New Heat: K-Sweed Presents The OPEN SESAME Mixtape

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Its the time of the Ghanaians, as new Ghanaian acts or Nigerians schooling in Ghana keep springing up on the 360Radar! Here’s Okpere Emmanuel Eromosele a.k.a K-Sweed (who we featured late last year here) with the theme song (My Time Is Now) from his mix tape titled “Open Sesame“…It is a self-descriptive song about how he started and how its finally time for him to come outta his shell in the music industry.

The joint was produced by Laxio of Hold The Mic Productions(ghana). Listen Up and enjoy!

[audio:|titles=K Sweed- My time is now (Open Sesame)-(mastered)]

K Sweed- My time is now (Open Sesame)-(mastered)


K Sweed…
Open Sesame The mixtape
Laxio I see u mehn!
Its a Hold The Mic production am going in…

Verse 1:
Sick on d beat y’all/
I make em sitdown errtym am I speak y’all/
Even wen am in d booth(boot) dey all wanna sneak y’all/
My canvas z in d roof so am standing zink y’all/
So see dawg/
K is d name I hope u dnt mind/
Dat I play a lil wit ur brains like am Einstein/
Its my time nt GM’s/
Dem talk sey u fit spit bar-abi(barbie) & I sed yes I can(ken)/
See its my story now listen up/
Been around a hip f shit bt nw I wanna hop/
Had a lotta haters around me hu tried 2 c me frown/
But if dey don’t no ur dreams den dey can’t shoot it down/
Started rappin bk in high skool/
I swear down I ddnt no I wz gettin in2/
Did it 4 d fun,doe nw I styl do/
Bt den it ddnt rili connect bt nw it came thru/
Den we were 2,myself & Freeblade/
Den silva,stiky & Drae came along d way/
Hiding in cupboards 2 record jst 4 clarity/
Cuz no money & no studio wan do charity/
Using earphones 4 microphones ah/
Then I told maself I cldnt do dis no more I wz gettin older/
Then I found ma way in ghana 2 a studio/
Did my oleku remix nw ppl singin “u knowww”/

Mehn I swear itz bin a long tym comin/
Av bin jogging on d traks bt its tym 2 start running/
& Its way past midnight hell yeah its nw morning/
So my time is(*3)now

Verse 2:
A beast lyrically & derez no beauty in dat/
Take a picture whyl u can cuz in a minuite u cant/
Cuz am on 2 d next c I marvel like flash/
C.E.O. superman i do things dat clerks(clark) cant(kent)/
They try 2 crop ma flo so I amaze(maize) em/
They say dey r x-cons(corns) cuz I harvest em/
I refuse 2 b broken r2bees/
Nobody can mess wit dis,u can’t polute dis/
A chic sed am 2 soft for rap ajebota/
Den just one f ma cds wz wot I bought ha/
I made ha jam ma trakz no butter/
& if she styl doubts ma flo amma abort ha/
I startd flown rili early/
At a yung age am ballin & getn ma polls up…ballot-early/
I sed I wz as fly as a JET so dey press LI/
No elvis itz just me



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  1. Wow can’t wait for that mixtape. I’m already sure it will be tight, unlike all these funny mixtapes these days. Is he from Gidi?

  2. Hmmm he killed it. That beat is bananas, drums and keys, Classy material…
    Follow him on twitter for first hand info

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