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I have heard it said over and over again a thousand times that Men are “Practical” and Women are “Emotional”.  As true as that may sound, I am very sorry that I have to break the heart of most of you females with my next statement.


I am neither  your Prince Charming, Knight in shining amour or Your Future Husband. I know you are of age to marry AND THAT ALL YOUR SISTERS HAVE ALREADY BEEN HITCHED. I know i’m very Intelligent, Articulate, Tall, Dark, Handsome, speaks very well with broad shoulders and very Athletic complete with 6 packs…sorry did I forget to add that I AM ALSO GOD FEARING.  Which I heard  is also another very important criteria these days, but this is where you misunderstand IT, babes!

WE JUST HAD SEX , that is all, plain and simple… during the course of the Pursuit the Female forgets that she leads this chase, in her own very subtle feline manner.  Small dainty messages are sent to the Male animal that he just cant resist. So. please I did not use jazz on you, you are a grown ass woman who is fully aware of her every actions and the subsequent consequences. I chased, you led, we shagged..END OF STORY..or is it?!….Hmmmmn! Let’s go on!


Nobody hears of a good thing and doesn’t want to Possess it All For Themselves.  Its in the nature of humans to be covetous and to want what they cant have. You meet a great guy and you guys shag a couple of times, now you subconsciously start to think he might be THE MAN OF YOUR DREAMS!   Please take a breather at this juncture, most times ladies, you have failed to consider if you guys are even compatible. It is also possible that all of your other boyfriends were useless in BED so that’s possibly why you feel so emotionally attached to this new fellow.  That’s all he is …a Great Lay. You’re a grown ass woman get ur hormones in check.

You start to re-organise your life around this guy, you even start pushing to spend more time with him in public places.  The Concept of Fuck-Buddies becomes tangled and confusing!  The female starts to loose HER identity.  I’m not speaking to you heartless hoes who have been around town AND THINK THAT ALL MEN ain’t shit!  No! i’m talking to the babe who only gives up her Goods to men with pedigree.  One babe I know told me that on Judgment day, she might go to HELL o, but at least when they bring out all the guys she has dated and has been with, nobody would be pissed! She only gives IT up to Men of  Timbre and Caliber (RIP The Great SAM MBAKWE! For dat quote).

These days shagging must end in relationship and/or even Marriage.  That’s why it’s a Big Party in the beginning/marriage but no cake and ice cream at the divorce/break up. Its almost like if your good in bed, you should just keep it to yourself and jerk off in Solitude? You give it to a sister good and she suddenly wants to turn into WIFEY overnite? Huh?! Like WTF?!


Ma female “Playettes” will testify that sometimes they give it to a brother sooo good that the guy just wont leave them alone and keeps trying to hit it again and even turns to a scary stalker sometimes!  Hell naah! I repeat………SOMETIMES SEX IS JUST SEX; NOTHING MORE AND NOTHING LESS!

I found you sooo Physically attractive that I chased after You…. i’m sorry honey!  I’m a a man its in my nature to chase. You found me interesting, sexy and also you were physically attracted to me. Now introduce Alcohol, Herb, Slow Music, Champagne/Red or white wine (insert whatever works for you at this juncture) to this equation and Houston we have lift off!

Please you are not a slut and you did not give it up easily…it shocks me How a Lady can think soo Low of herself when they get to this Point? After experiencing such Bliss?! Like you didn’t see me naked either?!


1.       Decide whether it was just Sex and/or whether you want to take it a step further.  Please remember that there are those weird cases where it just might work out and Sex just might lead to Love/More. But not everyone who plays the Lottery wins!  E fit be you…YES!….but e still Fit no be You oooo!…no go guck am o!

2.       If  you Love something Let it go, if it comes back to you its yours….if it doesn’t it Probably never Was!…probably the most intelligent statement credited to DMX!

3.       Not that you are being selfish Ladies…..but its also OKAY to Calculate “Whats In It For You?” in any relationship whether Romantic or Sexual.

4.       It’s perfectly alright to still keep A guy around just for the NACKS; Women have been keeping their options open for years (Guys do it as well).

