360Date With …. – An Introduction

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You know that hot celeb you fancy, the one whose videos you only watch because his/her voice melts your insides, because he moves his waist or the way she looks in the crowd and locks eyes with you, the one whose shows always find you in the front row… yeah, that one!

How about going on an expense paid lunch date with him/her??? Sounds nice, right?

Because we are always looking out for you, our readers, your wonderful friends at 360nobs would like to introduce

360Date With ….

This is our initiative looking to bring together celebrities and their fans in a conducive environment for lunch/dinner.

Every month, there will be a featured celebrity on the 360DATE  WITH …. segment on 360nobs.com and interested fans/friends will have to give a reason why they should be his/her lunch date.

The featured celebrity will go through comments and decide who they would love to have lunch with and 360nobs will contact the winner to make all necessary arrangements.

Pictures & video clips of the date will be posted on 360nobs.com.

Let us know who you would want to become our 1st celebrity to be featured on 360Date With …



Our team consists of a mix of the GOOD, the NAUGHTY and the most BEAUTIFUL people, just the way YOU want it served. We always have something to say whichever way you look at it. Appreciate us, Love us, Hate us (NOT) we are bound to crack you up whichever way.


  1. Okay it has got to be Banky or Lynnxxx plz.
    Or wat abt errrr Franque (yes Franque d writer…)?? Or iz it only musicians? Abeg WHEN Franque gets on d list,sign me up for a date. Hehehehe

  2. Wooohooooo!! This such a great idea. It’s gotta be Banky W though..he’s so damn fooooiiiiine!! And it also doesn’t hurt that he really smart & well-spoken!Hehehehe

  3. Ehn, why is Ebuka not there? Please we need celebrities like him that can have intelligent conversations not just fine face

  4. LOL… it’s definately Peter of Psqare or Saucekid. What can i say-I love tattoos. Oh and if you can get Gbenro from tinsel so i can give him a smacker on the lips. His lips are fantastic.

  5. First of all, are we supposed to write why they should choose us here?

    Me I pick BankyW, Wizkid, and Darey… Cos they are all talented and funny 🙂

  6. First of all, are we supposed to write why they should choose us here?
    Me I pick BankyW, Wizkid, and Darey… Cos they are all talented and funny 🙂

    1. Lol…why? Because you’re exploring the inside of the spacious closet you’re in & you’re looking for buddies? Do you homie 🙂

      1. Nah, dude is on his way out of said closet. Looking for people to welcome him…not Lynxx or Mr W, nah, not them

  7. Errm..i’ll go 4 lynxx..d guy is a hottie..nd i caught a glimpse of hm few years bak at a KC event lyk dat…LYNXX it is 4 me!!

  8. It has got to be Mr banky wellington. He’s cute smart and has got a great fashion sense.ermmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  9. it difinitely has 2 be dare. his voice is crazy, subtle n soothing. n i’ll like him 2 sing dt belly song 4 me, plus i ve some questns abt d song. wt was his inspiratn? nt 2 4get, dt guy is cuuuuuuuuuttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  10. ℓ̊†̥ has got to be EVA ELOHOR ALORDIAH…i soooo much want to see her @ least 4 ​Τ̲̅ђe last tym in person rather than remembering her as she was in secondary school…gosh plssssss

  11. omo i dnt mind d choc boiz ooooooooo. iceprince especially. i’ll lik 2 luk at jesse straight in d eyes, get brymo 2 sing 4 me, ice prince 2 rap, den m.i wil do d final rapping. na 2 snap die o.

  12. Wud L♥√ع. To have lunch wit banky he seems nice nd down  earth sum1 dat wud be interestin to get to knw wud be FUN

  13. Can anyone say SDC???? YESSSS BOTH of em o! Hope cos I write for 360 I won’t be disqualified from participating o! *MASSIVE SIDE EYE*. *now singing touch my body….to ba farabale* hehehehe!

  14. I’m so confused cuz I lk most of d Nigerian artiste buh I’ve alwayz loved banky W so I’ll go wif Banky W or wizkid…buh my 1st choice wuld be Banky

  15. Tiwa Savage. I saw her once in the mall. She looks even better in real life. Let her be the 1st celeb to feature and let me be the first fan to dine with her. J|A

  16. It’s gotta be Olubankole Wellington…. He’s really Intelligent, a versatile entertainer…. He jus does it 4 me!!

  17. Lolade, chick…we know how you feel. You love Banky, many of us do too. But to write repeatedly & different phrases and sentence structure each time too? Chei…I guess such is the love.
    Why has no-one written Naeto C? Dude is cute, his flow is sick, style is effortlessly sleek, and he has a Master’s too? Intelligent, witty, and fall back job is in the oil industry? Sign me up.

  18. It’ll be really cool to get to meet the man behind those songs that have me on replay.. Those witty tweets that cracks me the hell up.. Those blogs that makes madt sense…….. BankyW!!!!!

  19. Ebuka for sure…FINE-check,Intelligent-check,Witty-check,Single-check,check,check. Def more potential there than with most of the other celebs

  20. Olubankole Olusegun Ayodeji Paul Umoh Wellington plssssss……he’s so witty n intelligent!!!! i would totally love him to win!!!!

  21. Lmao… I just want him to win… Really!!! Btw, y’all keep leaving out *Omojola*…. Olubankole, Olusegun, Ayodeji, Omojola, Paul, Umoh Wellington!!

  22. One of Banky W’s friends should direct him to this page so he can see his die-hard fans. Lolade, if 360nobs doesn’t pick you & Banky for that date, the dude should pick you just for this display of love. I didn’t even know he had that many names.

  23. firstly this is a very nice concept. two thumbs up to 360nobs however you guys are probably not aware of your fan-base outside Lagos and perhaps abroad too. so what if a fan votes and gets chosen by the said celebrity but the fan isn’t in lagos or Nigeria for that matter. who will cover the expenses for the inter state/country date or does the fact that the fan is based outside Lagos disqualifies his/her entry? It will go a long way if you guys specify the details of the deal to us. That being said, i’ve fantasized meeting Banky W in real life for a while now and even though this isn’t close to what I’ve had in mind I wouldn’t mind the opportunity to meet him in person. so Mr. Capable over to you o.

    1. you made a lil sense there tho. However Since i’m in GIDI i’ll say Banky W is my pick! i just want to molest those lips of his. *sighs*

  24. Dear Banky W,
    I prolly shouldn’t be doing this here but it seems the date thingy is closed, and I just tot I shud let u know that I luv u so much and I wish u could’ve picked me instead. U’re a smart sexy young man and it wud hv been so much fun to hang out with u. Well then, have fun. Have I said I luv v? xx Bye :o)

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