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Fashion and style, has always been seen as a woman’s domain, an area in which men until recently have not taken a great interest in. Unlike women, men’s fashion trends are greatly different; they exist with their cycle and seem to be a lot slower. Men’s suit trends tend to be in the fashion year in-year out. So it’s worth investing in a good one.

But what styles, cuts and cloths should you look out for? Any modern suit invested in, should aspire to have classicism as well as masculinity.

I will call this category of suit a masculinity suit. It’s that cut of suit that compliments the male physique. It broadens the shoulder and trims the waist highlighting an exercised body hmmmmmmmm. To cut the all flattering story short, it’s a cut of suit that makes you the wearer; feel more masculine and more confident. After all, feeling confident and stylish is the key. The Tom Ford’s suit falls perfectly into this camp. The clean cut, with extra details that is takes a certain attitude to pull off well. Personally I will say it’s made for that dude with a certain attitude to life.

So the on trend styles and design for that guy with the attitude and sense of personal style would be a slim cut, the sort that would appeal to a military officer, one that accents a sense of the masculine through three elements
• Broad shoulders
• A slim waist
• Slim trousers
So with these elements in mind, let’s explore the actual cuts in fashion.

Single breasted suit– they are like the classics, they are never out of fashion. Despite been the default style, they stand in contrast to the double breasted suit. They have two dominant styles:
The sleek cut: this I call the suit for the slick guy, who wants to wear his suit toned down. They are impeccably made, but they are never casual. If a sleek cut, single breasted suit is what you want to add to your wardrobe then you should lookout for the following details- slim to medium sized notched lapels -upper button should be positioned around your navel, a breast pocket that accommodates nothing more than a pocket square.

Double breasted suits: if there is one cut that am glad has returned to the male wardrobe. It has to be the modern “double breasted suit” The double breasted suits were originally designed to hide a plump figure, but instead they are now designed to accent and heighten the perfect masculine shape. The V-shaped, well worked out body. The double breasted suit is a slim cut, which doesn’t have to be as formal as you think. It is definitely a suit that gives you the stand out look in a crowded room.

Plaid ties are also in vogue now, in all rainbow colours. They can be worn with your average white shirts for those days when you feel like been noticed. Bow ties are still very much in vogues as well.
This season the suede buck shoes for men are screaming in all block colours, gone are the days when men wore the usual boring brown and black shoes. Bucks are variety of shoes that adds spice to your wardrobe, they can be lovely paired with nice suit- mixing formal and a smart casual look.

Ibby Sotire
Appearance and personal styling consultant.



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