5.       If you can’t ABSTAIN please please use a condom!  AIDS no be Death Sentence, but there’s still no need to spend Life in  jail and be telling yourself that your lucky and at least you didn’t get the electric chair (hope u understand my little parable?)

6.       If you find the guy attractive either you fucking say so or hold your PEACE.  Don’t act like your one kain “I don’t give a Fack babe, we are just Nacking” Then after a while you will now start shouting that you are in Love leaving the poor guy puzzled and confused!

7.       Please Ladies there are 2 people in every relationship, therefore 2 feelings and opinions are involved at all times.  It’s very possible that you have genuinely fallen in Love with HIM but he might NOT be in Love with you at that exact Moment.  I suggest you hang in there, keep staying TRUE to yourself and the guy will come through.  If he doesn’t come around?…..please realize that it was just sex and nothing more and move on!

8.       If all this doesn’t work then you’re probably one of those Gals that cannot be helped!…i’m sowwwy!

9.       Read more of my columns on www.360nobs.com

With this FEW points on Mine, I hope I have further confused you and not convinced you!

I chose not to continue my story with my Celebrity Cougar because she read the part1 and started tripping!

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  1. true word. but I’ve learnt one thing in life [in my still- young life], and that is : THERE IS NO ONE SINGLE RULE TO ANYTHING. so generally i hesitate to philosophize on things, especially man-woman things, because, sometimes, the rule becomes the exception, and the exception becomes the rules. good job man!

  2. very comical as well as totally true….. according to the movie ‘ghost of girfriends past’, women like to be screwed but not to be screwed over…so guyz alwys reveal ur intention..no strings attached, friendship comes with benefits…
    N6 clap for yaself…welldone

  3. @Chichi….i appreciate ur point.Fanx for reading!
    @BCGEORGE…..lol at friendship comes with benefits..so true!..**now clapping for MYSELF like a Retarded monkey at a Circus** lol fanx for reading!

  4. Nice piece, totally hilarious, totally spot on. That said…please advice the guys to keep it real. They should stop coming with faux affection and “I love you”s just to keep tapping that ass. Booty calls are good, if it’s a booty call let it be known, plain and simple…Chikena! Caveat: Sometimes a booty call’ll bite you in the ass *pun intended*

  5. N6! Get over urself already….u really must tink u r all dat n a bag of chips.. Personally don’t hav anytin against u but u sound so conceited and vain..

    Guess its all part of the plot of the post just to pass ur message across but sheeesh… U r blowing ur trumpet so damn loudly..

    Nice post anyway.not a bad way to spend 5mins.
    Can’t really blame guys wen they say or write tins like dis. Some babes don’t respect themselves. wanting to be shag buddies and all..the manner in which the babe in ur last post got picked up just shows she’s sorta loose and a free giver.

    The way some babes reason baffles me a lot. Y wld u shag a guy barely 2mins after meeting him and expect him to take u seriously afterwards??… Really?? Ok so lemme stop here.#nuffsaid

  6. Preach @ Chi chi.

    Kai N6! A tad bit harsh don’t you think. Ayai yai..—->”I’m not speaking to you heartless hoes who have been around town AND THINK THAT ALL MEN ain’t shit!”

    I’m glad you acknowledge that it goes for both men and women. You hit the nail on the head per women calling themselves sluts and what not. We need to stop all the name calling. It’s annoying.

    At the end of the day, peeps need to be careful and do what is right. But if you must sleep with anyone, like you stated, use protection. Aids is real.

    Enough said. Funny stuff N6.

  7. N6 u n d guys at 360 are all doin an amazing job. I never knew intellect has come to roost in lasgidy. Women don’t want to be regarded as loose. But women pls don’t give it up to someone who aint ur hubby if u don’t want to get hurt or be called a whore. And for them bad chicks, feel free to castrate dem guys if dem do anyhow. Problem solved, mazel tov.

  8. Nice one N6,hit the nail ryt on the head,If only more girls(and guys) could read this,it certainly would make things a whole lot easier and less complicated
    Good,funny writing,word of mouf def true.And no am not a gal having a crush on u,lol

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