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The other day I read Nobs’ question about office romance. The range of comments inspired me to tell my story.

# My Job interview Babe:

I met her when I interviewed for this job. We became sort of pals. We kept each other posted on how things went after each session.

Long story short: I got the job, she did not. We stayed in touch, and the next time there was an opening she applied. She got the job and we celebrated her joining the ‘family’, albeit in a different department.

When her then relationship hit the rocks – and I was between babes at the time – we sort of drifted toward each other.

People in her office suspected. I told two of my boys and they kept it to themselves. It was all fine and dandy. She understood the pressures of my job, and we talked about work and shared office gossip – working in different departments helped us see the larger picture of how and why things worked a certain way in the company.

Then there was an internal vacancy and she applied.  I am all for following dreams, so I supported her the best I could. Watching her prepare, I knew our employers would be out of their minds not to offer her the job.  Plus I heard somewhere that the best thing that can happen to a person is to have someone who believes in them. I BELIEVED IN HER.

She got the job and I was ecstatic.  Then the corporate secrecy started. She had things she was not ‘at liberty‘ to discuss with me!  She also joined the league of company big girls.

The last straw for me was randomly running into her at the airport. I hurried towards her. She must have felt me approaching because she turned and casually waved in my general direction, then looked right through me.

I did not break my stride as I caught up with, then overtook her, making concerted efforts to glance at my watch when I drew level with her. Me too, I was in a hurry.

# My Cross Over Babe:

I had been with the company for three years, and after my first brush with it, I gave office romance a wide berth.

I would flirt with you, Yes. But that is where I usually drew the line.

It was during the course of flirting with a colleague that another, (shaking her head) said “You are barking up the wrong tree. She is already spoken for.” Very quickly shifting gear, I said “So she is off the shelf, are you?” .  We exchanged a round of banter. She was no slouch herself. Working on a different route, I did not see her for months after that.

Then one night I reported for work and found there were two ‘new’ people joining us – she was one of them.

Out of station we met up for drinks in the crew lounge. Every male colleague of mine kept hitting on her, and not too subtly. As we were both logged onto facebook, I sent her a message. “I am blowin dis grp, wanna come?”

“What do u hav in mind?” She sent back.

“A long walk, the pleasure of ur company, then we’ll see…”

She cut her eyes sideways at me, smiled, nodded almost imperceptibly then typed something. “Let me shut down my lappy. Meet u in d lobby in 5.”

I got up, told the guys I had a pretty lady who needed working tonight. This was met with howling and catcalls.

“Why did you say that?” Were the first words out of her mouth when we met up in the hotel lobby. “Because they would not think the ‘lady’ I announced was seated there with us. The aim was to deflect suspicion off you.”

I ended up spending that night, and many other nights in the warmth of her embrace. Thing was, there was something about her. She exuded insincerity. Yes, it took me hearing her moan and groan to fine tune my perception of her.

We agreed an emotional relationship was not on the cards for us. That did not stop us enjoying our sessions together – thoroughly. She once even joked about my being her booty call. And here I was thinking I was the man!

What we had lasted till I met my other cross over babe.

# My Other Cross Over Babe:

Now, I had just got promoted and part of the requirements was that I worked on the short haul.

At the time it did not seem like a promotion taking me from the more ‘prestigious’ long haul to ply ‘Onitsha-Owerri-Aba’, but then I met her, and nothing else mattered.

While she is story for another week, let me say here that I was so smitten I did not care who knew. We went almost everywhere together. Every event was an occasion to show her off.

Then it went south.

It probably could have been better handled, it probably should have. But in typical community fashion, there was meddling from all corners and things simply got messier.

There were so many versions told, and it got more interesting with each retelling. Quite frankly, I was not as bothered as I probably would have been. Chalk it down to being talked about a lot growing up.

I have heard it said that girls flirt with the dangerous boy; they do not take him home. They marry the good boy.

I have played the good boy and I know where it landed me – with the reputation of a bad boy. Not just any bad boy, but the office bad boy! So right now I am chilling and waiting to reap the fruits of my new found badness.

#Enter the Under G babe:

New to the company, she had heard about me but did not get to meet me until 3 months later. To be fair, I had heard about her too. She had the rep of being the hottest newbie.

In classic Franque style I said “Hi“, then went on to ignore her. She tried to involve me in her gist twice, and here I smiled, said “Bye“, and was gone. I knew that got her attention.

The next time I heard from her was at Christmas time. She was one of only three people to send me cards.

Last month traveling as a passenger on my flight, after the perfunctory peck on the cheek my colleagues have perfected and come to expect at every greeting, she held my face steady in her hands and pecked/kissed me on the lips. Wow!  Since I was working and she was not, I let her go that day.

Then last week, I was reporting for a flight and she was leaving the office. As I was walking out the elevator she was waiting to get in. We hugged, and I aimed for her cheek. She turned her head at the last moment and the kiss landed full on her lips.

Just yesterday, during crew change, with her team getting off, and my team taking over, I blocked her off close to the toilet. Again we hugged, and when I tried to kiss her lips, she turned her cheek to me and whispered in my left ear, “You can’t do this here.”

The entire flight, I had this goofy grin on my face. I have waited two months, I am sure I can wait another week or two for the “where” and “when” to be right.

I do not know what your take on office romance is, but my current default mindset is: if a colleague shows herself to be game, I will gladly fall into temptation.

