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Work this week, moved pretty slow and utterly boring. I was beginning to get worried and apprehensive that, I wasn’t getting the desired result from my potent search.  In a month, I had slept with two guys (not like that’s a world record or something) but I hadn’t achieved anything concrete nor was I closer to my dreams of settling down with someone.

And so, as I contemplated on this intently, I got a mysterious call. Who was it you asked, it was Adebola Phillips or Bola as I liked to call him.  Bola was a gentle, kind, loving and totally romantic fellow I met when I started my first job as a rookie journalist(yes, i have plenty talents).  He used to come in for our editorial meetings, and being a rookie I was the one in charge of making sure the meetings went well.  We didn’t hit it off at first, because the meetings was filled with older people, I made it a point of duty to be hard up and a no nonsense babe during the meetings. I didn’t smile at anyone, neither did I laugh when they cracked the funniest of jokes. In fact, as far as they were concerned, I was just an unfriendly bitch who made sure the job was done.

Bola tried on several occasions to chat me up, but it never worked as I was always boning.  Almost like the sun didn’t shine in my world and I didn’t care.  Then on a particular day, he walked in on me and some colleagues gisting and I was laughing hysterically the first thing that came to his lips were ‘Gosh, you laugh??!!!’ .

That single sentence brought about another wave of laughter and that’s when our friendship started.  Bola showered me with different gifts from his many travels; we had breakfast anytime there was an editorial board meeting.  We constantly teased and joked with each other and by the time I got my blackberry, it was bb chatting all the way.

I was secretly crazy about Bola, which was secretly driving me mad as well. We had long discussions about everything that is anything in this world, which made it more fun to be with him when I had the chance.  When I moved to my banking job, I spoke to him more and more, complaining about my fears, worries and challenges.  He always listened had something sweet and romantic to say and was just a blessing in disguise.  The only thing wrong with the picture is Adebola Phillips was happily married with 3 adorable children (hmmmm).  As a matter of personal policy, I don’t date or sleep with married men!!! It just won’t work.  There is nothing to gain and everything to lose!!! That’s not to say I wasn’t tempted oh (I be woman nah and body no be wood) he was my everything; knight, mentor, friend, confidant and much more but, he was married (can’t contend with that).

Anyhoo, as I was complaining bitterly to Bola about the state I was in (leaving out all the intricate details), boredom and all, out of the blue, he suggested I meet him in Abuja for the weekend (whoa!!!) Back up!!! Weekend! Married man!! Single lady!!! (yeeeeepa).  My heart was beating double time. Never ever have I been so apprehensive about going to meet a man before.  In my confused state, I asked my friends on my bb what they thought (wrong move!!!).  They were totally against it, they ranted that he was a useless, worthless man that didn’t mean anything good for me.  Some even went on to say, that if I am with him, I should bear in mind that some woman will be with my husband (really!!! does that follow?).   Anyway I was thrown further into confusion.  I continued to chat with him and asked the dumbest of questions.  How will I get there, where will I say am going in the office, where will I stay, how will I get to the hotel and all what not?  He didn’t say anything, before I knew what was happening, I got an SMS notification that I had been credited with N100k.  Depositor, Adebola Phillips (hmmm, he wasn’t faffing around now was he).

On Friday, I was literally confused from all the advice I had been given but deep inside; I still wanted to go to Abuja.  At lunch time, I started forming belly ache and squeezing my face terribly, my head of unit just barked, please go home jor!!!  I got home packed a light suitcase with my necessities and headed to the airport. I landed Abuja safely at 5pm.  I was just about to call announcing my arrival when I got a call from a number I didn’t recognize. ‘Hello, my name is David, Mr. Phillips sent me to pick you up.’ I got out and waiting for me was a jet black LR3 with cream interior. I got in and I found a little parcel wrapped and addressed to me. I opened it to find a key card for Protea Hotel. I took a deep breath and sighed, what’s the worst that could happen. I got to the hotel and headed straight to the room. When I got there, I was in total awe!!!  The room was decorated with every color of flower I know; white, pink, yellow, purple and on the bed were red rose petals (love in the club ringing in my head) as well as 4 gift boxes.  One of the boxes, had a dinner dress with ‘wear me tonight’ and then the second one was for an event the next day and two pairs of Christian Louboutins ‘Red Sole’ (no way).

I had totally tripped for this dude.  As I settled in, I got his call. We spoke for a while and he told me that dinner was at 8pm.  We had dinner in the restaurant of the hotel and just gisted like old time pals that we were.  I loved every moment with Bola, we went strolling at the pool side and had cocktails there.  As we headed to our rooms with a little alcohol in my system, I was thinking about what we were going to do.  I could already feel my temperature rising, his tongue dip inside my mouth, his lips on my nipple and my legs wrapped around his hips and getting the best lay ever.  We arrived at my room and I started fiddling with my key card (like Hitch said). When I finally found it and opened the door, I thought he was going into the room but he just pulled me back (yeepa, heart beating, sweat forming and wondering if he was going to do what I thought) gave me a very big hug and then a peck on the cheek (Huh, what was that??? Am I his sister) with a smirk, I went into the room and just slumped on my bed.  My heart raced and a million and one things kept going through my mind. I finally fell asleep and just felt the dude was obviously impotent and didn’t want to disappoint me.

