360Downloads: Sauce Kid Presents Da RiPOFF (The Mixtape)

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So guess wot I was listening to, while trending #thelasttimeArsenalWonATrophy, the much anticipated “Sauce Kid Presents Da RiPOFF (The Mixtape)” thanks to our friends @ notjustok.com. Trust me, every track on this baby is a scorcher. Certified #lyricallydope! Get downloading!

Source: notjustok.com

This is the official release of “DA RiPOFF (The Mixtape)” from the self-acclaimed African Ambassador of RapSauce Kid aka OluwaSinzu aka Saucekibaba!

Sinzu Says:

(DaRiPOFF) is my representation of the kind of music I have to offer; I’m comfortable making this sorta music. It is coming out under my own brand SMG, which is a parent company for the actual brand that I will promote my music through.

What Is SINZU???

Sauce Kid is my real lyrical side, while Sinzu is my more forgiving, funny side. I’ll switch up in between from time to time, depending on the kind of music I have out at the time.”

The mixtape is 17 tracks deep. It features several MCs like Godwon, Tec (SDC), X.O Senavoe, Ghetto P, CartiAir, Ikechukwu, Naeto C, Sasha, Xela Xelz and several others. Production credits include C-Zure (Getting To The Money, Distribution), Soul Nana from Ghana (Bars R Us), Xela Xelz (Don’t Change, Put Food For My Plate), HCode (Nuttin), Drastic from South Africa (Murda), Gshock (Whus Good) and more.


The #DaRiPOFF mixtape is available for EXCLUSIVE FREE DOWNLOADs for THREE (3) WEEKS ONLY, after which the download link will be deactivated. Sauce Kid will be releasing a hard copy of the mixtape for sale under his SMG platform with a few new tracks and features. There will be noticeable changes on the version that goes on sale

Download link

Source: notjustok.com



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