PS: I am inspired by life, love and the tumultuous experiences we go through in life and love.



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  1. If it aint my fav writer… My day @ work jst brigthened.Under G babe toh badt…lol. Btw Franque still waiting on mi poetry

  2. hmmm here i was thinking you were taken and spoken for( reffering to your post on fatherhood) now that i know you re not i can apply right????

  3. I used 2 cme on ds site every monday. Nw cos ov yhu, I cme on every friday. Boy genius writer. I gotta hand it 2 yhu, u kno hw 2 keep ur readrs cmn bak. I second myne’s qstn. Lol.

  4. Again, iAm humbled by the reception of this post.
    @ Groupie: iAm really rubbish @ poetry o.
    @ iKnow, Neefemi n SheGot_S: if y’all can put together 9ja’s answer to ‘Bachelor’, iKno a few eligible bachelors o. As for applications, what can iSay?
    @ inLoveWiv: my life is like d wild wild west, n d ladies r like gunslingers – wiv d next wantin to outshoot d existin. My niece is aware, n she’s fyn wiv sharin 😀
    @ Myne n MzSwitz: iWill be in Ajaokuta wiv a family for Vals – it beats spendin it by myself.
    @ Claire, MzSwitz n Myne: thanx a lot. iAm indeed humbled.

  5. Co-sign shegotskills haha, we should start our own the bachelor at this rate. What to do when people don’t see the person you are but instead the person you’re trying not to be? Franque we know you (as much as we can from reading your writings lol)…and that there is a really good guy all over you hehe, we believe in you too! lol maybe its a good thing being the last to comment sometimes, your replies to comments are equally as funny as the comments themselves.

  6. Had to wake up for this one…
    @ Miss N: it’s official, u’v got my # sure as shootin fish in a barrel. As for bein the last to comment, iHave a disorder, it’s called “gettin-d-last-word-in” 😀

  7. Franque, I’ve been a silent reader the last couple of months but definitely very intrigued by you. I totally love your writing and just wanna pick on your brain, I’m curious and would love to hear your thoughts on some issues.

  8. Hahahahahha frank! Frankie!! Franque!!! Stop confusing d babes ojare which 1 u dey..are u spoken for or not?so I start collecting application for ‘The Bachelor’ biko
    Lovely write up as usual
    Dis column is just for d corret crowd


  9. @ Beauty in DC: iAm flattered that u chose to step out of the closet. As for pickin my brain, if u tweet, my handle is AIRtiquette.
    @ Chiny – and all other bachelorettes: this idea is beginnin to grow on me. Quick Q tho: in this 9ja version, do the ladies come with the money? If so, count me in.:D

  10. Franque-eistein!
    U again!!where are u? Nid to meet you; not dem virtual ish biko o. Whenever u are free pls come visit-it will b an honour to host ur talent in my hood.U deserve to be celebrated joor!!!

    Curtain 2
    Underbridge,ojuelegba, surulere

    P.s; just in case u don’t find my curtain, look mi up at iya bose’s-the amala legend

  11. Hmmmmm…
    @ Village Maiden: u must really think me a Magi to just follow a star from my village to Ojuelegba.
    Can iTake a raincheck on that invite? Thanx.
    @ Coz: that good boy stopped serving @ Mass ages ago. But then u know me better than iKno me – u always have. »Beeeg hug«

  12. Lovely, Simple, enchanting piece. As usual…. iTrip. iKid. Not… Ya a charming writer Franque. Kudos!

    As 4 d bachelor’s thingy, i got dips on being ya manager o! *grin*

  13. Hahahah frank see ya head…me wey wan be ‘chris harrison’ for ur bachelor debut. D women bring wich money…no na we go get sponsors….

  14. Considering how much I hound you for updates, I really should read earlier. Lemme join the bandwagon…
    iLove this piece to pieces. As for ‘The Bachelor’, if you promise not to be as corny as the current one, I’ll be your PR person.

  15. Lol.. Please, agree for the bachelor thingy. Even without that sha… Lemme be ya manager nau. Pleeeeeeeaaaaaase.. *blinks eyelash puppy style*

  16. Lol.. Please, agree for the bachelor thingy. Even without that sha… Lemme be ya manager nau. Pleeeeeeeaaaaaase.. *bats eyelash puppy style*

  17. Tsk task. Haha.

    Too priceless —->”I do not know what your take on office romance is, but my current default mindset is: if a colleague shows herself to be game, I will gladly fall into temptation.”

    Great stuff Frank.

  18. @ Chiny: iSee my head, and iLike what iSee.
    @ Ready: iWill kno by Friday. As for PR person, iDon’t get paid enuf, if u combine all 4 jobs, to afford 1.
    @ Nena: abeg o!
    @ Shade: Thanx a lot. U really r very kind.

  19. Franque dear,u got me setting an alarm that goes off every friday..and the reminder reads ‘ check on Franque’s page, something hot going on today’
    You always got something up…love ur stories hun…and if am in AjaoKuta on vals day..I will hunt for u..Grrrr!!! *wink*..
    Happy Valentine!!!

  20. badt sharpest guyz….na u be fine
    office romance is a no no for me too but thrz dis corper gurl in my ofiz now…mehn she’s tight n shit..bin flirting fr weeks nau and d way tinz dey go…afraid dey catch mi oooo

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