360Fresh: Cody Banks Is A Haterz Nightmare

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At a tender age, Cody Banks was introduced to hip-hop music by his older cousin Bizo Becee. The hip-hop phenomenon had traveled across the Atlantic to reach the shores of Ghana. The Gold-Coast as it was known then was a hub for the senseless slave trade and the former slaves, now a proud people have brought an art back to the motherland.

It was love at first sight for the young listener. Cody started to mimic what he heard on the cassette player. In no time he started to rap and took a keen interest in the then fledging hip-life scene. His gritty style, yet so socially conscious lyrics had him compared to the late-legend 2pac.

This all payed off when he went to high school. Then a seasoned rapper, formed a group in Kumasi Academy called Richy Rich. The group performed in school functions as well as making appearances at neighboring schools.  He then signed to Hold da Mic Entertainment where he recorded his first track with Laxis Gee.

He began to battle other upcoming rappers on the radio and is yet to date undefeated. His childhood friend/manager Mark Odarno, assisted Cody to record his first single, “screen saver”. The single got radio play and was well liked by the listeners and Dj’s.

New doors got open for Cody when he arrived in the USA in 2010. He wasted no time at all to link up with Nana ‘Phubu’ Opoku of Kontinental Inc, a Washington DC based entertainment company. With Cody been in Chicago, Phubu introduced his new protege to Clement Young Vim of Hood Africans. A group well acclaimed in the Chi-town area.


With the heavy bass beats of Mobeatz, Cody ripped his first single ‘Haters Nightmare’ ft Young Vim with harsh lyrics that speaks to the core. The hunger in him was ever so evident on this track and in no time it became a hit in the underground circuit.

The future looks bright for Cody Banks and his new label. With a new album in the works, Cody looks to capture not just the ear of his listeners but their hearts as well. His story is every man or woman’s story. A hunger to succeed in life, not by any means necessary but by hard word and dedication to the art. His new label manager described him as – “a true diamond in the ruff. Cody is a true gem that only needs some sharpening and he will be a force to reckon with”


Cody Banks – Haters Nightmare’ ft Young Vim



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