New Video: Tatiana Durao ft Naeto C – Crazy

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Peep the hot new video from Angola’s Tatiana Durao (Big Brother Africa) for  her track “Crazy” which features Super Naeto C.

It’s definitely Super C Season …Naeto C seems to be on everything on the Continent right now.

Tatiana seems to have done a bit of vocal lessons  (abi na technology) cos she sounds way better than I can recall.

Yup! Get familiar!



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  1. The fact that this video was posted answers my question. I once asked if the presence of a video/track on 360nobs meant you guys recommended it. Now I realize that you just put the latest stuff up here…I guess Naeto C was trying to broaden his horizon, but this for me is an epic fail.
    Naeto did look hot though (minus the alasalatu scarf on his head) and as for Tatiana, she knows she can’t sing even with the studio assistance for her voice…but the bottom of her yellow and black dress looked nice. *Had to say something nice*

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