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It’s funny how I’ve never been to Jos but still I love the city so much,

Maybe its cause some other citizens haven’t taken to liking the city so much

Every time I pick my pen to write,

I want to write about how I believe Nigeria would be better,

But every time I check the news, there seems to have been some new disaster in Jos city.

The thing that makes these killings hurt even more, is that it is brought upon by fellow Nigerians

Like the saying goes “Nothing is as dangerous as the enemy within”


But writing has never seemed to help anybody, but when you are across the ocean (like me), Writing is all you can do!

In all honesty, all I can offer to the people of Jos is a good heart and remorse for their loss.

Looking back at the once so peaceful city that brought us Tuface, Psquare, M.I and Jesse Jags;

You’d have had to be a prophet to have foreseen what was going to become of Jos city.

But still like I stated previously, I’m not writing this to buttress their loss or condemn the people that are responsible for such an evil act.

But rather, I hope that with every word you read, hearts in Jos would be touched, so they can love and be happy because to me that’s all Valentine’s day stands for.

It’s a time to stretch forth and reach the people who need comfort the most.

I was born in Nigeria, I’d always love my country.

I’m Living in England, I still love my country.

If its true what they say that “Home is where your heart is” then its fair for me to say that Jos is my home and I wish she regains her peaceful nature, so when I’m ready, I can come home to see my brothers and sisters in Plateau ……

Happy Valentine’s Day Jos City…. You shall be Jostified



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  1. It’s comforting to know you think about Jos..It’s my home and it hurts that Jos isn’t like she used to be…I pray that she’d get herself back and all those hearts that ache would be consoled…

  2. Been 2 Jos like 7times & even stayed 4 as long as 2months.
    Everyday i pray that the Jos crisis will become a thing of the past & peace shall reign once more after all the perpetrators have been bought 2 justice

    Happy Valentine’s day Jos

  3. Schoold in Jos 4 abt a year plus. Til my schl moved. Got so used 2 d plce. D weathr is awesme, it wz jst a wonderful city. Me nd frnds always wannid 2 go bak. Miss Afrione or net cafe, onigbinde, honeytops, juice nd grillade, evn terminus. I pray al ds violence cn stop so I cn go bak 4 a visit. U shall b JOSTIFIED.

  4. …i stayed in Jos for a while, when i was little. Can’t really remember much. But Jos has always struck me as d best place i ever lived, in Naija… I just hope and pray that Perfection, Selflessness, Love, Peace and Forgiveness, find their way into Jos. Amen.

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