Larry D’s Top 10 Naija Jams!

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If you walk into the club, Larry D is the dude with the sincere smile and a microphone in his hand. In his many years abroad, Larry worked as a broadcaster by day. For seven years he had his own show on Unique fm 101.2 in London. Along with several years of BBC training, he was involved in piracy radio which is the best way to graduate to main stream radio in the UK. At dusk, he is the MC with joie de vivre.

Getting to Lagos, Larry D is head of stations, CoolFM and WazobiaFM. “Lagos is dynamic; the kind that pumps right through your system. It strikes a chord with my kind of energy.”

Larry celebrates one year of his return with his favourite Naija hits!

Here’s the countdown…

Wizkid – Don’t Dull

Wizkid comes with a fresh and spanking flow. I like the dude, there’s just something original with his attempts. He has a totally different approach to his songs, and he has such impressive control over his voice. It’s a hot song and Wizkid is more than just a potential.

MI – Beef

MI gets away with everything because he understands the business of music. His style may have been duplicated a couple times, but we know the original when we hear it. ‘Beef’ is a standard party song, fresh! MI always smothers his fans with excellent stabs at rhymes, rhythm, and production. Little wonder his fan base continues to grow, it is because of hot tracks like ‘Beef’. He’s not just blabbing, you can actually hear every single word when he takes up the mic.

Naeto C ft. Asa – Share my blessing

Naeto C gives rap a soulful voice. ‘Share my blessing’ is one of those songs that stay with you after many seasons because of the lyrics and the sweet chorus – that’s the uniqueness of Asa. Her delightful, throaty voice takes you to heaven and back.


D’prince – Give it to me

D’prince comes with a lot of energy and fun sarcasm. ‘Give it to me’, like all his other joints, is a combination of that energy along with the magical prowess of Don Jazzy.


Asa – Be your man

The song has been out for a while, still it remains one of the hottest tracks of the season. Asa’s rare quality as an artiste cannot be questioned.


Omawumi – Ask me

Omawumi positions herself very well as a singer. She’s doing what she likes, and not what people expect of her, and she excels quite well in her own world. The track is a well put-together number. It takes us back in time to days when music was judged mainly on how versatile, sleek, and original it sounds.

Ice prince ft Brymo –  Oleku

Oleku is obviously the third stanza of the National anthem! With the catchy hook, we’ll all be miming this song way beyond 2011.

D’Banj ft Snoop Dogg – Mr Endowed (rmx)

Snoop killed it. He gave it a new kind of verve and soul. Again, thanks to the magic of  Don Jazzy, the production is on point.

Dare – Ba ni kidi

Dare is the soul of R ‘n’ B in the country. His singing is great, and ‘Ba ni kidi’ is years ahead of what we would have ever expected from Dare. It shocks in a pleasant way. It’s a great track. You always feel a need to bop your head or tap your feet.


Tiwa Savage – kele kele

Tiwa has a sexy, powerful voice. She complements it with a well-packaged personality that gives her the complete look of an entertainer. All the chicks are singing along. Kele kele is a fun track, the video is cool, and the lady is surely going to places!


This was written by Ini Obong



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  1. lol@ oleku being the thrid stanza of the national anthem. that song has produced all kinds of remix. thats the stuff hits are made of. darey’s hardwork is coing thru eventually. good countdown. *still dizzy over tiwa’s WOW cover* lol!

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