fatherWOOD: Letter To My Unborn Child

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Dear Child of mine, seed of my loins, pride of my youth. I have walked this earth learning at the feet of those who have gone before me, and learning a few things for myself.  I will try and share them with you in the way my ancestors before me did, in the only way I know how: as stories and lore. In my sojourn, these have educated me and guided me, but best of all, they have helped teach me the histories of my people.

I only hope that I am able to do the same for you.

1: For the sake of Love

The story is told of two young people who met and fell in love.

They had worked at the same company for four years, and never once did their paths cross. Then he got moved to another section within the department where he randomly ran into her. She had him at “hello” and, try as he did, he could not hide it. For someone used to being in control, he became a fumbling bumbling wreck. He caught a bad case of ‘butter fingers’ -dropping things for no obvious reason – which got compounded when he suddenly grew two left feet. His natural swag and sure footedness went AWOL as he almost crushed her toes, repeatedly stepping on them in the confined space that was the office.

Being between relationships at the time, and having sworn off love, he knew it would take all of his resolve not to make a fool of himself.

She initially played coy as was expected, but surrendered to love eventually. Their colleagues worried for her as he had a reputation with the ladies – just a reputation. Over time however, people came to accept they were doing this. She was drop dead gorgeous, with the carriage and grace of a beauty queen.  A body to die for and legs that went on for miles and miles. Articulate, intelligent, with a dress sense worthy of her looks. She, however, was lacking in street smarts, and that was where he came in.

He had enough street creds for both of them – and any offspring they would produce. He was not crazy about fashion, but when he set his mind to it, carried anything he wore very well. His bearing was almost military, though he attended public schools all his life.  He spoke well too. In fact, he was amply blessed with one outstanding gift – he had a way with words. Not much of a looker, but not the sort to give you nightmares, or bring on a convulsive fit in babies.

They looked good together, were crazy about each other, and did not care who knew it.

Did I mention that they were both strong willed? Where she knows what she wants and would go for it; pushy as they come, and hell bent on having things her way, he was laid back. Not quick to reach a decision, but when he did reach one, would stick to his gun like it was the Wild Wild West. In one word, he was noPushOver.

He always teased her about pre-determining how her life would go, and how situations would play out without considering the dynamics of life, or the angles that go with dealing with another human being. She accused him of being jovial and talkative, until it came to answering a serious question. Then his face would set like flint, and he would go quiet and become another person altogether. This, she claimed, frightened her.

But like all humans, he had his Achilles’ heel, and not unlike most men, love was his. His love for her was his Kryptonite.



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  1. Awww, crap, I was enjoying this na, can’t wait for the next release, whoever wrote this is very gifted, I was totally drawn in from the beginning to the end. Nice

  2. @ slimt The writer’s name is Franque… U shld read his old posts… He is totally skilled…

    @ Franque….. Yea I cn wait till friday for nxt part, so another friday wld be made! Weldone. I’m thinking someday u wld want to publish all ur write ups and make a book out of it… Smething like chiamanda’s ‘the thing around my neck’ (hope I got d title of d book)
    Good work friend!

  3. @ slimt The writer’s name is Franque… U shld read his old posts… He is totally skilled…

    @ Franque….. Yea I cn wait till friday for nxt part, so another friday wld be made! Weldone. I’m thinking someday u wld want to publish all ur write ups and make a book out of it… Smething like chimamanda’s ‘the thing around my neck’ (hope I got d title of d book)
    Good work friend!

  4. Oh deaar!!! *fans self* u wee not kheel me ooooooooo.
    Pls don’t make me wait anoda week for the continuation pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls

  5. Errrmmm…. Overhelmed n truly humbled!
    @ Tohluh n Nena: thank you.
    @ Groupie, SlimT, Chiny n iKno: iStressed a lot about doin this to u, but it would’v run really long so iBroke the letter up. #NoVex
    @ sheGot_S: thanx friend. And thanx for settin SlimT str8.
    @ iGo read but no comment: thanx a lot. U readin this makes writin it worthwhile.

  6. Its not just d way u av with words, its d way u connect with d reader. Welldone Franque! I loved reading it d same way I loved all ur posts.

  7. I finally decided to comment, after my third read.To say, I am hooked on ur write-ups, is a very mild way of describing my FranqueFridays disorder.
    So she had u at hello huh?Well, you had me at the story of my people- and I’ve been following blindly ever since – and NO Franque, sadly enuf, av not gotten to the ‘two left leg’ stage yet. I am an ardent reader of Franque- la writer du jour en mon avis….#nuffsaid

    Ps; I never did say thank you for the e-coaching u gave me via a certain someone…..Thank you- am not d yet, not even close, but I am learning and loving it.

  8. Just so lovely and sweet.

    Yeah you do have a way with words Franque. More power to you:)

    “Or bring on a convulsive fit in babies” made me laugh.

  9. To think all our prayers finally came through…you met your match. Hmmmm so many things are going through my mind. I cant comment until I know the full story.

  10. @ Abido: think Kryptonite, think green for stop n red for go. *wink*
    @ Diva: thank you. Ur comment is the fairy dust to my words #redbullStyle.
    @ Jemine: wh@ can iSay? Gee, thank you! #attempt@blushin. iFailed.
    @ Village Maiden: iHope my suggestions came in handy. Lyk iSed then, iAm tryin to find my way too.
    @ Shade: thanx. And as for ‘convulsive fits’, it’s been known to happen.

  11. Just read all your previous write ups. What can i say? You are Talent. Raw Talent. Btw, you never told us how the engagement episode ended. Did she say yes? Which of the 3 options did u finally go for? Or, are you guys married already, since you’ve been all about kids of late??

  12. I see you went ahead. I think the other route would have been better and reading this piece makes me feel even stronger about it but hey, you never really were one to listen…

    As usual, you know now…absolutely wonderful!

  13. MTN screwed me ovr so I cudnt read ds al weeknd. Finally dd. Thnx 4 strtin my sunday on a good note. As always, u wow me, nd as always, I want mre. xxxo

  14. @ Musique: u will notice th@ iTry n tie up loose ends. U will read about the ‘engagement’ or NOT on these pages.
    @ Coz: th@ oda way is still a go. This is a samplin of readers’ reactions. Thanx.
    @ Neefemi: if na me sef, iFor confuse. It will all become clearer b4 iDie.
    @ Nelly K: iHear “o” will suffice in response. Thanx.
    @ MzSwitz: if iAm readin the responses ryt, u have shorter to wait for the nxt part than peeps that read on Friday.
    Again, iAm truli thankful for, and humbled by all ur kind words.iOnly hope the nxt part doesn’t fall flat.

  15. Oh, baby but why?! Where is the “remainder” of this story? Is this a To-God-be-the-glory-watch-out-for-part-II kinda story? Well, I’m sitting back and watching.

    By the way, I do love his way with words.

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