like this, because you will already have preconceived notions as to my motive for being there. Have fun.

  20. OMG where can I start from?I cant compete wit .A̶̲̥̅̊ℓℓ dose ladies n their commnts on why mr wellington should pick dem,I dont even stand a chance but there is no one I would L♥√ع to see banky w,I even ff him on twitter but hs not ff me bak..aww so sad so pls when Ў☺ΰ read this cud Ў☺ΰ pls ff me,@ryeedalove.
    Ps(I saw Ў☺ΰ banky at terminal 5 last year in abuja,.A̶̲̥̅̊ℓℓ d gurls were flirting but I was too shy to do anytn!)Nywy enough of me!byee

  21. romantic date with a “celeb” u dont know….talk about AWKWARD. If possible change it to chill out time or sumn along those line…we wouldnt want someone jumping on him n tryin to get a kiss n tingz cos it was called a romantic date.

  22. Wow!this is a great opportunity 4 me!I really love banky,up frm ebute metta days,me winnin dis date is not about jst meetin a celebrity or havin launch wf him,its about meetin an inspiration,mentor,a very great man banky! I love him so much and dis would be a dream come true.I love you banky!

  23. Wow…it would really be nice to chat up wit him one-on-one,find out what motivates him,his hobbies asides singing,likes, dislikes and judge his sense of humor outside the entertainment world. Also, try and see if i could really tell the kind of person he is (shy,outgoing,etc) by the end of the date though it won’t be that easy because its just a one day thing. It will be a nice experience.

  24. I actually don’t want a ‘date’ with Banky (even though everyone in my office calls him my boyfriend once he comes up on the TV screen), I’d just love to hang out with him and understand they way his mind works.Simple.

  25. Oh well. It will be α̲̅ great honor to go on α̲̅ date with BankyW. First off i’m α̲̅ huge fan! Like totally α̲̅ huuuge fan!!! secondly seeing him on α̲̅ one on one setting, no paparazzi, not too much of α̲̅ publicity face on, jst U̶̲̥̅̊ in ur true self-maybe with α̲̅ lil game on- wit som1 U̶̲̥̅̊ jst picked-meaning U̶̲̥̅̊ dnt knw from anywhere-wld be α̲̅ priviledge and α̲̅ whoopin dream come true!! Uh *huge sigh*! May d̶̲̥̅̊ luckiest be picked, n d̶̲̥̅̊ rest dt are not shld wallow in jealousy! Lol!!!

  26. *In Martin Luther king’s voice* “I have a dream…Banky’s gonna pick me!!” Lol!!! Ok seriously,no crowd,no security holding you back. It’ll be just you and me!ill get to knw u a lil, Ill make u laugh and free food!!*big grin* the best part? I get to hear u sing for only me.Pick me and we both won’t regret it. *wink*

  27. Hey, i really want to meet bankyW cos i feel he’s a very talented artist, humble, easy-going and someone who means well for people as well as his nation Nigeria…all of this i am n are interested in…so meetin him in person wud b really great…

  28. Hey, i really want to meet bankyW cos i feel he’s a very talented artist, humble, easy-going and someone who means well for people as well as his nation Nigeria…all of these i am n are interested in…so meetin him in person wud b really great…

  29. Have got no mouth watery talk. I aint gon say wat am nut. Yes have got a wall photo of u on my fone & comp. But it wud be of great pleasure to be on a table 4 two with Mr Capable. That wud be an experience I wud live to remember.

  30. I would love Banky to go on a lunch date with me because I’ve got all it takes. I’m not going to dwell on my looks, of which I know that I am beautiful in my unique way. I understand his personality, which I think has got nothing to do with our date because I would want to know the *real man* without the hats on & behind the fame, like who is Bankole Wellington when the *lights* of fame goes off. In as much as he is a *star**, he’s human too & I want to know that part of “Him”. I’m a good listener, I’ve got a heart to discern & a mouth to speak the truth even if it hurts, without being judged. Hmmmm, this is me for now, I live & work here in Lagos, my birthday is tomorrow- the 27th, I’m out with my friends & family, its never a dull moment with me because I am funny & a blessing to be with. 360Nobs you know how it is, thank you.

  31. U̶̲̥̅̊ come across as humble and intelligent.dts the attraction.coupled wit the fact dt I think U̶̲̥̅̊ cute.So, thinkn it wud be nice to av lunch wit a cute smart celeb! Wat do U̶̲̥̅̊ say?

  32. Looooooollllll…OMG..*screaming*
    k. Banky pls do pick me only because I won’t REGRET IT .
    Its def gonna be fun and by the way..you never reply me tweets :o(

  33. i would like to know the other side of this talented Musician, what makes him tick, likes, passion,know abit about his dreams , ideologies,what’s playing on his ipod, persona etc. i am a huge fan and would like to be a friend too not just a star struck fan.

