Get Familiar: Lord Of Ajasa ft Kayefi – Omo Akin

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Fresh new #MondayMusic from the king of spice – Lord Of Ajasa, featuring Kayefi. This is titled “Omo Akin” (Omo Akin means Son of a Great/Victorious Warrior or a very strong person)

It’s such a lovely track to get your slow Monday morning up & running; Kayefi’s vocals are so connected with the seamless delivery of Ajasa. Dude is so so slept on, He’s every bit as good as the next African rapper.

Yup! Get familiar!

Lord of Ajasa ft Kayefi – Omo Akin

[audio:|titles=Omo Akin– Ajasa]




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  1. Well said OYEAKD, I think Ajasa got lost in between the crack when Dagrin blew up. He really is one of our best rappers and deserves more shine. I would advise him to do more work with ID Cabasa. Please who produced the track?

    Kayefi has such a strange, unique and beutiful voice. She had a wonderful version of ‘Street Credibility’ on ID Cabasa’s ‘IDentity’ album. OYEAKD please post it for more people to hear. Alapomeji should have gone with her as thier first artist rather than the Ajayi Brothers.

  2. @aboise cudnt agree less, ajasa needs id to work with him. but this song above is hawt sha
    kayefi’s voice is unique, guess 9ice wantd raunchiness over diva for his 1st act

  3. While I looovvvee Kayefi’s voice and Cabasa’s production, I respectfully disagree with your opinion on Ajasa. I despise this dude’s voice/rap style/delivery and I think his rhymes are so elementary. He’s been featured on some great songs, but every time he opens his mouth, I mute my speakers. As a Nigerian who’s super proud of our growing entertainment industry, if this dude’s voice ever came on while I’m with non-Nigerians, I go deny his Nigerian status die.
    How can you say he’s as good as the next African rapper? He is very sub-par, not on Jesse Jagz’ level, not on Naeto’s level, not on Levelz’ level, and damn sure not on M.I’s level.

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