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Happy B’day Cupid, Happy Lovers’ day to ’em Daddies, Mummies, Big Ballers, Highclass Chicks, Haters and Mami-Waters; Yes! Love is a beautiful thing and it makes no exceptions of who or what you are …it’s just Love in its purity; unconscious of how happy and gleeful it gets the endlessly romantics …and together with this peaceful, and heart-filled Monday, we’ve got the right tune to go with it.

For you followers of 360Nobs, the name of the artist i’m about to present will surely ring a bell; so i’mma go straight to buisness…

It would be easy to say that Fhanthom is pretty new to the industry, but he has been writing a few tracks for artistes under Triumphs Records in the UK.

Music has always been a passion for him, at age 11, he wrote his first song which he performed in secondary school, but over the years he has matured in his music and his vocals.

So as much as he is a new face, he is no newcomer.

Fhanthom is currently in the studio working on an Intro EP called “Fhanthom’s Therapy“, anyone familiar with his writing and blogging would be familiar with this name already (you probably saying oohs and ahhhs now, told ya it would ring a bell). According to Fhanthom, Music is an art and this man right here is an awesome painter.

Need i say more? Press ► and Spread Looooove,  sometimes Cupid might do with some help.. the lil’  kid is just not good at asking, he’s got a big ego

[audio:https://www.360nobs.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Feelings-Amazing.mp3|titles=Feeling’s Amazing]

Feeling Amazing – Fhanthom

  Fhanthom - Feeling Amazing (3.8 MiB, 347 hits)



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