  34. I’m a bored professional who wouldn’t mind hanging out wiv a famous face 4 a day. I like BankyW’s songs n would not mind finding out what makes him tick. I think I’m pretty cool 2 so his afternoon would definitely not be wasted. He should holla @ me if he pleases. XoXo.

  35. Banky W-you dey do me strong thing..I would like to be Banky’s date for the following reasons
    1..Get to know how he manages to improve himself-from singin a remake of Umbrella to writing his own songs,write such thot provoking pieces
    2..Put it on my memoirs
    3..Strike it off my bucket list..lol
    4..Offer an interesting afternoon-conversation wise that is

    …Banky do pick me and hope my comments won’t be swallowed up with all the rest
    Peace and love!!!

  36. well, i cant say am a HUGE fan but i like your music and i think you are real cute. Going on a date with you will defin8ly b a wow moment for me. I can say i have a huge sense of humour and really fun to chill with.

  37. Woohooooo… BankyW won the first 360Date… I’m thrilled… I’m a REAL BIG Fan.. I’ll keep it simple… Like I said in one of my posts… I’d really Love to meet the young man behind those songs that have me on replay.. Those witty tweets that crack me the hell up.. Those blogs that make so much sense… Wld be a real great honour to get to sit and chat with Banky Wellington!!! So….

  38. Hmmmmmmmmmm well I like him but don’t knw wat to write, everybody have all said it all, and don’t tink he will even tink of picking me. Anyway who ever wins should have a great time with him.

  39. Just wana meet him in person cos there’s more to the man I see on TV and read about.Wana know him beyond what the media presents.shikena

  40. OMG!! So many comments already!last time I checked twas only 5 comments. Gurls r serz o! I’m nt in lag so won’t bother talk u into a date w me Banky..but I can advice u..so far I already knw who d winner should be she is…will tell u if u ask *wink wink cheers enjoy

  41. Want to find out some facts about Banky Wellington cause i love every bit of his performances(Videos & songs) & this į̸̸̨Ƨ̷ α good avenue for that. Thanks

  42. ‎​Is simple… ‎Banky makes good music and ‎​I feel blessed anytime anyday ‎​I listen to his music.‎​I think he is awesome and ‎​I just wanna be his friend. It would be a dream come true to have a one-on-one chat with Banky. One Love!

  43. Fabulous and funny. You can’t buy that with money. Hot like fire and fine. You know this gyal can wine. What more can you ask but that the day be sunny on your date with this flyy honey.

  44. I think everything there is 2 say has been said bt i’d stil give it a shot.bankyw 2 me is a very talented person who comes out with nothing less than d best.getting 2 spend time with him wil mean so much to me coz i’m a very big fan of his nd i’m sure a date with him won’t b boring coz i’m certain dat he’s an interesting person.I’m so particular about meeting him coz i’m sure its goin 2 b one of my most memorable day.

  45. The reaSon y banky should pick me is cuz Is cuz I want him to be part of the stories I’ll tell my children(“in my days I won a date with Nigeria’s own R-kelly, Banky W. U don’t knw that ur mother was a happening babe”..lol but seriously I’m not gud at giving “pick me” yans but I know u’ll have fun wiv me sha.

  46. Dear Banky W,
    I feel a little awkward, pleading my case before you. I’ve heard people describe you as, suave, intelligent and even as a prince charmante. Pour moi, considering I only know the e-version of you, its safe to describe you as one who breathes life into lyrics. As a female who loves good music, I’ve followed you from: my regrets, to Mr capable, to don’t break my heart, and Lagos party. I’ve bumped to every beat, screamed with delight for every nominations/awards you’ve received, laughed heartily at your writeups(the very articulate and direct response to Mr Reuben Abati, and the humourous albeit true bb rules of engagement and other posts on your blog) and prayed silently for all the goodworks you do, that we are not aware of. I know how cliched it is, to write all of these here, but I need you to understand that even if I don’t get to be your choosen date, I’d still buy your cds off notjustok.com (I stopped buying them off the streets, after I realised its implication on your finances), tweet at you even though you pay me no heed, bump to your tracks and keep you in my prayers.
    A certain talented songwriter said, “…the greatest always want more…” I wish this for you – greater heights and enormous success.

    Your Fan
    Ms capable

  47. banky u berra pick me cos am real, fun 2 b wit and am a big celeb in my fathers compound. *big smile* seriously evrybody don scope u tire.ah ahhh make i scope myself small too.