The next day I woke up at about 11.30am, I got a call from Bola, he explained to me that he had to go away quickly and there is a wedding taking place at 2pm that he wanted me to attend (WHY). I just started raking, how could he bring me to Abuja and then leave me without a word; I was obviously upset from the day before and definitely taking it out on him.  He didn’t say anything, when I was done, he explained again that he wasn’t in Abuja for fun, that the meeting had been moved to another state and that is why he had to move with the crew.

‘So why didn’t you kiss me yesterday’ I asked.

‘Kiss you??!!! ‘Why should I?’ (hello Abuja, driver, room, gifts, rose petals on bed).

Bola was totally surprised by the question; ‘I didn’t invite you over to get laid young lady’.

‘WHAT!!, So why did you?’

‘You were bored, tired and needed a rest; if I wanted to get laid, chick, I would have done that in Lagos nah’!!!

I laughed at myself, the man was obviously not interested in sleeping with me or not yet sha (eyes rolling), he just wanted me to be happy and take a breather from work.

At 2pm, I got dressed for the wedding reception; I was a bit cynical about going for a wedding I knew no one; but I went anyway (nothing to lose really).  I arrived and choose one table at a corner which already had an old couple there and just sat and watched the activities going on.

The wedding was a blast, food and drinks flowed in abundance and the older couple where great fun to be with. We talked, laughed and I totally enjoyed their company. They were totally fond of each other, touching and kissing like they were youngsters. I was moved and totally depressed as well, was I ever going to find love like this, a man I could grow old with and still be in love with? After some performances, I got up to leave and wished the couple well.  As I headed to the door, I collided with one dashing young man (think it was really intentional).

Want to know what went down; keep your eyes glued to this page next week!


Baby Dee

Baby Dee

Baby Dee, a highly sexy, sumtimes physical n yet subtle lady; has her eyes on 1 thing, finding d right guy. Risen in her professional career 2 a job she enjoys in a bank she refuses d tag ‘Single Banker’. 'THE POTENT’ is Baby Dee’s personal diary of dealings with people of opposite sex n how these experiences shape her.


  1. Wow! Wonderful plot and carefully crafted to keep me glued to your page till next week…(Altho’ I’d like to see both male/ female single bankers tho’…lol)

  2. Abegi..u no craft this story well. That Bola na story book him exist.
    whether u bang married man or not…someone will still bang ur husband.

  3. Haba story story, U sound so cynical. Not all married men sleep around na.

    Anyway nice post.I’m looking forward to ur next post.

    Hopefully good men still exist. U sef y will u be lusting after someone else’s husband.. Get a life and get ur own man. Shikena.

  4. iKnow, shezgotS, inLoveWith: iSee u.
    @ BabyDee: 3rd post n iWanna see a 4th. Well done (y).
    @ Story Story: do u hav a transformer in ur hood?

  5. oooo…(in my little cat voice)I see someone can’t take a little criticism.
    ok o..the article is fantastic, love it, cannot wait..bla bla bla.

    lie lie!


  6. @ Story Story: btw u hav a point o. It’s like my Ma sayin my kids will disrespect me for disrespectin her. The day iTold her it must karma catchin up wiv her, she slapped me so hard,iHad an epiphany: damned if u do, damned if u don’t. So yNot do – and enjoy it well well

  7. @story story help me tell them oh!!! My friends were trully adamant that what i do with Bola will happen to me. For those of you that ask if such men exist @MsNutella,Bola does exist oh!!! N he is happily married!!! A truely gifted and wonderful person. Next week promises to be wow oh!!! Watch out!!! LOL

  8. @ story story, u re so right abeg! And besides I feel dis chick jst made up dis whole story.. Cos there is sumfin abt d story dt doesn’t sound rite.

  9. @BabyDee Wil u b happy if ur hobby leaves u n ur kids at home n spends 100k on another gal, hotal room, gift, attends a weddin, dinner n all dat??

  10. @BabyDee pls a man dat does all dat 4 another lady while his wife n kids is at home. Is nt a Man. Is nt spendin vals wit a guy n ur babe is at home waitin 4 u. Bt luv d write up. Cant wait 2 read it nxt week. Enjoy

  11. ”married men are better dan single guyz”..dat line is now competing with John 3:16 in my head, i don here am tire frm all dis slutty gurlz, mostly female corpers and thr cohorts..yea rite…dis married men are the ones that av cash & willing to spend in exchange for sexual orgies, never the broke ones….who be fool na the gurlz now…lata dem go talk say dem no get husband…all of you r on 4th mainland bridge…wot goes arnd comes arnd, lets see ow u will take it when the table turns, if eventually u eva get married….

    on a lighter note, good write up BabyDee(fiction or reality)..ontothenextone

  12. Baby Dee, u really shud be a writer…Nice! fresh! but seriously ur story is a lil too smooth to be real…Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed it and llook forwards to the next edition…Well Done Jare!

    another thing…dont mind ’em haters aite?

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