K Rhimez’ TheFormationMixtape: Meet The Captain – Fi Mi Le freestyle

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Well K. Rhimez is not just another regular 21 year old Nigerian hoping to be a rapper; He has been practicing his kraft for about 10 years now and he’s out with a very hawt mixtape called “The Formation” (How typical of me to drop this after Arsenal lost yesterday 😀)

The Formation” much like a soccer team, is an 11-tracker mixtape packed with enuff lyrical content & punchlines and K Rhimez as the coach (hopefully not like Arsene). It also boasts of many hawt underground MCs like El-Bee The Ghost, Flowsmith, Bash Boy, Verbal Heat, Nova, Mohdee and Jimmy Bonez. Production work was from producers like Platinum Toxx, Jimmy Bonez & Flowsmith.

Here at 360nobs, just for the download convenience to your BBs, phones and other devices, we are going to be dishing out it to you bit by bit and we’ll start off with the skipper of the formation – “Fi Mi Le(freestyle)“. Hope u enjoy it as much I did. You can get the full mixtape from our friends @ NigerianHiphop.net and Korrectnation.com

Read his bio below:

It first started as a hobby trying to impress friends back in secondary school in 2000; the art was picked up by K. Rhimez from his brother (Jimmy Bonez) another emcee that has been rapping and producing for quiet sometime as well. It also continued as a hobby throughout the years till he finally got the chance to go into the studio and record his first record with his friend and label mate El-Bee Tha Ghost this was about five years ago where they recorded a song called “We Pop” that was pretty much loved by everyone in the school even some teachers were impressed by what these kids had to offer.

Ever since it has been a hobby for him still putting out music for friends to enjoy. It was somewhere around last year that he decided to drop a mixtape this year called “The Formation” which he plans to release sometime this year after another friend and label mate ‘Flowsmith’ dropped a mixtape that had any one that came across it going crazy, K. Rimez of course was featured on the tape on a track called “Every Verse Every Line” were once again his 16 was insane.

He currently resides in Dubai where he’s studying management.

Yup! Get familiar!

K Rhimez – Fi Mi Le freestyle


  Khrimez - Fi Mi Le freestyle (3.2 MiB, 349 hits)



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