  48. Na wa o….I don dey try post comment since,the thing no dey go now.360nobs.com abeg na mama put lunch date? If yes Banky pick me o

  49. lol, cos i wanna be his Mrs Capable……seriously tho,cos i wanna be his friend,not a” groupie”just a friend dat sees and understand Banky as a musician and as a normal guy….i wanna see beyond d surface…i wanna sit on a table across him and look into his face n smile at him..*smiles*

  50. Kilo wee? Erm Mr capable abi Mr turntable, abeg pick me o…I will H-interest you velly well sef

  51. Well, I don’t know what else to say to top all the above comments o, so let me just type away..I’m funny(mostly sarcastic humour), smart & very interested in using entertaining stuff to inform & motivate people much like Banky W does(especially with getting youths to vote in the upcoming elections)..I’d really like a chance to go on a date with him cos I’m such a huge huge huge fan(been loving his music since his Back in the buildin’ album) & somehow I believe we’d have a really fun date + don’t you think my ‘brownie points’ will sky-rocket when I mention that spent some one-on-one time with Mr Hottie McTottie himself? ;o)

  52. lol, cos i wanna be his Mrs Capable……seriously tho,cos i wanna be his friend,not a” groupie”just a friend dat sees and understand Banky as a musician and as a normal guy….i wanna see beyond d surface
    …i wanna sit across a table with him and look into his face n smile at him..*smiles*

  53. Banky if this date is about great conversation,good food,and possibly friendship, you should choose me.I have tremendous respect for you as an artiste and a person.

  54. Banky should pick me because it’s high time he met his future wifie..Me 🙂
    I probably won’t be able to make it because I’m not in Lagos but Banky intrigues me. I’m curious to find out how the different facets of his personality; the passionate activist, the ever polite and sweet gentleman, the ‘very good bad guy’ come together to make this facinating person. I have no doubts that he can make me scream ‘yeyaga yeye’ with his mind alone 😉

  55. I luv olubankole wellington,since I heard his album(back in d building)his songs makes me so happy and proud of him.He’s humble,talented,smart and he has a sweet personality.barrack o banky pick me cos I know we will have so much fun together and it would make me d happiest person in d world.

  56. Lo-freaking-l. These comments are hilarious–from threats “u berra pick me” to prophesies “it’s time he met his future wifie–me”; the formal letters and the informal love letters with song references….Naija babes, we dey try. Banky’s head’ll probably triple its size after reading these…and that’s saying a lot. I kid, but seriously, I’m grateful for the laughs.

  57. dear banky,
    you pour your heart into your music and you inspire me with your words. you combine your ability to make your listeners wanna dance, with your eloquence in using your lyrics to send a message. That says a lot to me. I’ve read a bit about you here and there, and your resilience and passion for what you do move me. I feel like I can relate to you. I too have a passion for music and you inspire me to do more. That being said, I’d be honored to meet you and find out more about the person behind the music because who we are determines what we do.

  58. Habibi!oh boy won’t I be the happiest girl!#sombodyshootme!LoooL!,Im D̶̲̥̅ biggest Banky fan(atic) I know…yes ke (k,prolly 2nd 2 his mum #realtalk),I love great music!,lunch with Banky w =superamazing experience, means I will know him better yayy..I wish!!(apart 4rm D̶̲̥̅ blog n tweets *n gossip* lol),,hold up,is this 4real!??!!lol
    N thanx 4 readin D̶̲̥̅ comment xo
    P.s Banky concerts »»D̶̲̥̅ best eva! Cheers; Godbless

  59. Well I’m def nt eligible 4 a date cos I’m all d way in Ghana. Anyways, ma vote is def on Ms Capable Too. Her vote ws very heartwarming.. 🙂 hope she wins! Anyways 2 BankyW, im def a huge fan nd ws 1 of ur first in Ghana.(No joke) 🙂 So Do holla nxt time u cme thru Ghana. 🙂 Have fun choosin! Lol..

  60. Na wa Oooo….do the ladies ere wanna go out with Banky the popular musician/celebrity or they wanna go out with the man behind Banky, Olubankole Wellington? Hmmmmm….

    some comments definitely got me rotfl!!! Chicas…smh!

  61. Totally rooting for Ms Capable too, she seems to b d only one whose got her wayz wit words. If I ws banky, I’ld def b pickin her. Would want to knw d person behind dem words..

  62. errrm…M not beautiful, not drop-dead gorgeous,neither m i tall wiv legs dat go all d way…So if therez any reason u shud pick me, itz simply bcoz m not only crazy about u as a mucisian but m also crazy about u as a person. + m crazy about u, dnt mean m one obssesed stalker fan oh!:)

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