New Video: 9ice ft Ajayi Brothers – Appetizer

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Peep this raunchy new video from 9ice featuring Ajayi Brothers for his joint “Appetizer

The video was directed by Sesan.

Yup! Get familiar!




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  1. Who okayed this video? Trashy mofos…and that girl, you do not deserve to be called a lady/woman. And I say this with as little self-righteousness and as much sensitivity and empathy as possible.
    If I can see the dark part of your butt and the cellulite on your thighs, una don reach wowo tacky what in the hell level be dat?
    Oh…and the song is crap. Go back to the drawing board with your music and your appearance, 9ice.

    1. i went over the video thrice and definately didnt see any butt nor cellulite thighs and the girl is actually pretty so wats ur beef? i dont like either the video or song but am not taking it personal

      1. Really? I promise I’m not taking it personal either and I hope I don’t come off as rude. So I went back, pretty much when the first chick starts shaking her ass when 9ice is talking about wanting to touch his appetizer around 0:17, I see jiggly cellulite shaking in my face. Around the 0:26 mark, I see the dark part of her butt…and it continues through the video. Unless you’re a dude and you like what you see.

        I’m a chick too & I’d hate if someone was checking me irrationally but someone’s gotta say something about the worsening use of chicks in Nigerian videos. Art is art, entertainment is what it is but this…this is just vulgar. If we’re gonna watch porn, let’s know what it is. I really just hope this isn’t played on tv at home…imagine how you’d feel watching it with your kid or your mom.

        1. @Ready .. am sure you wouldnt mind watching GIVE IT TO ME NOW by dprince and dbanj with your kids at home .. am sure theres nothing vulgar in that video and song.. also the use of the slang PONRON (DICK) in its lyrics .. correct me if am wrong but thats what it sounds like .. I still dont know why we are so hypocritical in Nigeria.. we judge everything based on sentiments.. we see nothing wrong in what we like/love but whatever we dont appreciate we go extra miles to condemn it .. for goodness sake.. everyone cant love you.. so if you dont like the song or the video .. keep it to yourself instead of trying your best to bring someone down. kai .. Nigerians will never change ..

          1. Wow…don’t even go there. Making assumptions about my likes and dislikes like you know me…you need to fall back with that mess. I despise D’Prince; I don’t think he’s a singer…and I’m not even a fan of D’Banj even though I respect his accomplishments.
            Even though I disagree with people who like this video, I would never go as far as making assumptions about their personal life. You should watch your hypocrisy and over-generalization about Nigerians. And dumbass, last I checked, I’m a consumer…that means I get to express my pleasure or displeasure with what I consume. It’s not called bringing someone down.

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