360 Premiere: OJB Jezreel – Dont Let Me Down

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Press Release:

OJB Jezreel aka jigga man, is a renowned producer writer and executive producer for over two decades.During the phase of the birth of the new age music in the late 90’s, Ojb helped to redefine the sound to be more globally accepted with the likes of  TX, kush and etim eyo(Arista records) which made the likes of the then leila steinberg of interscope records see the possibility in our music becoming international mainstream.

In Nigeria the birth was defined by Ruggedman, Jazzman, 2face, dbanj, cmion, nomoloss to mention a few who he not just only produced their albums but executively produced too. These sounds however gave birth to the new age sound of Nigeria -the Terry Gs, Duncan Mighty (who was a trainee under him in d mid 90’s) Timayas etc became products of that era.

Evidently his God father status is eminent in the fact that at least 90% of the industry has passed through his hands even the current sensation Wizkid trained with jigga!

His biggest break was with 2face‘s “African Queen” setting a yet to be beaten record not just in Nigeria but in Africa! 10million copies in Nigeria alone and 8million copies internationally, this made him the most sort after producer in Nigeria and some regions of Africa.

He stamped his presence on the Industry as an artiste with the club banger that still has a hold on the clubs years after! “Pretete“! Meaning the involuntary movement of a womans back side. And crowned it with a classic love song “Searching”. The album did 3million copies.

Now he is back again with a brand new single fast sweeping in to people “don’t let me down”. The feedback from industry critics which is his next album is said to be the best of jigga! will Be out in April.

Yup! Get familiar!

OJB Jezreel – Dont Let Me Down


  OJB Jezreel - Dont Let Me Down (3.9 MiB, 1,274 hits)



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  1. didn’t bother listening to the song as the intro piece was very terribly written…doesn’t do justice to OJB’s talents as a producer

  2. OJB is a legend, he is as close to Timbaland as we can get. I love him to death that is why it pains me to say that it seems the game as left him behind. Most of his recent production, stuff for Jazzman Olofin, some of his own unreleased tracks etc, have just not sounded up to what other produces are doing currently.

    Anyway, this particular track is not too bad, hope his new album will be as good as some of his earlier ones.

  3. wow..are u guyz for real…listened to it and i loved everybit..found it sexy and i almost passed on from these comments…pls leave reviews when u ve ears for good music..wish him d best sha..cus this is my new ringtone..till i get another wave of d moment…thumbs up ojbfor this ve’ing that sexy sexy vibe

  4. Gbedu for 2011, i hope the video would do it justice.
    *introduction, i know u love the way i do my penetration, u make me go up, i dey attention, i salute everytime u break it down, i know u love it, sometimes u just want to ride upon it, and u can do me like a donkey, and if u like call me a monkey………….* mehhhhhn i don cram am. my ring tone for now. OJB well done.

  5. hi boss am feeling you down here i just don’t no the reason i will like to tell you the true that :i just dey felling your swaga : sir there is important issue i wanna discuss with you but it is confidential but i don’t have choice than to discuss it with you online [ sur the purpose is that i wish to be like u ] i really like your production so i will be happy if u can respond to my words . thanks is your brother from another mother.

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