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Ebi Akpeti a Media Relations expert with United Bank of Africa is an energized, eager and hard working sister with a lot on her mind (how to conquer the media world). With a Masters in Finance, one in Media and Communication Studies as well as some short courses at Harvard Business School under her belt, one would think her next step would be a PhD but that is not the case for Ms Akpeti; her next and favorite step is writing.

Born 34 years ago, Ebi started writing by chance in 2005. Having worked for a newspaper publication for a while before she moved to the bank, Ebi had a thing for fiction and stories that touch the heart. She decided to put pen to paper and see what pans out of it. Ebi released a couple of short stories during that year, and then she released Growing Pains a book that did not get published until 2years later. What this taught her was a lesson in perseverance which she will forever cherish. Later on, she wrote and released another book titled Castrated a book that was later used by Masters Students of Pan African University Lagos for their Creative Writing course.

In 2008, Ebi wrote THE PERFECT CHURCH a story of deceit, repentance and forgiveness but my sister was no fool; she wanted to do much more than just publish the book, she had mighty plans for her book. As she sat in her office and pondered what she could do differently with her novel, she thought out loud, “does anybody know Wale Adenuga”? And alas!!! A colleague knew him and gave her his number. As they say, the rest is history. Wale Adenuga read and loved the book and since he had been dying (I mean literally dying; as he had been advertising for a script writer like forever!!!) he decided to make the book into a movie.


The movie, “THE PERFECT CHURCH” premier at the Silverbird galleria Victoria Island on Sunday 16th January. It was a mixture of sorts as all members of the Wale Adenuga Productions team came out in their numbers to support the movie. The author Ebi Akepti was also at the venue to sign copies of her novel for book lovers at the event.

Here are some random pictures from the screening evening.

(Hannah Odulaja and Hadiza Katsina)
(Kelechi Udegbe)
(Bambo Adebajo: The Director)
(Chidex Brown)
(Hakeem Rahman)
(Julia Ihesiaba)

I congratulate Ebi on her achievement for being the first author I know whose book has been adapted to a movie.



A PR practitioner eager to see a sustainable change in the Nigerian Film, Television & Arts industry. She enjoys watching movies both foreign & local, reading, traveling & adventure. Follow her on twitter - @xplorenollywood.


  1. Ebi has really done a wonderful work with the Perfect Church. Only God Almighty is Perfect, we human are striving to be perfect but can never be compared with God’s perfect nature.

    We thank Wale Adenuga for adopting Eby’s work and put more creativity in it by producing/interpreting a whole book to movie. I am proud of you all. I personally love Wale Adenuga’s work (WAP) watches all, Papa Ajasco, Super story, This life…….etc. Eby welldone and keep exhibiting the skills in you.

  2. Ebi Akpeti deserve been celebrated. Am convinced beyond every iota of doubt that she still has a lot up her sleeves. my sister, let your creative ingenuity continue to find expression in the vast, yet to be explored literary firmament of the world. BRAVO

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