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Ladies worldwide, high and low in any location you can think of, searches for the perfect partner. We want promises of commitment,  a strong grip but yet enough room and space sufficient enough to let us have our way and store essential and sentimental property. We also want a multi faceted functional partner (can’t blame us it just works better).

We’ve taken our partners on dates and said a silent prayer with the hope that catastrophe doesn’t occur, can you imagine the horror if your partner has had enough of your daily baggage and suddenly breaks free; right in the presence of everyone. What would others say?  She didn’t look hard enough, her standards are too low, she should have seen this coming with such a cheap low quality partner.

So we get scared, some of us even terrified that we won’t find THAT perfect timeless partner. What do we do? We stomp the streets daily getting our hands on as many as possible. What are we then, handbag whores? Simply cannot commit to that one purse? Of course, some skeptics call it pure consumerism but it’s just part our DNA as ladies.

So ladies, here’s our 2011 guide to getting yourself an army of perfect partners.

Partner 1: Victoria Beckham smoked salmon coloured tote.

Perfect for work, shuttling between classes and spontaneous cocktail dates.  Big enough to fit the kitchen sink as well as your notebooks, make up purse, emergency chocolate stash and everything else in between.

Partner Two: The Chanel Classic – 2.55

The ultimate classic, word of how timeless and versatile this partner is has been preached over the years. Good and functional enough for day time but yet sleek and fashionable enough for a night out. So good, Chanel keeps bringing it out in different colours and fabric interpretation.

Partner 3: Fendi peek-a-boo

The powerful partner with an ego so big you have to air it out every now and then. Functionality? Check. Trend alert? Check. Versatile? Check. Strong grip? Check.

Partner 4: Judith Leiber

Because most girls are daring enough to switch partners with the batt of an eyelid, Judith Leiber clutches are perfect for extravagant night outs, glittery dinners and showing off your lust for glitz and glamour.

There’s the perfect partner for every lady. But we never stop at one do we? Ever…



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  1. The first purse was sexiness personified…but why are there no pieces by Nigerian designers on here? I’ve noticed that unlike and even other writers here on 360nobs, the style section doesn’t promote buying Nigerian…other than Nobs mentioning LPM, nothing from either you or MaryJane. Like N6 says, get familiar. Stop dulling jo.

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