Top 10 vehicles a MADE man should get his KELE in 2011

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Family is home, they good you got them covered as usual. Your employees got the usual bonus and maybe a 10% pay raise, they shall forever remain loyal. But your heart remains heavy. You still havenʼt taken care of the number 1 person in your life, the one who who answered your call at ungodly hours, stimulated you intellectually, and massaged away the stresses of the day among other things. Some may refer to her as Mistress, Concubine, Side Chick, etc. but to me itʼs just KELE.

Soooo, why donʼt you refer to me as Prof. and let me educate you on the top 10 vehicles of 2010 that will make any KELEʼs knees turn to jello once given the keys!

10. VW Jetta

The ʼ11 VW Jetta is the cheapest vehicle you will find on this list, but don’t let itʼs price deceive you. The vehicle has all the bells and whistles and will keep your Lady friend happy! Well, at least until the banks and other corporations starts using it as company cars…

09. Acura ZDX

When it comes to technology Acura is ahead of the game. With features like a Surround Sound System, iPod Integration, Real-Time Traffic and Weather, GPS linked temperature control and bluetooth handsfree, you can tell Acura isnʼt going to start now to disappoint. But it wasnʼt just the technology that got this vehicle a spot on the list. The vehicle oozes all kinds of sexy!

08. Lexus IS F

If SHE is a bit untame, you may want to consider this vehicle. Its not for the faint of heart though and can make any GUY wet his pants if not handled with care. The engine comes with an eight speed direct sport shift transmission, can easily go from zero to 60
mph in just about 4.6 seconds, and has a top speed over 185 mph if you get the Japanese version. Just be sure not to piss HER off cause she will be gone with the quickness. If your level of MADE no reach the IS F, you can always get her the IS, after all who cares about whatʼs under the hood?

07. Land Rover LR4

Land Rover has built vehicles known to withstand the roughest of terrains. Mrs. number 2 may need to find her way around some of the most hazardous of roads to successfully meet up with you. Itʼs time to prepare her for the journey, don’t you think?

06. Infiniti G37 Convertable

Remember when the two of you were together in the room and all you did was touch a button and like magic the top dropped? Well she can relive that moment over and over again…

05. Mercedes R350

Iʼm sure many of you are shocked at the inclusion of the R series in this listing when there is the C, E, M, SL, SLK and the SLS among others that could easily make a sexier choice. Well my friends, the fact you had questioned this choice tells me that your not
MADE yet. Every MADE man understands that their time is very limited and sometimes they have to make the best of the limited time they have. Get this and problem solved. Babe, how about you pull over right here and lets jump in the back real quick…

04. BMW 335i or M3 Coupe

BMW = Be My Wife. Need I say more?

03. Infiniti FX35

Just picture your side piece coming to pick you up from the airport a few days earlier than you told your main squeeze in this baby. With its feline looks and all the bells and whistles in the interior, this vehicle is a winner. By the way, sorry fellas this vehicle is
strictly for the ladies unless you want to be in touch with your feminine side. If you must have an Infinite truck, stick with the QX.

02. Porsche Cayenne

This vehicle is an automatic status raiser. You might as well call it a day and make HER your second wife…

01. Innoson IVM 6490A

100% Naija just like your Kele. With a 5 speed manual transmission and max torque of 193/2200 ~ 2800 this bad boy can get you through the rough roads of Nnewi without turning any heads. After all itʼs “The Reliable Way To Travel

Julius Sea

Julius Sea

Accountant by day, aspiring business mogul by night. Lover of all things Nigerian... In my mind, Steve Jobs is the G.O.A.T and can do no wrong. Technology, Autos, and Networking (Social Media by default) are my passions. Don't know why I havent found my way back yet, until I do enjoy my blurbs about random ish on 360Nobs. Don't get all excited though, I'm not much of a writer =) Twitter @Ezeani


  1. Unless you’ve not seen it in the skin, you cannot say the FX is a feminine vehicle.
    It is designed to look and behave phallic in nature.
    For the women, they have the EX.
    The QX truck is actually the Family run-around.

  2. Abeg abeg abeg! Which kain foolish kele? That I would use my hard earned cash to buy LR4….anyway, what can I say, when one dude bought his girlfriend, in UNILAG (school o! She never smell life), a Range Rover for valentines…

    Wonders shall never end.

    If anything, the kele love no pass Toyota Yaris abeg.

  3. Hilarious introductions….you should definitely write more.

    Ehn-hen, Lexus ISF…0 to 60 in 4.6? I love! I want. But as his one and only chick with my own Arab money, I don’t expect him to get it for me…I’m getting it for myself *when my money reach* 🙂

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